You Sure About this Keynote Speaker, Colorado Republicans?

Thomas Krannawitter may or may not sell timeshares in Boca Raton.

Colorado Republicans will hold their big annual event, called the “Centennial Dinner,” on April 13th in Denver. The keynote speaker for the evening is Dr. Thomas Krannawitter, a professor of political science at Colorado Christian University and a “senior fellow” at a right-wing think tank called “The Claremont Institute.”

At first glance, Krannawitter might seem like an ideal speaker for the Colorado GOP’s biggest fundraising dinner of the year (nevermind that he’s not exactly a household name). But if Krannawitter decides to take questions after his speech, things could get a little messy. Check out this Tweet that Krannawitter barfed out on Election Day in 2016:

There is nary a brand on Planet Earth with less credibility and less identifiability and less trust than “Republican.” No entrepreneur and no marketing guru and no communications consultant looking for success wants to borrow the brand “Republican.” [Pols emphasis]

More, the split between Republican electoral Machiavellians and establishment Republican cronies and principled constitutionalist Republicans is highly likely to grow even more, which is the path to dissolution once a coalition can no longer be held together.


You may recall that Colorado Republican Party Chair Jeff Hays was a big ally of Donald Trump in 2016. Krannawitter, meanwhile, was less enthusiastic about the Donald:

This should work out very well.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    And holding their dinner on Friday the 13th! It doesn't get much more auspicious than that!

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Oh, my.  Republicans these days enjoy being told the truth more than anything . . . 

    . . . Jeezuz, I hope they’ve arranged for heavy security to be on hand?!?

    Then again, like every other Republican Krannawitter has likely forgotten (“evolved”) on everything he said and believed in 2016.  

    Goooooooooooooo Trump!!!

  3. BrownEyes says:

    Tom isn't a Republican, he's a Constitutionalist.  You should probably follow his Facebook page, as he spends more time calling out R's than he does D's.  He knows how to play a crowd, so he'll be just fine.

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