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April 28, 2018 12:14 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“People treat citizens like they’re some kind of unreliable source, but citizens are data. They are a data set.”

–Josh Fox


28 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. This fine weekend, let us give praise to America's teachers. 

    Remember that if they failed to transmit their wisdom to just one generation, we would fall back into barbarism.

    Let us also remember that Trump stinks.

    Stay upwind, America!

  2. Looks like the Hitler Youth, including their leader Neil Gorsuch, are rapidly filling the ranks of our courts

    President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are rapidly filling U.S. federal courts with young conservatives who will shape American law for generations to come.

    The Republican-led Senate confirmed Trump’s 15th appeals court nominee this week — more than the past five presidents at this juncture — with eight of the new judges in their 40s, and seven in their 50s. McConnell set the stage Thursday to confirm six more, one day after a committee voted to cut debate time, which if approved would further speed things up.

    1. So delightful that Senate Democrats took a short cut a few years ago, ending the filibuster possibility on Federal judges. Each successive step towards less delay and fewer votes has now been weaponized, and we wind up with more partisan, corporatist judges at every level.

      And now, I'm reading about people who really think Dems should win in 2018 and 2020, and immediately end the filibuster possibilities on legislation, too.

      1. Beginning with Reagan, Gingrich, and Cheney, Republicans have so poisoned the political process, that I'm not sure there is much chance of de-escalating the partisan winner-take-all system we currently operate under.

        If Democrats ever elect a whack job like Trump and scare the bejeezus out of Republicans, maybe there would be some realization on both sides that maybe (close your eyes Zap!) a return to true bipartisan reason and compromise is a safer course.

        1.  This morning I watched a truly sickening display of hypocrisy by one of the most onerous and immoral assholes in American politics…Frank Luntz.

          Luntz, appearing in his new role as ABC pollster and analyst, let loose with a truly classic whine and rant about the comedian who hosted the WHCD. Following a session with a group of people with mixed political persuasions, Luntz launched into a condemnation of the vitriol and division within our politics…

          My question to him is …are you happy now, bitch?

          YOU…Frank Luntz, are as responsible as anyone for our current state of national self-loathing. It was YOU, Frank Luntz, who was the principle architect of the language of deception and mendacity that propelled our politics to this level of hateful division.

          You, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and a host of other Republican operatives instituted the strategy of division and personal attack as the norm in politics today. You made the pervasive influence of right wing radio and internet possible. You are one of the causes of the hostility you now decry and lambaste as though someone else did it.

          You decided to forsake the truth (and your soul right along with it) a long time ago. To now stand in front of the American people and shake your head in disgust is truly the height of hypocrisy.

          A soulless monster if one ever lived.

          1. Perfectly stated Duke. He’s like the child who murdered his parents and then plead mercy from the courts because he was now an orphan. 

    1. Heard Rep. DeGette talk about this yesterday, saying she'd complained to Steny Hoyer and felt like he'd stretched the truth in saying the Colorado congressional delegation had recruited Hoyer's preferred candidate. She hadn't. Her take: no DCCC money should show a preference in an open primary.

    2. Well- 
      how about Coffman is Trump and Trump sucks stinks,  so , you know, vote for the other guy.

      It didn't work before, but the DCCC is going to be right one of theses days.

  3. WOTD from Vox: "Time to include restriction on Fossil Fuel extraction"

    We're behind the curve on reducing climate change caused by increased CO2 in the atmosphere.  We're far down the path to losing half of Florida, not to mention all the other consequences like extreme weather events.

    A balanced approach would address all the policy options:

    1. Restrictive supply side: policies that cut off FF supply, including declining quotas, supply taxes, and subsidy reductions
    2. Restrictive demand side: policies that restrict demand for FF, including carbon prices and declining emission caps
    3. Supportive supply side: policies that support the supply of FF alternatives, like renewable energy subsidies and mandates
    4. Supportive demand side: policies that support demand for FF alternatives, like subsidies for purchase of energy-efficiency appliances or favorable government procurement policies
    1. One nice thing about "states' rights" is that Colorado has a lot of options to address each of these policy strategies:

      (1) Increase the extraction tax for Oil, Gas and Coal.

      (2) Increase gasoline taxes and increase taxes on all sales of low MPG vehicles. 
       – 50 cents per gallon on gas
       – $1,000 sales tax on car & TRUCK sales for every 10 MPG less than the average

      (3) Subsidies & regulation to utilities to increase wind and solar utility
       – 30% subsidy on solar panels to offset Trump's 30% tariff
       – Increase the pace to require utilities to use 50% and then 75% renewable

      (4) Tax credit for high MPG and electric vehicles, subsidies to more efficient transportation like bus or light rail, tax credits for increasing the efficiency of home energy use. Housing code improvements and land use to encourage higher density housing, walking and mass-transit usage.
       – $1000 tax credit on car & TRUCK sales for every 10 MPG greater than average.

      For you Tabor experts:

      (1) Is Tabor neutered if you had a revenue neutral law that taxed low MPG vehicles and gave a credit to high MPG vehicles?

      (2) Is Tabor neutered if you increase the carbon fuel extraction tax and apply all revenue to wind and solar subsidies?

      (3) Is Tabor neutered if you increase the gasoline tax by 50 cents per gallon and apply all revenue to bus fares?

    2. I looked at my personal Carbon Footprint, and found several things I could do that dramatically drop my fuel usage. I discovered that it is easy to halve my energy usage, and not too hard to cut it to 1/4.

      These are the biggies:

      (1) Personal vehicle: Get an electric car and/or cut my driving in half from US average of 12,000 miles per year to 6,000. Telecommute instead of drive to work. Electric cars get the equivalent of 120 MPG. Use the utility company option to buy only renewables, and my electric car completely eliminates that part of my carbon footprint.

      (2) House: Get a roommate. This cuts my home carbon footprint almost in half.

      (3) Fly less. Airplanes use a lot of fuel.

      (4) Stop buying shit. Buy used, or buy quality that lasts, or just stop buying stuff.

      Some lifestyle changes might feel good or have other benefits, but make a negligible difference to your carbon footprint, for example plastic bag usage. 

          1. Far from it.  For openers, cattle belch and fart vast amounts of methane, a far more virulent greenhouse gas than CO2.  Vast amounts of land are devotd to meat production and feed grains.

            Deforestation to feed cattle is another cause. And don’t forget how much fossil fuel is burned growing all that corn to fed cattle.


  4. As The TrumpWorld Turns Part 49:

    Another veteran of Trump Tower reemerged in the news this week: Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met in the building in June 2016 with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner on the promise of delivering dirt on Hillary Clinton. But now Veselnitskaya has recanted her earlier insistence that she approached the Trump campaign as a private citizen and had no Russian government ties. “I am an informant,” she told NBC News, working with the Russian prosecutor general. An email trail indicates that Veselnitskaya was working in coordination with Kremlin interests. As Martin Longman writes in the Washington Monthly, “In accepting the [Trump Tower] meeting and its offer of stolen documents and then not disclosing any of it to our intelligence agencies, the Trump team was making themselves accessories to a crime and partners with a hostile intelligence service.”

    At the beginning of the week, Veselnitskaya told the Associated Press that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III had not yet contacted her. That’s probably no longer the case.

  5. Un-American NRA refusing to offer Mike Pence the same protection they demand in our schools. Instead they create this gun-free zone.

    The NRA said guns will be banned during a Pence speech. Parkland students see hypocrisy

    How can they leave the vice president, as well as their many members, without the protection of so many good guys with guns?

    My personal favorite response:

    So the government officials are telling you to disarm and trust their security. And your response is, ok! That whole fighting tyranny thing is going to be over quickly. 😂

    — DeeVee (@Deserrama) April 28, 2018

    1. Yup, the NRA knows their audience oh too well…  there just aren't enough good guys with guns when they need them the most — at NRA meetings.

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