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August 08, 2018 07:10 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.”

–John Kenneth Galbraith


20 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

        1. He won't have to ask.  Trump will gladly let his criminal sidekick go free because prosecuting white collar crime is inherently "unfair" in Trump's mind.

  1. Possibly the best political slam this year:  

    "Many folks think that Rand Paul can't be beat, they're worried he might be too well-liked.  i don't buy that.  Just ask his neighbor.  He can be beaten."–Kentucky SOS Allison Lundergan Grimes

  2. a powerful statement on where we've gotten to with Trump's  Sad!-ministration.

    Garrett M. Graff


    1) In any other administration, Wilbur Ross would be the SINGLE BIGGEST SCANDAL, facing withering press, ethical, and likely legal scrutiny for behavior both before and after taking office as a Cabinet secretary. In this administration, sadly, he's rarely even front page news…

    2) @DanAlexander21 at @forbes has been doing tremendous work documenting the ethical stew around Ross, most recently with his bombshell piece yesterday…

    3) There @DanAlexander21 alleges perhaps as much as $120 million in accused thefts/etc. "If even half of the accusations are legitimate, the current United States secretary of commerce could rank among the biggest grifters in American history."

    4) But there's so so so much more. Wilbur Ross makes Scott Priutt look like a choir boy ….

    5) There is the NYT report that Wilbur Ross hid ties to Putin cronies even AFTER becoming Commerce Secretary ….:

    6) and appears to have engaged in possible insider trading related to his Russian ties, doubling-down on the corruption ….: and also

    7) There's @DanAlexander21's previous reporting about how Ross held onto interests as Commerce Secretary in companies co-owned by the Chinese government…

    8) Which is part of a larger seeming pattern of Ross *lying* under oath about the divestments he made to become Commerce Secretary ….

    9) And none of that begins to touch on some of the most intriguing questions about his odd ties to the Cyprus bank caught up with the Russia investigation and Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg …. :

    10) And all of that is just his business deals and personal fortune. None of that touches on his behavior actually as Commerce Secretary—and he should still face real, hard questions about his role in the 2020 Census ….

    11) as @paulwaldman1 says, "This [Census] scandal has a malign conspiracy, public lies, possible perjury, and an unrelenting assault not just on a core American institution enshrined in the Constitution but on democracy itself."

    12) The fact that every cable news channel isn't doing wall-to-wall resignation-watch on Wilbur Ross is a testament to how far we've allowed this administration to sink ethically and criminally. It should not be tolerated. /END


  3. Well, but of course…

    Kobach refuses to recuse himself from recount effort

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) said that he will not recuse himself from a potential recount effort in the state’s GOP gubernatorial primary, despite being a candidate in the race.

    Kobach said Wednesday that he has no plans to recuse himself, saying that while his office oversees recounts, it does not directly participate in vote-counting, according to the Kansas City Star.

    1. The percentages are telling — the 60/40 split for Unaffiliateds leaning Dem, and Dem turnout was about 45% vs. 40% for the GOP (guesstimating as I only recall the total registered for each party is something just over 1 million each).

      25% turnout for Unaffiliated seems very respectable (I had to nag my Unaffiliated wife until she finally turned in her ballot — and kindly not cancelling any of my votes 😉

      2018 should be a warmup for a full Trumpectomy in 2020.

  4. Before we finish celebrating the moral victory over the fascist Trump administration in Ohio, let's drink a cup of PBR to celebrate the very real and ringing victory of working men and women in Missouri over the Fascist Right to Work for Less movement.  They flat-out repealed the anti-union RTW law passed by a right- wing legislature in 2017.

    It wadn’t even close as the right to work for less was crushed by a 2-1 margin


    Some days the good folks win!!!


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