Schultheis Exit Planned Move for Lambert?

We speculated earlier that the surprise announcement that Sen. Dave Schultheis would not run for re-election in 2010 might be the GOP’s attempt to get rid of one of their most divisive and problematic members (at least in terms of public perception). But as it turns out, Schultheis’ exit might have been a planned move to make sure that his hand-picked successor, equally-looney Rep. Kent Lambert (and a pal from the Republican Conservative Study Committee, or whatever they call it), would be able to walk into the seat.

Lambert announced yesterday that he would run for Schultheis’ Senate seat in 2010, and from what we hear, most other potential challengers consider him a near-lock and will likely not oppose him in a primary (this is a safe GOP seat, so the action is in the primary).

Schultheis’ timing in making his announcement also means that Rep.Amy Stephens, a potential challenger, would not be able to run for the seat; because the election is less than 12 months away, Stephens doesn’t have time to move into the district and still be eligible to run.

This is all reminiscent of 2006, when long time GOP state Sen. Norma Anderson abruptly retired in order to give her chosen successor, Kiki Traylor, a head start. Schultheis isn’t resigning, of course, and Anderson’s move didn’t work out when Traylor was beaten in that summer’s primary by now Sen. Mike Kopp. Lambert also seems to have a better chance at keeping the succession plan intact than Traylor did.

Of course, all this moving around also means that Lambert’s House seat is now open. Potential bidders for that job include El Paso County GOP Chair Kay Rendleman (Lambert’s former campaign manager) and Lisa Taskerud, who is also close to Lambert.


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  1. Barron X says:


    causing him to step down.  He realistically assessed his chances against a true conservative in this District and decided retirement was better than being drubbed at the polls.


  2. He’ll make a terrific State Senator if he goes this path

  3. BernardY says:

    Lambert has been thinking about taking his act to Nashville. He may sit out two years and then look around to see if a House seat has opened up. In the meantime, he is working on his pilot’s license in order to be ready for the Nashville commute. Should a lawsuit be successful and the full 19-member Commission be restored, Lambert says he would re-consider a run. I just hope that it will for the good of the people if ever he will run. Just like what the Congress did for passing a Homebuyer tax credit 2010 extension. The previous credit was set to expire at the end of November, 2009, but the Homebuyer tax credit 2010 edition will keep it going until April 2010, although with modifications. For one, the credit has been reduced to $6500 from $8000. Next, to qualify – you must not have owned a home for 3 years, or owned the current one for over 5. You can’t make over $225K per year (for couples, $125K single); you can’t buy a home costing over $800,000, or a second home. (Take that, Hoi polloi!) The homebuyer tax credit 2010 may save some people a pay day loan or two, but it’s going to go fast.

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