The “Creeping Sharia Law” Phase Of 2018 Is Upon Us

Making the rounds on social media today is the ad you can see above from a group calling itself the Save Our State PAC, warning that electing Jared Polis governor will “bring Sharia to our CO schools.” This ad has reportedly been seen on a number of political news sites in the last few days, though we haven’t seen it in our own Google ad feeds as of yet.

We also haven’t seen the “landing page” this ad directs to to read what possible justification this group has to offer for the outlandish claim that Polis wants to impose Islamic Sharia Law in Colorado schools. At the same time, we really don’t need to see it, because the claim is so patently ridiculous that justification seems totally impossible and insulting to try. Frankly, we thought the whole “creeping Sharia” conspiracy theory had faded to black with Bob Beauprez’s political fortunes. And yet here we are.

To call this ad deceptive gives it too much credit. This a direct appeal to the lowest common denominator of the voting public: the most ignorant, most prejudiced, and above all least informed segment of the electorate. And sadly, that’s a box that Republicans check every year no matter how bad it looks.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    This woman looks stupid enough to be a member of Vicki Marble's family.

  2. Moderatus says:

    Arbitration by Sharia is happening all over the country including in Colorado. Muslims use religious courts to settle disputes instead of going to court. It's based on a law system completely alien to Western Civilization, and it could lead to lawlessness and "no go zones" where the ONLY law is Sharia Law. Just because liberals choose to turn a blind eye to creeping Sharia doesn't mean it isn't happening.


    • Moderatus says:

      Obviously JP doesn't want to live under Sharia personally. 🙂

    • Colorado Pols says:

      Show us one example.

    • spaceman65 says:

      You are an idiot.  The creeping religious-based un-American law is coming from the evangelical right.  It is you and your ilk that are the biggest threat, not Sharia.  But if you want to believe the sky is green and the ocean is apocalypse red, go ahead.  Doesn't change the actual facts.  Nor the fact that you are, objectively, an idiot

    • Pseudonymous says:

      Boy, if you're scared of that, the Jews are going to blow your fucking mind.

      Making religious arbitration work in America: The Jewish experience

      For some time, rabbinical courts struggled to find their footing in the American legal system. Initially, secular courts were uncomfortable upholding and enforcing arbitral decisions issued in accordance with what they viewed as foreign, inaccessible, substantive and procedural law. The country’s most prominent rabbinical courts, the Beth Din of America (BDA), was founded in 1960 to provide a more effective adjudicative forum for Jews committed to living in accordance with Jewish law (halakha) in a secular American legal and social context. The BDA provides a sprawling network of Jewish law courts that function as fully legal, halakha-compliant arbitration panels marked by expedience and affordability.

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        Remember a few years back when Louisiana decided to enact something called covenant marriage which was basically a type of marriage where divorce was only possible under certain very limited circumstances. Basically the opposite of no fault. Nothing religious about that.


        • ajb says:

          As I recall, they made it available and even the most ardent fundies didn't take to it. But then again, IIRC, the reddest states have the highest divorce rates (which also coincides with porn consumption). 

      • notaskinnycook says:

        I do remember that, R&R. Under that form of marriage, divorce was only an option in cases of adultery or documented abuse. And Pseudo, you made my point for me. I read down the thread just to make sure someone mentioned the rabbinical courts.

    • unnamed says:

      1.  Can you provide a legitimate example to back up your assertions?

      2.  How is your characterization of Sharia any different than what Evangelicals want to do to this country?

    • Voyageur says:

      Careful, Moddy, or you will give stupidity a bad name.  Voluntary observance of church law is protected by the first amendment.  I was raised as a Catholic and could not have married a protestant without agreeing to raise the kids as Catholic. Instead I left the church. At no point did the state try to enforce church law and I was happily married in a non-catholic ceremony.

      Even an exceptionally stupid person likeyou, Moddy, ought to realize that as a Jew and a gay, Polis is the last man who would try to promote Islamic fundamentalism.

    • Genghis says:

      Isn't the invisible magic sky daddy of Islam also the invisible magic sky daddy of Christianity and Judaism?

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Fluffy, parties can agree to go to arbitration with anyone they want. Hell, if two people wanted to use YOU as an arbitrator, they could.

      By the way, I thought you would like religious courts settling disputes. A high tribunal with Pat Robertson speaking in tongue, Ted Haggard toking on the meth pipe, and Joel Osteen counting his money would suit you just fine.

      It is just certain particular religions that you have issues with.

    • Mike W. says:

      My word, you really are reaching for the craziness these days. A little distraught that all your braggadocio has been for naught?

  3. Duke Cox says:

    Additionally, as I understand it, the Jews and the Palestinians are all cousins.

  4. mamajama55 says:

    I wrote about this on Wednesday, when the ad was pushed to my phone. That costs about $.40 per click , by the way, if this price list is accurate. I researched the  sponsoring organization, Save Our State, for which Michelle Austin of Englewood, Colorado, is the registered agent.  So where does Michelle Austin, registered agent for Save Our State, and sponsor of the stupidest, most homophobic political ads of the season, get that kind of money?

    Possibly through her connections to the Colorado Leadership Fund, a Republican fundraising arm for which she was the financial secretary from 2003-2008, as well as caucus secretary for the Colorado legislature , according to her LinkedIn profile.

    The actress and producer in the videos and the save our state site is Rachel Blaha Keane, Robert Blaha’s daughter. A sometime horror film actress, (Sam Hell. Caretaker) Blaha Keane now blogs on youtube as conservativemomma.

    Lyn Bartels said that Austin handled campaign finance issues for clients. She owns "Red Map Strategies", a Republican consulting firm. So it isn't a stretch to speculate that Austin, with Republican dark money, made this little smear video attacking Polis for Sharia sympathies, (just clickbait on that one), and also the same old GOP talking points: "He'll increase taxes". "He'll cost us jobs". Since her target audience is "millenials and edgy people", she isn't attacking Polis for being gay, but has a very weird implication that he wants to rob children of their innocence. I have no idea what the ** that is about.

    At any rate, I'd like to see the Polis people go after her for defamation. I'd also recommend calling your local Google ad provider if you're getting this crap shipped to your phone. Michele's Save Our State company is apparently functioning as a "local provider" that gets discounted ad rates . She shouldn't. Report her ass 

    Email at

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Here are two of save our state's latest hit pieces:

    And, I’m not an expert on campaign finance, but if this is an independent expenditure committee, as the Save Our State website claims, shouldn’t they be more subtle about promoting Walker Stapleton? Like, his own campaign ad should not be featured in the “Polis destroys your children’s innocence” ad?

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