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A diary about the Romanoff campaign which was a complete lie was posted, and i asked people to contact  Colorado Pols to pull the diary.

Statement from CoPols (for those who thought this was ‘humorous’ or just a snark or that I was over-reacting)

The diary has been removed

We’re not pleased, and we are consulting on next steps. This kind of thing is never, ever appropriate and will always be dealt with as swiftly as we become aware of it.

by: Colorado Pols @ Sun Mar 14, 2010 at 17:52:17 PM MDT

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I would still like to know if there is a FAQ page listing rules for CoPols and what is against the rules, such as posting a blatant lie about a campaign.

Thanks to those in both the camps of Bennet and Romanoff who called out the diary’s specious claims.

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  1. denverco says:

    Immediately trying your hardest to link this to the Bennet campaign. And your proof would be? Are you always this paranoid and desperate when you choose to support a candidate?

    • wade norris says:

      Barron X is obviously trying to spin dems into a tizzy because the R’s have no chance to win against Romanoff.

      • denverco says:

        however, you immediately tried your best to blame Bennet without any proof.  Quite frankly I think the R’s have no chance with either candidate, but I feel by far that Bennet is so much better.  

        • wade norris says:

          but at least we are on the same team for the general.

          BTW: what are the rules of this website?

          Daily Kos has a list of rules that anyone can read.

          • Middle of the Road says:

            Bennet’s campaign had anything to do with this. Think before you open your mouth.

          • Middle of the Road says:

            *[new]  the diariest started

            the story off with another benign title

            and then changed it to the current form.

            Bennet’s team must be really desperate and know what the numbers look like for tuesday.

            “What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

            Henry David Thoreau


            by: wade norris @

            By Daily Kos’s rules, Meteor Blades would be banning you right about now, wouldn’t he, for making such an unsubstantiated smear? At the very least you would have been HRed into oblivion.

            Be careful what you wish for, Wade.

            And like David said, put on your big boy pants.

            As to Barron’s diary, is it really a surprise that he would post something that stupid and consider it humorous? After all the guy regularly makes remarks that offend most sensibilities. Or did you just not care about the homophobia, the xenophobia, until he took a cheap shot at your boy?

            • wade norris says:

              and retracted the statement after 1) reading some of Barron’s other posts and 2) talking to people i know on Bennet’s campaign.

              Neither candidate’s campaign supports this type of misleading information.

              do you?

              • Middle of the Road says:

                Do you just hit reply and comment before you read through a comment?

                You have really turned out to be a lesson unlearned since 2008. What a shame.

              • denverco says:

                What you are being criticized for is immediately trying to connect this to the Bennet campaign without any proof. That type of hysteria reflects poorly on you and on the Romanoff campaign that you support.

                As a Bennet supporter, I am offended that you would automatically would try and link this to Bennet. Fine you retracted your statement – you still made it without any proof. Think next time before you react.

                • Dr B says:

                  How does it reflect on the Romanoff campaign?  

                  Are you engaging in the same behavior you deplore?  Jumping to conclusions, connecting things to campaigns… look familiar?  That’s you.

                  • denverco says:

                    As a huge Romanoff supporter, it does reflect poorly on Romanoff’s campaign when Wade makes rash statements and blindly tries to tie things to Bennet without any proof.

                    Fair or not campaigns are judged by their supporters. I criticized Wade for automatically blaming the Bennet campaign, I made no comment about the Romanoff campaign itself – learn to read before posting.

      • Ray Springfield says:

        That”s a stretch but we’ll see how expensive the campaign gets. I don’t thinking spreading false rumors is ethical.

    • Barron X says:


      NOBODY is as pathetic as that Barron X.


  2. DavidThi808 says:

    this is going to be an awfully empty and boring site.

    Wade – put on your big boy pants. Some people will post humor you don’t find funny, some will post lies, and many will polish the turd to the point it shines.

    That’s politics.

  3. ClubTwitty says:

    that writing a blog diary ‘Barron X should be banned’ at least doubles the exposure, to something that would have passed mostly unnoticed on a Sunday afternoon…

    And since Barron X is clearly trying to provoke, quite successfully, and is a known conservative, the better tactic would be to ignore it, perhaps.  Or not.  Wave your hands and shout ‘Look Here!’

    At least its not this spoof…

  4. Skyler says:

    What happened to you? What has caused you to become so immature all of a sudden?

    I’ve known you for a while and you’ve always seemed, at least on the surface, very cool-headed. But as soon as there was a primary in Colorado, you’ve become incredibly hot-headed, immature, and not someone I’d enjoy having any sort of dialogue with.

    This isn’t high school. Just let it go. Barron X does his own thing on this site, much as we all do. It’s not like the diary was promoted, and the fact that it got you in such a tizzy is evidence that you’re concerned about every piece of anti-Romanoff press that’s floating around out there.

    Andrew’s a big boy. He’s smart, he’s got smart people working for him, and something posted on Pols probably isn’t even a blip on the radar. If this was a concern to Romanoff, then they would’ve handled the situation. But a diary, which anyone can post on Pols, is trivial.

    So just cool down, take it easy, go to caucus on Tuesday, and stop being such a drama queen.  

    • wade norris says:

      the campaign was quite concerned when i sent them word of this story.

      it may be old news on wednesday, but any story that is presented as fact that states a candidate is dropping out two days before the cauces,  is not just ‘humor’ or a snark, it is blatant lying.

      if wanting a website to monitor its content for false stories immature, then that’s what I am.

      • harrydoby says:

        And it doesn’t even have to be accurate, or well-written.

        I did a little searching on this site for the Dead Gov’s rules.  Basically, I came up empty, because I’m pretty sure they don’t have too many, other than the one regarding outing someone’s identity against their wishes.

        We’re all big boys and girls, and the self-policing aspect is the best enforcement tactic available.  

        The Dead Govs aren’t our nannies.

        PS.  In the course of my research, I learned a new acronym — GBCW, as in a Good Bye Cruel World posting that one of our very own prolific posters once made (and fortunately, has since reconsidered).

        Another bit of unrelated trivia:  I found Michael Dorsett MD’s confession of being a troll:

        Which would be a helpful footnote to any of his/her future postings.

      • Leonard Smalls says:

        Maybe the Romanoff campaign should be a little less concerned about every little thing that is said about them on here. Then they wouldn’t have to deal with fallout from stunts like the one triguardian pulled and look like a bunch of fucking crybabies complaining about a diary.

  5. Colorado Pols says:

    We’re not pleased, and we are consulting on next steps. This kind of thing is never, ever appropriate and will always be dealt with as swiftly as we become aware of it.

    • Raphael says:

      but at the same time, don’t people float rumors here all the time? I remember cutting down such a similarly pointless, unsubstantiated, and moronic rumor the other day from the poster Born to Run — isn’t the point of an “insiders” blog to post controversial and unsourced information from time to time?

      • sxp151 says:

        to get a reaction. It’s not even clear that he has an agenda (unlike “Born to Run”); it just seemed like he wanted to piss some people off, God knows why. Kind of the definition of trolling.

        Of course Barron is in constant communication with God, so maybe he can explain it to us.

  6. otoole says:

    for pulling the diary.  As for all you Bennet supporters – this diary is a very big deal.  Especially right before caucus.  I think it also shows that not only is the Bennet crew getting very nervous about Romanoff’s momentum but the Republicans are as well.  

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      YOU are going to try to implicate the Bennet team? You ought to be the next one “removed”.

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      either had a toddy too many or was just tring to have fun. It wasn’t right and I’m glad it is removed but now THIS diary doesn’t really make sense standing alone.

    • wade norris says:

      hi, I don’t know if you read my statement on Bennet, but I have assurances which are credible from my friends in Camp Bennet and they are not responsible and not happy with this line of attack from the Rs.

      This is one issue with which Team Romanoff and Team Bennet can be on the same page about.

      • RedGreen says:

        if you got assurances from Camp Romanoff that it wasn’t a false flag operation, meant to send an immature Romanoff supporter off into a tizzy and raise questions about the Bennet campaign.

        And the other posters are right, Wade. If the criteria for being banned from Pols was posting unsubstantiated lies about a rival campaign, you would have been shown the door long ago. You’re not exactly the best messenger on this topic.

        What’s this latest rumor you’ve been peddling about “dirty tricks” perpetuated by one of the campaigns? Should that count too, and lead to your removal from the site? If not, can you explain the difference between Barron’s clumsy attempt at humor and your actual attempts to influence opinion on the candidates?

        • wade norris says:

          the rumor i am talking about is sourced, and i only brought it up in reference to the numerous people who have registered on this site in the past 2 months from both sides of the primary.

          As for assurances about a ‘false flag’

          why aren’t you asking Barron for an explanation instead of me?

    • Ray Springfield says:

      That has been made quite clear.

      It’s wrong. Sen Bennet had nohing to o with it.

      Neither did his supporters.

  7. Ray Springfield says:

    It’s time to be adults and try and get along.

    Making conjecture of why this came from the right does little good. The right will be coming much harder in  the fall.  

  8. Barron X says:


    I honestly thought that my offending diary was so obviously false that nobody would be taken in by it.  

    Andrew has fought harder for this than anything else in his life.  

    I thought it was a way to be provocative and funny.  The folks who read this site are mostly insiders and almost all of them would know better.

    I apologize to you.

    If appropriate, I would also apologize to Andy, but I doubt he took it like you did.

    But lets look at the bottom line: neither Bennet nor Romanoff stands a chance against Barton, if the Republicans have the wisdom to choose him as their candidate.  


  9. Ray Springfield says:

    I have a firend that passed. He was divorced. He advised me that I should never criticize another. He said that his ex made a very good strawberry cheese cake. That’s all he said about marriage.

    It ‘s my way of my  refusing to participate in open criticism unless I feel compelled to do so by falsehoods.

  10. Steve Harvey says:

    one can only marvel at the miracle that democracy has survived the pettiness of WE human beings.

    I seriously doubt that Barron X had any malicious intent, or was trying to accomplish any political end. That’s not Barron’s style, as far as I can tell. I disagree with many of his positions, but his sincerity and integrity have always appeared to be solid constants.

    Wade, much ado about nothing is unflattering to the much-adoer, not to the much-adone about (so to speak). And striving to portray everything as proof of Speaker Romanoff’s superiority is both tiresome and self-defeating, just as doing the same for Senator Bennet would be. Let’s let them, and their respective positions and records speak for themselves.

    I get that we’re all just a bunch of talking apes, but can’t we at least make a better pretense of trying to do better?

    • wade norris says:

      throughout today’s episode, i have found out a few things,

      1) Barron X is from the Constitution wing of the Republican party

      2) the Campaigns of  Bennet and Romanoff joined together to denounce this guy’s lie.

      3) Colorado Pols denounced this guys’ diary, as noted in the updated diary.

      4) anyone still supporting Barron X’s diary is supporting something that neither the Campaigns of Michael Bennet, Andrew Romanoff, or Colorado Pols supports.


      • ClubTwitty says:

        just lots of people pointing out that you over-reacted, immediately blamed Bennet, and wasted an untold amount of electrons.

        Pols took the offending diary down.  I support that.  Can someone post the next flame-bait diary please?  

      • ThillyWabbit says:

        Is not the “Constitution wing of the Republican party” any more than the Green Party is the Green wing of the Democratic Party.

        Members of the Constitution Party are not members of the Republican Party. You can only belong to one party at a time

      • Steve Harvey says:

        doesn’t imply “support” of the event catalyzing those posts. Get a grip, please. What everyone is denouncing is misinformation, which is a good thing to denounce, regardless of how it came to be published. That does not mean that anyone is condoning attempts to exploit such events to further ratchet up inflamatory rhetoric in a primary contest.

        • ThillyWabbit says:

          As a member of the Green wing of the Democratic Party, he hasn’t been terribly rooted in reality for quite some time, but in the past several months he’s devolved into a tinfoil hat-wearing crazy pants.

          I stand by my strong suggestion that he take a break for his own health and get some perspective at the same time.

          It is possible (as Republicans have proven) to win elections by capitalizing on other people’s fear, but it has never been possible to win elections from a position of fear.

  11. peacemonger says:

    I just want to say for the record that a diary of mine was also deleted … by me.  I decided it was a tad bit snarky, and out of my deep respect for Senator Bennet, I thought it did not forward the conversation.  Senator Bennet is committed to a positive campaign based on issues and integrity, and I want to honor his commitment.

    I do not know what the diary was that this thread is about, but I can assure everyone that every single member of the Bennet campaign staff, as well as Senator Bennet and his wife Susan, are committed to a one hundred percent clean campaign and one that is completely positive.  I could not be more proud to be a supporter for that reason, and many others.

  12. sxp151 says:

    is that it’s been conclusively demonstrated that Barron X is a douche.

    Now I say this as someone who’s also posted a diary with a false headline, and a big stink was made about it. But it was based on a misreading of a story, rather than a deliberate attempt to piss people off.

    False statements can sometimes be funny, but just throwing out a lie doesn’t by itself make you funny.

    Barron X pranked the site because at heart he’s an 8-year-old in an old man’s body.

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