Mother of Aurora Theater Shooting Victim: Do NOT Elect George Brauchler

TUESDAY UPDATE: It would be difficult to be more tone-deaf than George Brauchler:


Sandy Phillips (left) with daughter Jessica Ghawi.

Last Friday, survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida visited the Never Again (Colorado) chapter to discuss gun violence prevention at Shorter Community AME Church in Denver. Among the speakers at the March for Our Lives Road to Change event was Sandy Phillips, the mother of Aurora Theater Shooting victim Jessica Ghawi, who made a passionate plea to the audience to oppose Republican George Brauchler’s campaign for Attorney General.

The entire event can be viewed on Facebook. Phillips discusses Brauchler’s campaign at the 52:40 mark:

Having gone through the trial with the Aurora killer, we were very supportive of George Brauchler at the time. I ask everyone in this room: Please do NOT elect him as your AG [Attorney General].

We knew that when he decided to try the case, that he was wanting [to pursue] the death penalty. We also knew that we would never get it. We are grateful that they found out so much during that trial – things that none of you should ever have to know. God forbid that you should. So we were grateful that there was a trial, however, that trial cost over $10 million dollars, I believe. And afterwards – we knew that George was very assertive in his opinions – afterwards we really found out how far right he was. When he was running for Governor and got his endorsement from Ted Nugent, who is on the board of the NRA, that was it. That was our last conversation. 

And he said to me, ‘well, you know, there aren’t any laws on the books that could have prevented what happened to your daughter.’ And I said, ‘as a leader of this state, it is your job to make sure that we do have laws on the books that would prevent this from happening.’ [Pols emphasis]

As your AG, he would have the power to try – or not try – to try his best to roll back [gun violence prevention] laws that are in place. So I urge you, please, whoever is running against him…and I don’t know who it is [several people in the crowd yell out “Phil Weiser”]…I will work for him, from now until the [inaudible].

Brauchler is seeking the open seat for Attorney General in November against Democrat Phil Weiser.

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    George is the worst

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