Twitter Paranoia Grips GOP

Apparently the word went out over the weekend that “liberals” are attempting to “follow” Republicans on Twitter. This is being interpreted as a bad, nefarious thing, needing to be stopped, although “following” on Twitter is in most other circles considered desirable. In fact we’re not certain under what circumstances attracting Twitter followers is undesirable, but then again we’ve been following Republican “tweets” ourselves. We understand why some of them would prefer to not have just anybody seeing this stuff.

We’re told that the advice to begin ‘purging’ liberals from high-profile conservative Twitter accounts was supposed to have gone out quietly, with the goal being an under-the-radar purge.

Unfortunately, Sen. Dave Schultheis doesn’t do anything quietly. A short while ago:

Sen_Schultheis: Important! Many libs and progressives attempting 2 Follow conservatives. Scrub your “followers” I blocked three more today. #tcot #redco

Have you been blocked by a Republican politico recently? And who wants to tell Schultheis that his Tweets are still public? It’s a little counterproductive for a politician to take his ‘outreach’ Tweets private, but maybe in Schultheis’ case that’s just best for everybody.

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  1. lanman2k says:

    Either I’m not a liberal or Schultheis hasn’t figured out that I have been following him for months! Mwahahahaha!

    Seriously, most of his junk is just retweets from other people anyways. Very few original tweets or thoughts on his behalf.

  2. sufimarie says:

    and he hasn’t “scrubbed” his clean account from the filth that is he.

    Oh, if only I could reveal to you who my sockpuppet is. He is so awful. Schultheis even started following him of his own volition. I don’t know how Schaffer, Schultheis, Penry and McInnis followed me first– I think it’s because of my friendly/crazy back and forth with Zach Lahn.

    Fools. All of them.  

  3. Ralphie says:

    Or anywhere else, for that matter.

    It’s like listening to a bag lady.

  4. Nomadic Politico says:

    this is just sad.  Yeah I think the important part is that everything on twitter (or social networking sites) is still public, no matter who is “following” or “friends” with whoever.

    I just hope Megan McCain doesn’t block me 🙁

  5. dlof says:

    Now, not only am I “blocked” from following him, but he’s made his updates “private.”

    Uh, Dave, if only people who you know are following you, does that mean you ought to be using e-mail?  Maybe just send an email out to your supporters?

    Nice work, Pols.  We’ve now successfully stopped a fire hose of (asininity) hate from addressing the world.

    Maybe he will make his blog private, too.

    Seriously, though.  I think this illustrates just how “ready, fire, aim” the right wing is when it comes to using Web 2.0 tech stuff.

  6. DavidThi808 says:

    That means they assume a liberal reading what they have to say will fail to be convinced that a conservative approach is better. Interesting self-image of what they write.

  7. dean.barnett says:

    It’s possible I was the 1st person blocked by SS. Happened a couple of months back. What the poor techniliterate doesn’t seem to get is the usefulness of Twitter Search on Tweetdeck – or the concept of sock puppets, which in itself is weird considering his blind loyalty to RNC talking points.

    There is, I think, a question of legality to be answered. Schultheis’ Twitter account is under his Senator Schultheis persona, meaning, I believe, he falls squarely under the 1st amendment prohibition against prior restraint of citizen speech. I wonder his fellow El Paso County denizen, AG John Suthers, might be asked for an opinion about that?

    • sufimarie says:

      after I posted his break-up-like email demanding why he says a child should suffer and die from AIDS so that the people who watch it would understand the effects of promiscuity.

      He didn’t like @sufimarie after that.

      And your point about the legality of protected tweets of an elected official. That sounds like a good blog post for me!

  8. Meiner49er says:

    BJ Nikkel has been blocking ALL her tweets for months…only the “true believers” are allowed, and only with her permission!  How’s that for openness in government!

  9. twas brillig says:

    to revisit some of the greatest hits of dumbass tweets from Republican officials:


  10. Half Glass Full says:

    If he’s using state funds/time/equipment (computers) to send his silly little Tweets, then any citizen in the state should be entitled to see them.

    Unless some sort of exemption for legislators applies, all we should have to do is email the doofus a request to inspect his Tweets. See

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