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UPDATE: The Lamm campaign sent out a press release about their online advertising campaign:

Lamm Wows CD 7 Assembly with Innovative Campaign
Web Video Promoted Through Blog Ads

Arvada, CO – Peggy Lamm, Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 7th District, today attended the 7th CD Assembly and impressed the delegates and guests with her innovative Web video.? The Web video is being promoted with blog ads on,, and and can be viewed at

I?m thrilled my Web video is an opportunity to talk directly to voters in the Seventh District about my background and my positions on the issues that matter to working families,” said Lamm. “Voters I’ve talked to as I’ve been gathering signatures tell me they want a voice for real change in Washington, not more of the same.? I am committed to bringing that change and have a proven record as an effective fighter.? I stand for cleaning up Washington and the Republican culture of corruption, fully funding our children’s education and providing meaningful prescription drug assistance for Colorado’s seniors.”


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Jason Bane endorsed by Arvada Police Officers

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Finally a candidate who understands the internet!  Thanks for the support of this site, Peggy!

  2. Lamm Fan says:

    That video is totally worth watching.  And funny, too.  Thanks for the advert!

  3. PoorJay says:

    Great video.  Very innovative and a great way to send out her message, which already nails the issues.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Issues based.  ThatВґs the best thing about it.

  5. Dark Horse says:

    Her campaign staff may be internet savvy, but she’s still a nutjob.

  6. tmgt says:

    attended the 7th CD Assembly

    This must be like claiming to live in Arvada.
    As a delegate to the CD7 Assembly, which WILL be held tonight, I find it interesting that she’s been there before us.
    Must be some kind of Back-to-the-Future kind of thing!
    I am like, SO impressed!
    Peggy has not only mastered the internet, but time travel as well!  Maybe if she went far enough into the future she has brought back a cure for the Bird Flu too!

  7. Patriot says:

    Peggy has a good video — you can’t deny that.  However, I would like to see some bullet points on her positions.  I’m unsure what she is going to do to help Colorado and her CD-7 if elected.  I need more substance.  I can’t wait to see the Herb Rubenstein video.  I could care less what the Republicans produce.  Where is Mr. Mutter? 

    If he is waiting until the last few months to spend his dollars, then he is appearing like a Republican more and more each day.  Who votes for scheming Republicans?

  8. RubyBlue says:

    “If he is waiting until the last few months to spend his dollars, then he is appearing like a Republican more and more each day.”

    What does that mean?

  9. Beats me! says:

    Who votes for scheming Republicans?

    ummm you don’t REALLY want to go there again, do you?
    Wasn’t it the DeLorean surfer herself?

  10. the war matters says:

    Jim Merlino’s strong leadership is already being felt. Peggy Lamm is in the lead and surging.

  11. Dark Horse says:

    Bill will miss Jim:  It’s always better if someone else sings your praises FOR you.

  12. What? says:

    Lamm should figure out how to put alt attributes on the navigation on her website so the disabled community might be able to use it, now that would be understanding the internet instead of having to pay for press.

    Along with her spam, seems she can’t figure the mass emailing part of the internet either, I would say Peggy is by far the least internet savvy out of the three.

  13. RubyBlue says:

    Gotta give Merlino credit, he’s reviatalized the campaign and kept her alive in the race, I just don’t particularly care for how they’re going about it.

    That video isn’t attack free by the way . . . I wouldn’t say Peggy satnding in front of a Walmart and an oil pump exactly subtle allusions.  Their main stripe is trying portray Perlmutter as a shill for Walmart and Oil lobbys.  They’re ramping up for the attacks that are already appearing on this board.

    They say it elsewhere, but only suggest it in the video.  Keeps Peggy looking cleaner.  Again, masterful tactics, but pretty nasty as well.

  14. PoorJay says:


    Your name says it all!  What the h*** are you talking about “alt attributes on the naviagation bar”???  We’re really fishing for something to critisize Peggy with now.

  15. Middle of the Road says:

    I haven’t been a big fan of Lamm, RubyBlue, as you well know, but this ad is done masterfully and felt positive to me. I liked it.

    And yes, the Walmart shot was pretty obvious but I liked the fact that she talked about herself, her ideas and kept it clean.

    I’m no fan of Merlino, either. I would say that he has given her campaign a serious shot in the arm, though.

  16. MixedMessageMarc says:


    Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean you should attack it.

    The “alt” tags he mentioned are standard HTML to allow text-based browsers or special software for the disabled to navigate image links without needing to see the actual pictures.  Pointing out that Peggy’s pages don’t use them is a fair criticism that shows her campaign lacks some net.savvy.  Although they did release this spiffy web video…

  17. PoorJay says:

    Yeah Sam, how could you not know what that is!!! Geeez…

  18. I don’t agree that buying web adds equates to “mastering the internet.”

    Banner ads and the like are just an inferior version of direct mailings and television ads. They are passive uses of a richly interactive medium. I thank her for sending a bit of money into the pockets of the people who have mastered the internet, but it doesn’t mean she gets it.

    That said, there is a moment of net savvy genius in her adds. Kathryn Poindexter was brilliant to ask Matt of to play the sleezy lobbyist. That is a touch of interactive cleverness that will do far more for her campaign than the ad itself.

  19. Free advice for Peggy:

      Try to make your ads play well with the sound off. Keep the visuals supporting your message and not just referring to it.

    When you put your face smiling and nodding in front of a Walmart sign or an oil rig or a Social Security card being put through a shredder, you are hurting your message that these are your opponents things. It is the reason that the cliche of standing in front of the flag is so powerful.

    Remember: You in front of flags, mountains, picnics, happy puppies, etc.
      Them in front of riots, sewer pipes, tax forms, bad puppies, etc.

  20. the war matters says:

    Why doesn’t Peggy include the video shot of her interview by investigators from the Office of the Jefferson County District Attorney?
    Why won’t Peggy Lamm or one of her supporters tell us what is going on with that investigation. Why won’t Scott Storey tell us the status of the investigation?

  21. walker says:

    Who made the ad–it’s one of the best of the (early part) of the  season?

  22. anonymous says:

    Speaking of Advertising:

    According to the Independence Institute.

    Help from the taxpayer: Rep. Bob Beauprez is back with one of his favorite campaign tools: The four-color flier printed and mailed at taxpayer expense.
    Residents of a certain age in the 7th Congressional District just received a large card in the mail urging them to sign up for Medicare Part D drug coverage before next Monday’s deadline “to avoid higher costs.”
    The franked mailer is legal since Beauprez never mentions that he’s running for another office. It’s viewed as a legitimate information piece for constituents.
    Congress liberalized the rules on franked mailings several years back and Beauprez has exploited them to the hilt. During 2004, when he faced a challenge by Democrat Dave Thomas, he mailed out at least nine full-color fliers.
    He snuck this one out in the nick of time: Mass franked mailers are not permitted within 90 days of the Aug. 8 primary election.

  23. Easy Morning Rebel says:

    Local BlogAds are stupid. the only effective place that Lamm put an ad at is TalkLeft and, maybe, New West. Putting an ad at ColoradoPols and 5280 is a waste of money, like a Republican would do! Anybody and Everybody that reads these two sites already is well-aware of her campaign. She is not changing any minds are raising any more money than she would have if she did not put ads here and there. As for the New West ad, is ranked 2,030 by technorati, but I suppose she could get a few more dollars from that. But she is still wasting money!

  24. Tester says:

    1) this is a good ad. even those of us NOT supporting peggy should concede that. watch for matching efforts from the other two candidates, if they have a brain at all.

    2) your reactions prove that colorado pols was a fine place to put this ad. i guarantee more people are talking about it here than talkleft — 98% of whose readers are national anyway.

  25. the war matters says:

    Peggy Lamm will really wow them if she gets charged with voter fraud. Peggy Lamm and Scott Storey owe the people an explanation concerning the status of the investigation being conducted by the Jefferson County DA’s Office.
    I bet Peggy looks over her shoulder constantly to make sure that John Ferrugia is not behind her.

  26. My Bile Rising says:

    Beware the lamm video on this site.  I tried to watch it and it froze up my computer.  Something must be defective with the link.

  27. My Bile Rising says:

    So Peggy will stand up against Republicans and for educating our kids, huh?  Is that why she touted vouchers at the bighorn, supported Republicans like Bill Owens and Donetta Davidson instead of Democrtas and only recently became a “liberal” when at the legislature she was well known as a pro-gun lobby conservative?  In this election year I want to elect a REAL Democrat and not someone who can switch parties or become a Republican overnight.  Peggy is about as liberal as Ken Chlouber is, and just like Ken Chlouber moving into the First District to run against Diana DeGette (Peggy also gave support to Chlouber in that race), she is basically an opportunist and a carpetbagger.  Video or no video, this woman is not the kind of person I would trust to stand up for Democratic values in Congress.

  28. More of the Same says:

    It’s time we elect someone serious about change in Washington, not someone who is willing to sell out to the establishment.  Peggy Lamm is an individual who will represent the people of the seventh congressional district not the members of big money oil and gas corporations.  Vote for change, not more of the same.

  29. RubyBlue says:

    Considering Peggy doesn’t actually live in the district I’m inclined to say she’d be hard pressed to really represent their interests.

    What special change will she bring?  As we know, she endorsed Bill Owens, one of the more vicious anti-gay, anti-woman, basically anti-civil rights governors around.  It seems pretty hollow to suggest Perlmutter is the “establishment” candidate when Peggy is a consumate political insider in Colorado and supported Owens, a bona fide king of corporate boosting. 

    Is that kind of political opportunism really what the Democrats need right now, somebody that flips on their party in an important election?  What’s more, she was dishonest about her endorsement after the fact, and then showed the same willingness to obfuscate the truth in the 7News story about her not actually living in Arvada (and the subsequent fraud investigation).

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