Cory Gardner Loves Him Some “Eggmendment”

As posted here yesterday, supporters of this year’s version of a tough abortion ban ballot measure have submitted their petition signatures. The problem is that they submitted only barely enough signatures to technically qualify for the ballot–based on the usual percentage of signatures rejected by the Secretary of State in the course of verification, proponents’ margin of only 4,000 votes or so will not be nearly enough.

CD-4 candidate Cory Gardner probably wishes he had known that before going on the record:

Proudly declared. But remember, this is essentially the same “eggmendment” that failed in 2008 by the widest margins of any ballot initiative in recent memory. It’s the anti-abortion measure so hardcore that ardently conservative Senate candidate Bob Schaffer couldn’t support it. As much as Cory Gardner’s support for “personhood” may help with some GOP primary voters, it’s going to hurt him badly in the general election–even the amazingly tone-deaf Schaffer understood this.

At this point, having made his bed to lie in, Gardner had better hope those 80,000 signatures are as good as gold–the only thing worse than becoming the public face of a divisive issue campaign is doing so just before it crashes and burns. But either way, the TV spots aren’t going to be pretty.

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  1. Ah Choo says:

    I think the long, extended trainwreck answer to that question is going to be fun to watch.  

  2. redstateblues says:

    Especially in Morgan, Weld and all of the other Eastern Plains counties where Gardner needs to get votes in the CD-4 GOP primary?

    Schaffer knew this kind of messaging wasn’t going to work in a statewide general election, but maybe Gardner is trying to make sure he has the best conservative credentials for the primary.

    • Voyageur says:

      maybe Gardner is trying to make sure he has the best conservative credentials for the primary.

        The question isn’t even how the eggmendment did in CD-4, it’s how it did among the generally conservative Republican voters of the district who will dominate the GOP primary  — and I’d guess it had a healthy majority of that group.  Come the general, however, the statement will haunt Cory.  Remember, all those eastern plains counties add up to just 15 percent of the vote in a district dominated by just just  Front Range Counties: Weld, Larimer and (northern) Boulder.

        Team Markey is taking notes and eagerly awaiting the general election.  So are the pro-choice soccer moms of Boulder-Weld-Larimer.

    • DaftPunk says:

      …In every single county in Colorado.


      No 58.7% 1,192

      Yes 41.2% 836


      No 68.5% 1,286

      Yes 31.4% 590


      No 58.2% 626

      Yes 41.7% 448


      No 63.2% 940

      Yes 36.7% 547


      No 64.9% 8,217

      Yes 35.0% 4,433


      No 60.8% 484

      Yes 39.1% 311

      Kit Carson

      No 64.0% 2,094

      Yes 35.9% 1,173


      No 73.7% 111,310

      Yes 26.2% 39,614

      Las Animas

      No 64.5% 4,107

      Yes 35.4% 2,252


      No 65.8% 1,442

      Yes 34.1% 749


      No 66.1% 6,495

      Yes 33.8% 3,324


      No 65.3% 4,957

      Yes 34.6% 2,623


      No 60.1% 1,214

      Yes 39.8% 803


      No 63.0% 2,753

      Yes 36.9%1,613


      No 67.3% 855

      Yes 32.6% 415


      No 61.9% 1,486

      Yes 38.0% 912


      No 68.0% 68,957

      Yes 31.9% 32,442


      No 61.7% 2,634

      Yes 38.2% 1,630


      No 72.7% 108,941

      Yes 27.2% 40,828


      No 74.5% 166,846

      Yes 25.4% 56,816

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