Cary Kennedy Unofficially Raises Big Money

That’s the word from the Colorado Independent, quoting sources inside Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cary Kennedy’s campaign:

We’ll be watching for a release from Kennedy’s campaign, but obviously this would represent a stellar fundraising period. Kennedy appears to be hitting her stride in this race at exactly the right time, and the money she’s raised will be vital for keeping her name on the air for the next eight weeks with enough saturation to keep pace with principal opponent Jared Polis.

This strong performance by Kennedy further underscores the consensus of both polling and opinion that Kennedy and Polis are locked in a duel for the Democratic nomination, with the other candidates in the race acting more as spoilers than contenders in their own right. With two top-tier candidates who are staying positive, an engaged Democratic electorate, and a healthy issues contrast between the two candidates, this race has got the stuff great election stories are made of.

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  1. flatiron says:

    Have to assume Johnston hurts Polis more; jared needs him to go away

    Lynne likely a non player and that tat will be a painful reminder of this campaign, forever  (is touting her connection to Hickenlooper in her TV ad going to help? Probably not)

  2. HeavyG says:

    Good for Cary.  I like that we have two good candidates who haven't gotten down and dirty.  Although, I must admit that after her FB Live launch last April 2017, I said "yikes"  I guess it was only a risk if you didn't already know you  have strong backing/support.



  3. Arvadonian1 says:

    I think the "Big Line" needs to be updated….everything is pointing to Kennedy as the front runner at this point….and this is from a Democrat who supported Polis in the caucus.

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