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“The great thieves lead away the little thief.”


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  1. unnamed says:

    This morning, in light of the last few days, I would like to issue a heartfelt apology to Donald Trump

    President Trump:  I'm sorry.  That you're a terrible President and a terrible human being.  I am also sorry that you stink.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Purdue Pharma settles opiod-marketing lawsuit for $270 million. Since over 70,000 people are dying from opiod overdoses every year, 800,000 since the Sackler family began marketing it in 2000, this is a pittance and an insult. The $270 million settlement is only with Oklahoma. More than 600 other counties, cities, and Native American tribes are suing the Sacklers for deceptive marketing and wrongful death.

    Rudy Giulani, Trump's TV lawyer,  helped the Sacklers to mislead the public and head off criticism in  2000.

    Museums are refusing the Sackler philanthropy, and may rename their Sackler wings. The Sackler foundation helped Trump's "True the Vote" the organization which wrongly claimed 3 million illegals voted.

    The Sackler family has donated to both Republican and Democratic candidates in the past, including Republican and Democratic committees, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Bennet. 

  3. mamajama55 says:

    King Soopers UFCW Workers ready to vote on new contract.

  4. Frackenlooper's new campaign motto: "No we can't!"

    The resolution sets unachievable goals. We do not yet have the technology needed to reach “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” in 10 years. That’s why many wind and solar companies don’t support it. There is no clean substitute for jet fuel. Electric vehicles are growing quickly, yet are still in their infancy. Manufacturing industries such as steel and chemicals, which account for almost as much carbon emissions as transportation, are even harder to decarbonize.

  5. (by the way, Pols, the blogging software really dislikes mamajama55's post above mine – the picture seems to be causing html formatting issues)

  6. Pseudonymous says:

    Top Colorado Senate Democrat won’t support his party’s red flag bill

    Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia will not support the controversial red flag bill, which is awaiting a final vote in the statehouse’s upper chamber.

    “I took a hard look at this bill and while I strongly believe in its intent of preventing gun violence, this is simply not the right legislation for the people of Pueblo and southern Colorado,” Garcia said in a statement to The Pueblo Chieftain, his hometown newspaper.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Goddamit. He pulled this  crap last time when Giron was getting recalled. He likes to position himself as "gun-friendly". Like that's a big help to people facing domestic violence from a well-armed "friend".

      As a military mortician and civilian paramedic, Garcia would have seen plenty of the tragic and gory  results of suicide and gun violence. He knows better. This is the only chance of a gun – restriction bill that can pass this session with all of the stupid GOP obstruction.

      He's calculating, being a goddam opportunistic politician. Again. The big bad Marine is afraid the Pueblo gunheads will come after him in a recall. He needs to vote for the red flag bill anyway, because it’s the right thing to do, and he knows it. And I'll tell him so to his face.

      Negev, I see you chuckling over there.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        Perhaps he’s just of the opinion that there’s a very large number of impaired and likely criminally dangerous, or suicidal, Pueblo and southern Colorado residents who really ought to be heavily armed and an imminent threat to themselves and others at all times regardless of any judicial review and finding??? . . . 

        • mamajama55 says:

          Yes, and Garcia doesn't want them coming after him.

          Pueblo does have more than its share of crazies. Part of it is that the state mental hospital (and many other lesser mental health institutions)  have been there forever, while the steel industry has mostly up and gone.

          Part of it is the inherent schizophrenia of being demographically a rural small town, in an area dependent on agriculture and prisons these days, but with a strong union history and a major university. It's got a great arts community, walkable streets and parks, and has done a much better job of preserving and enhancing its gorgeous downtown historic district than Denver has. It has a new solar plant and a new wind plant. It's diverse racially, too, more so than other towns its size. Dems and progressives are a tight, active group. Voters are well enfranchised by the strongest election clerk in the state, Bo Ortiz.

          And then there's the Pueblo GOP. Looking at you, Moderatus.

          Pueblo's gunheads are mobilized and empowered since the 2013 recall. They believe everything Alex Jones writes, and they pass it around. They're mad about Pueblo going blue in the last two elections, they're loud and aggressive, and they have learned how to tap into the deep pockets of the gun manufacturers and the Koch brothers to fund their adventures. Annnnd…. a lot of the gunheads are Democrats. It is a rural hunting/ shooting / fishing area, after all.

          Other Pueblo area legislators, Daneya Esgar and Brianna Buontello, are voting yes on the gun bill. It's a real betrayal of trust that Garcia won't.

          • Duke Cox says:

            In most ways, Grand Junction, is very much like how you describe Pueblo. There is also a considerable presence of developmentally disabled and mentally challenged citizens, owing to the decades long influence of the state facility. 

            We also have huge presence of gunheads, who have managed to use tax dollars to build themselves a world class "shooting facility and education center".

            Yeah…they are training their "Trump Troops" right here in river city. Wanna bet there is a strong evangelical presence there?

            I have met countless newcomers here who quickly become afraid to speak their minds publicly or even socially if they happen to be liberals. Blacklisting is alive and well in this tightly controlled community. Practically all the media outlets here are doing story after story fed to them by the County Commissioners and the Chamber of Commerce about the "scary legislation" being "rammed down our throats" by the socialists and teh gayz…oh, and the elites…them, too.

            Yep…I think Pueblo and Grand Junction have a lot in common.

            • Curmudgeon says:

              Except that Pueblo was smart enough to legalize marijuana to add to their coffers.  Grand Junction is still firmly entrenched in the Reefer Madness mindset, while the Sentinel keeps covering up the fact the valley is in a downward spiral, our infrastructure is crumbling,  and our kids are killing themselves out of sheer despair. 

              But hey, Juco's coming up! 

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