First we marched, next we’ll vote: why the March for Our Lives matters

I’m Karen McCormick, DVM, and I’m running for Congress in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District against Ken Buck.

This weekend I was amazed by the tens of thousands of Coloradans that came together in Denver for the March for our Lives.  People from across the state declared loud and clear that we will not tolerate our elected officials sitting idly by while our communities continue to be torn apart by gun violence.

If we’re going to pass legislation to prevent gun violence in our communities it’s going to take leaders who are willing to stand up to the NRA – but my opponent Ken Buck is deep in the pocket of the gun lobby. He has taken more than $830,000 from the NRA over the course of his career.

92% of Americans support expanded background checks according to a recent CNN poll – and even a Fox News poll found the same result. This isn’t a partisan issue. But we all know that Congress isn’t going to do anything about common sense gun safety as long as we’re represented by career politicians like Ken Buck who are bought and paid for by the NRA.

Colorado is deeply, painfully aware of impact of  gun violence on our families and our community. I never want to see another mass shooting in our country again, but we can’t prevent these acts of violence without legislative reform. In Congress, I’ll work across the aisle to pass common sense measures like expanded background checks to keep guns out of the hands of convicted criminals and keep our communities safe. .

If you’d like to know about me and how to get involved with my campaign for the Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, please visit my website, McCormick for Congress.

First we march. Now we vote.


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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    Hope to meet you at State Assembly next month!

    • mamajama55 says:

      I’ve met Karen McCormick – she’s the real deal. She’ll be a great representative for CD4.

      What do you think about Polsters meeting up for drinks or something at the state assembly? Non-delegates can observe, just not vote, IIRC.

  2. Gray in Mountains says:

    Lost a post…

    I was selected as a delegate at our assembly last evening. I'd enjoy a meetup after the last multi district assembly Friday evening

    • The realist says:

      Good idea. 

    • mamajama55 says:

      OK, let's try to make a meetup happen. Nearer to the 13, I'll put up a diary to remind people. Davie,  MADCO, you, me…..who else is a delegate or going?  Or can make it to a Pols meetup Friday eve even if they're notparticipating in the Dem convention?

      CD4 multi-district assembly is over at 5:45 , in Broomfield. But some districts don’t adjourn until 8:45 or so.

      • Davie says:

        I was only planning to attend Saturday's assembly, but if Friday works for most, I will try to make it as long as it's not too late in the evening.  I haven't seen the agenda for both days yet.

        • mamajama55 says:

          Closer to the 13th, you or I or someone can put up a meetup thread. I'd like to see people who are not attending the convention, too – cook? You and Karen down for a meetup?

          Michael B, if you can take a break from your fast-paced jet-set lifestyle, it would be great to see you, too.

          Hell, I’d even drink a toast or two with V.

          Most of the fun is being able to put a face to people whom you've only met in print – or people you haven't yet met.

          • notaskinnycook says:

            I just went and looked up which county got the Assembly this year. Broomfield? We can make that. Karen was under the weather so we didn't do the caucus this year. Specifically, where and when?

            • mamajama55 says:

              I'll be at 1st bank center in Broomfield for the CD4 assembly Friday night. Then again same place Saturday. So I can meet either day…. Saturday might be really busy. I don't know likely bars or venues in Broomfield.  I'm not a big drinker, but there's probably alcohol on the 1st bank site, since it's mainly a sports venue.

              Flatiron crossing mall is close by.  Here's a google map with nearby restaurants.

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