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May 20, 2018 11:34 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority.”

–Francis Bacon


33 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Step aside Nostradamus………….

    Rudy "Noun-Verb-9/11" Giuliani has announced that he knows the date on which the Mueller investigation will end. (Spoiler alert: September 1)

    Can we expect him to tell us next:

    -When the world will end?

    -When Trump will marry his fourth wife?

    -When the next mass shooting will occur?

    1. There are a number of people predicting Mueller will do something significant in July or August, beating the "60 day" window of exclusion before an election.

      But jumping to the conclusion that "something significant" means an end to the investigation is making a guess on what has been found by the Mueller team, what they consider it to mean, and that the meaning is "not for prosecution." Each of those steps seems well concealed in the Mueller black box thus far.

      Why would we believe Rudy Guiliani has answers when he "just joined" the team and is "still getting his facts straight"?

  2. Lest people think Republicans have a monopoly on bad taste, uber-left New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon's new slogan is: "Vote for the homo, not for (Andrew) Cuomo."


    1. That is actually a retread from the 1977 New York City mayoral race between Andrew's father and Ed Koch. Mario was too classy to do it and the rumors back then were that Andrew coined the slogan.

      All things old are new again.

      1. Besides, she's saying it about herself, it's not coming from an opponent as a smear. 

        If my typing's bad today, don’t make sport of me. I filleted my thumb this morning and it's still numb from the shot and clumsy from the brace they put over the liquid stitches.


        1. Hate it when that happens, cook. Heal soon.  Personally, I like "Vote for the homo, not for the Cuomo". I think that an openly gay politician saying that about herself shows class and sass.

      2. The old one was the flip, "Vote for Cuomo, not the homo ". (Ed Koch.) Koch never came out of the closet but was said to be gay by gay activists.

        To me, Nixon is like a black comedian throwing the "N" word around while Steve Bannon roars his approval.  She thinks she's hip.  But she empowers bigots.


    2. Uber Left? I know a lot of actors & actresses drive taxis to make ends meet, but I think Cynthia Nixon has had a somewhat successful career.

      WTF does uber-left mean?

      I keep asking the Republicans on Colorado Pols to put up or shut up about what they mean when they say radical left, but it's like talking to Moldy: snark-and-run.

          1. "Radical left??"  I'll take a stab at it, just for ParkHill.

            Radical left = people who want to raise taxes to finance their ways of spending other peoples' money and giving free stuff, or semi-free, out. As an example, my state taxes would have tripled had Amendment 69 passed in 2016; the Colorado Care health initiative; but no benefit at all to me since I’m on Medicare.

            Radical right = they borrow money from Chinese & other Asian bankers to finance their schemes, such as F-35 fighter jets that can’t dogfight any better than the planes they’re supposed to replace. They want to tell everyone what their personal religious beliefs should be and also want to patrol everyone's bedrooms.

            1. Further, moderate Democrats prefer to raise taxes to pay for essential services (e.g. roads) in a PayGo fashion, unlike most Republicans that want to mortgage our futures to pay for same in order to lock up future cash flows that otherwise might be needed for emergencies, or essential services for which they have no interest.

                1. Davie: ParkHill's question was about defining "radical left." I wasn't aware that moderate Dems might fall into that category. Thanks for enlightening me. And nice smear, by the way, on "most Republicans." 

                  1. Given that some 80 percent of Republicans support Trump, according to numerous polls, CHB, I 'd say that what was once the party of Lincoln is now mostly the party of "Stinkin'"!

                    1. VG: that leaves 20% who are never-Trumpers and that number includes me. 20% is a ton of people.

                    2. Well, chb,  you pooped on davey for smearing "most republic ans." Now, you claim, rightly, that the 20 percent who don't back Trump are not hypocrites and idiots.  

                      True enough, but too bad your senior sneak included the day they taught fractions.  Eighty percent is four times asmuch as 20percent and fits the definition of "most" with plenty to spare.

                  2. CHB, as pretty much everyone acknowledges, our roads are in sad shape.  Fixing them isn't free, and we either need to raise taxes (the gasoline tax is a good place to start), or borrow money (there just isn't enough fraud and waste in government to pay for all our needs).

                    And yes, most Republicans in the lege wanted to borrow money to pay for new and upgraded roads.  Not sure what your beef is, exactly.

                    However, speaking of Free Stuff! did you catch the El Paso Republicans whining about the new toll lanes to widen I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock?

                    It's a $350 million project, and they don't want to be charged tolls to use the expanded lanes.  And don't even think about raising taxes to pay for their share!  They already paid $25 million, so they're all done, right?  They want Free Stuff!


                    BTW, if simply raising taxes is all it takes to be called “radical left”, then I suppose you will have to excommunicate Reagan from the GOP for heresy

                    1. Who is "everyone acknowledges," Davie? How do you define "sad shape?" I've driven I-70 Morrison to Grand Junction and back in the past month and that road is in pretty good shape. I drove State Highway 13 from Rifle to Meeker and back. OK there. I drove US 285 & State Highway 17 from Morrison to Alamosa and into New Mexico and back in March. OK there. Drove State Highway 9 from Frisco to Breck and back earlier this month. Again, good shape and some of it new. Haven't been in Colorado Springs in at least a year, so can't comment on condition of I-25 south of Castle Rock. But, again, no issues there either with road condition. 

                    2. CHB, "pretty much everyone" on both sides of the aisle in the Colorado Legislature acknowledges our roads are in sad shape.  I assumed you were paying attention this session, weren't you?

                      I believe the multi-billion dollar transportation bill (which was not intended to repave "good" roads) that consumed a large amount of time this session only partially addresses the estimated $1 billion annual maintenance needs.  I waste too much time on I-70 damaging the suspension on my car.  I avoid I-25 north and south of Denver as much as possible.  The roads that are some of the most heavily used are in sad shape. Better?

                      And I agree with V'ger's calculation that 80% of Republicans constitutes "most" Republicans.  You may be an army of one, but that doesn't put you in the majority.

                      But, in the future, when making broad generalizations, eg. "as most people agree, the Earth is round, and the sun rises in the the East", I'll try to site references and note that my assertions may be controversial and not universally accepted.  How's that?

            2. I was never a big fan of hers, but Margaret Thatcher did get one thing right……

              "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."

          2. That’s not fair . . . 

            . . . he pretty much shows up to celebrate every shooting.  

            (He just pretends not to remember any of those not school related . . . )

  3. Fuxsakes . . . 

    “If you look at what has happened to the young people, many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten,” he said.

    . . . there’s a new sheriff village idiot in town!

    Oliver North Blames ‘Culture of Violence’ for Mass Shooting


  4. Davie: can't reply to your latest comment as there is no Reply button. So…. "most people agree" has nothing to due with the sun or this planet.

    Here's another one, very similar to your "most people agree."  "Lots of people say….."  Continuous quote from Donald Trump. 

    Enjoy your day. 

    1. Here's a little trick I learned — click on the final reply button two responses above, and it'll tuck your reply right underneath the one you are responding to anyway.

      Thanks — you have a good day too.  I still don't see why broad, but obvious generalizations get you in such a cranky mood.  However, I agree Trump's crutch of "Lots of people say…" annoys the heck out of me too.  But his are blatantly unsupported.  I'm pretty sure mine above are supported.

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