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“You cannot have the drama without comedy.”

–Tommy Wiseau

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    White Christians really are a minority. The USA won't run out of Christians anytime soon – just white Lutherans, Presbyterians, etc. Plenty of Latino Catholics and African -American congregations. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists,  Pagans, Unitarians, New Age religious mutts, all praying in our unique ways, agnostics and athiests, really are taking over the world.

    Some white evangelicals with political power  fear that white Christians will be, or already are being persecuted for their faith. They use this fear to try to hold on to "conservative values". That culture war masks a solid corporatist agenda, consolidating control in fewer and fewer hands.

    But the demographics are not on their side, and change is coming.

  2. davebarnes says:

    "Some white evangelicals with political power  fear that white Christians will be, or already are being persecuted for their faith."
    Send them to FEMA camps. That will straighten them out.

  3. ParkHill says:

    WOTD from Vox: "Inflation has cut Colorado teacher's pay by 17.4% in the past 15 years"

    Yaaay! West Virginia teacher's unions! Republicans despise unions because they hate hate hate it when workers have bargaining power. Well, that and socialist innovations like the 8 hour day, Social Security, child labor laws, minimum wage, and all the other benefits that unions brought us.

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Rising star in today's Democratic party.  Joe Kennedy, everyone.

    In his interview with Klein, the congressman cited some of the unintended consequences of decriminalizing and legalizing the drug. Recalling his days working as a state prosecutor when Massachusetts voted in 2008 to decriminalize marijuana, Kennedy said the decision affected the ability of police officers to search and seize other illegal items, such as guns, from vehicles.

    “If you smelled [marijuana] in a car, you could search a car,” Kennedy said. “When it became decriminalized, you couldn’t do that.”

    I mean, if you legalize weed, how will we violate the Fourth Amendment rights of mostly minority drivers?

  5. SamCat says:

    Proud to be a "New Age religious mutt"wink



  6. Zappatero says:

    Elizabeth Warren taking on those Republicans AND Democrats, including SFL Bennet, who are gutting Wall Street rules enacted BY DEMOCRATS after the ‘08 economic meltdown. 

    Rather than complaining to THE HILL newspaper, as those Wall Street Democrats have done, they should check with their constituents on this bill rather than the MBA’s who fill the ranks at Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

    Maybe Jason and Alan can ask our Esteemed Senator why he’s voting for those MBA’s and against his home staters. 

  7. Canines says:

    What if, what if, what if, what if I’ve got tired of being polite?

  8. Duke Cox says:

    We were wondering this morning who our Fuhrer would select as his envoy to North Korea, someone who would prepare his visit with that other autocrat.

    Since there are no longer any senior diplomats in the White House with signicant experience in Korean policy, we thought he would likely choose from his stable of acolytes and acquaintences.

    First we thought of Dennis Rodman, be cause of his experience, but finally settled on Stormy Daniels.

    That way he could get her out of the country for a while….☺

  9. Voyageur says:

    Don 't forget to set your Trumpstink detectors an hour ahead today.  Daylight Trumpstink is back.

  10. mamajama55 says:

    Lindecranz, the Mennonite researcher jailed for refusing to testify in a capital case, has relented and will now testify.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Some nights spent in the slammer often are valuable for clarifying one's perspective on things. 

    • I am truly lost on this case. Either Lindencrantz truly believes her research was sub-par (not likely), she's going to perjure herself, or she believes her testimony will show that the original defense attorneys were truly incompetent. And the current defense thinks her lack of testimony hurts their client, which means they think the available testimony shows a competent defense. Unless she thinks her research pointed to a bombshell defense that original counsel ignored, I just don't see it.

      • Voyageur says:

        Don't overthink it, PR.  This lady collected about $100 grand from the state for research (that's a guess.  Brauchler said $390,000 was paid to four researchers.)

        If she had continued to be in contempt, by refusing to at least confirm she did the work she was paid for, it's unlikely the state would have hired her for future cases.


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