Colorado Republicans Pick Ken Buck as Party Chairman

Quad facepalm? Quad facepalm.

Forward into the past, once more!

The Colorado Republican Party selected its new leadership for the 2020 election cycle today. After four rounds of balloting, members of the State GOP boldly decided to just keep doing what they’ve been doing for the last several years in Colorado.

That’s right, friends: Congressman Ken Buck (R-Greeley) is your new State Party Chairman! Buck won a narrow victory over State Rep. Susan Beckman and will now devote some of his time to overseeing the rebuilding of the Republican Party in Colorado. Buck is not giving up his seat in Congress, so instead he’ll hand the controls of the State GOP to Steve House — the same man who drove them off a cliff in 2016 after presiding over the biggest Republican scandal in state history.

It’s also worth noting that Buck becomes the State Republican Party Chairman less than two years after very publicly declaring that “The Republican Party is dead.”

This is the point where we would normally say, “You can’t make this stuff up,” but we don’t want to infringe on what may be the official slogan of the 2020 Republican Party.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Great….conspiracy theories, immigrant-bashing, dismantling the ACA, and belittling of women. Ken Buck thinks he has some magic formula to appeal to young voters and unaffiliateds – but this ain't it.

    I wonder if he's going to donate the chairman's salary back to the party, as Steve House did. Since Buck already has a day job – representing CD4- perhaps he might deign to do that.

    Or he’ll show up at his day job even less than he does now – he barely manages to call it in as it is. Per USA today, he missed 10% of all House votes.


    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Don't forget the 12-Step program for Gays Anonymous.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Remember, if you’re a GOPer, as far as you’re concerned the only problem your party has here in Colorado is messaging . . . 

      . . . to the Moderati party regular intelligentsia, Ken appears to be exactly the young Buck they need here now to make all their old-fashioned core misogyny, racism, homophobia, and environmental hatred appear new, fresh, and groovy again!

  2. MADCO says:


    I mean- can't the Rockies go out and find a manager who lost 70 games last year?
    Or the Avs get goalie who gives up 6 or 7 goals per game?

    I mean- I was hoping for Dickwhat'shis name. but this is great

    • Diogenesdemar says:


      Today’s Colorado GOPers are the team that can never get enough buyer’s remorse . . . 

    • MADCO says:

      To clarify my skepticism : so running a day-to-day operation is not the true skill set. It's the big picture, visiony thing and the other weasel is more the day to day wizard. Hahaha. 


      What about poached pears or the other guy- have they no love of party?



  3. Voyageur says:

    Ok, you've had your fun.  Now, seriously, who did the Republicans elect as chairman?

  4. JohnInDenver says:

    Denver Post covered the mechanics of Buck's election.

    It took four ballots for Buck to win, with 51.3 percent of the vote. State Rep. Susan Beckman received more votes on the first and third ballots but failed to reach the majority needed in a four-candidate field. After the third ballot, another candidate, party Vice Chairwoman Sherrie Gibson, withdrew and voiced her support for Buck, edging him over 50 percent on the fourth ballot.

    Cory Gardner was there, leaving an optimistic, sunny quote behind:

    “We will leave today unified,” Gardner told the party committee Saturday morning. “We will leave today together.”

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Meet the former Marine taking Ken Buck on in 2020: Isaac Ian McCorkle. Seems to have pretty decent politics as far as I can tell – haven't met the man yet.


    We've been gaining on Buck in the 4th:

    Vic Meyer 29% in 2014, Bob Seay 32% in 2016, Karen McCormick 39% in 2018 . Let 2020 be the year we take the 4th back.

  6. Voyageur says:

    Good candidates all, and McCormick really sparkled.  But lack of money becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  With its present make-up, the 4th is very hard for Democrats.  I sent money to McCormick, Crowe and Mitsch Busch, and was delighted to win one of them.

  7. Genghis says:

    "Buyer's Remorse" Buck? Really? HE'S the right person to lead the Colorado GOP–which, according to BRB himself, is in need of necromancy–back to glory? 


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