The Fall of the GOP: Silence is Stupid

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I recently posted this tweet on Twitter: “Memo to 2014 Dem candidates: Ask your GOP opponent his/her opinion on rape and forced birth. Your win will be assured.” It was retweeted quite a few times. And I honestly think it is a great idea. Look what happened to Akin, Mourdock, and Roger “some girls rape so easy” Rivard.

There is a recurring theme among the GOP, from Ann Coulter to Jane Norton and, most recently, Mario Nicolais (in a Lynn Bartels article) that “nobody wants to talk about social issues. They’re not important. The economy is important.” This election proved them wrong. More than 7 million women voted than in 2008. This was due in a large part to Planned Parenthood’s “Women Are Watching” campaign, and organizations such as Emily’s List. And, especially, an incumbent President who supported both reproductive freedom and equal pay for women.  

The GOP’s harsh party platform and the unprecedented amount of anti-women legislation both proposed and passed in 2011 and 2012 was unacceptable to many, many people. The GOP simply refuses to admit that reproductive freedom IS a “pocketbook issue.” Deciding when, if, and how many children to have is an economic issue. To pretend otherwise is foolish beyond belief. And yet the GOP persists in trying to restrict abortion and contraceptive access.

For young women in particular, an unplanned pregnancy can derail, or even end, educational and career plans. Young women need to decide what is right for them. Some old dinosaur of a legislator has no right to force HIS decision upon her. The GOP just doesn’t GET that.

Married women, too, like to plan their families. The GOP has NO business interfering with the relationships between doctors and patients, or with employers and employees regarding contraceptive coverage. Who really cares about their employer’s “moral conscience”? Not I. And if it would interfere with my personal family planning decisions, I would be nothing short of outraged.

So the GOP “doesn’t like to talk about these things”? Maybe it’s time to examine why, and admit that these policies, created to pander to a small but noisy extremist fringe, have failed. The GOP needs to understand that the US is not, never will be, and was never intended to be a “Christian Nation.” There is much more diversity. The views of the Christian Right have no place in politics. Separation of Church and State, remember?

The GOP can hardly expect to continue sneakily trying to pass garbage, like Chris Holbert’s insane attempt to attach an anti-abortion measure to the bi-partisan budget, and not get soundly smacked for it. Women ARE watching, and we DID “Remember in November.” So did the men who love and respect us. And we will again, in 2014 and 2016, until the anti-choice dinosaurs are gone.

And good luck pandering to Latinos and LGBT people. I was utterly revolted by Frank McNulty’s shenanigans over civil unions last year, and am beyond thrilled that Mark Ferrandino is the new Speaker. He will be excellent 🙂 The Latino vote pushed Colorado blue 🙂 Why? The harsh GOP rhetoric. In closing, I leave you with this:…

Mike Coffman, it’s time to take your ball and go home.

As a Republican, I have voted for you before, thinking I was preserving fiscal conservatism. But I never will again. There were many reasons to dislike you before, such as your voter purges, anti-women and anti-gay voting record, and smarmy personality. But your behavior in Elbert County and since then surpasses all of them.

We are fortunate, in America, to have free speech as part of our Constitution. But your edifying use

of that right has come back to bite you, and rightfully so. Granted, you were busily pandering to teabaggers, and the man who recorded you apparently thought he was helping you.  

What I see now is a small-minded, bigoted birther. I don’t see a brave Marine. I don’t see transparency. I don’t even see you, since you have

been in hiding for the past week, only sneaking off to private fundraisers. I see someone robotically repeating an obviously lawyer-mandated response to Kyle Clark’s questions. I see a weak apology that is clearly a CYA move. I see someone who isn’t sorry about what he said, but sorry that he got caught.

I REALLY don’t see a man who is fit to return to Congress as a representative of the people of Colorado. Many people rolled their eyes at Arizona’s Bennett desperately seeking a reason to keep the President off the ballot, but it can be generally acknowledged that Arizona’s leadership is apparently not mentally stable.

Colorado, however, despite pockets of intolerance, has a highly educated populace. You have demonstrated no knowledge of your new constituents, and your glib insult to the President by regurgitating right-wing birther nonsense shows your lack of suitability for Congress.

Intelligent voters are tired of the CO GOP. We were revolted by Frank McNulty’s civil union bill  shenanigans, and Don Coram choosing to shill for votes rather than support his own son. We were disgusted by SM-003, Colorado’s very own version of the Blunt Amendment. We were repulsed by Chris Holbert’s attempt to attach an anti-abortion measure to the budget, and his subsequent childish refusal to sign it. We laughed at the very poor turnout for Ted Harvey’s little religious freedom gathering or whatever it was, on the day of the well-attended Planned Parenthood rally.

And now, you are the latest face of GOP intolerance and ignorance in Colorado. I’m sure that you, and everyone except Don Coram, are hoping that all will be forgotten by election time. I can assure you that it will not. We are embarrassed by Colorado Republicans, and it’s time for you to go.  

The Romneybots are coming! Run from the Young Guns Women!

Even though registered Republicans are a majority in Colorado (no thanks to Scott Gessler’s pathetic and clearly partisan attempt at voter suppression) it appears that Mitt Romney may be worried that Colorado Republicans, particularly women, may not be falling into a neat, ordered line behind him. Of course, it’s not entirely his fault. Much of the blame lies with the extremists within the GOP. Too bad Mitt is too weak to stand up to them. He couldn’t even defend his hiring of Ric Grenell. Faced with a terrorist threat, he’d probably wet his pants.

Although the Unite Against the War on Women march last Saturday received almost NO press coverage… it still happened and cannot be refuted. Women are ANGRY with the GOP. We are ANGRY about the laws targeting our reproductive freedom. And we VOTE.

In case Republican or Independent women–and the men who love them–have actually been watching President Obama’s ads, particularly the one that points out Romney’s horrible anti-women statements such as, “Planned Parenthood? We’ll get rid of that.” (Yes, that is working out really well for Texas, isn’t it? Way to go, denying healthcare to thousands of women, simply to pander to a bunch of noisy, whiny, misogynistic teabaggers), not only the Romneybots are coming to Colorado, but the truly terrifying Young Guns Women.

Mitt Romney was quoted as saying, “we need to get the independents and we need to get the women.” I don’t know what the Republicans are going to do about the independents but the Young Gun Network has ridden in to deal with the women challenge and is busy orchestrating a shoot-out between the misunderstood, beleaguered, and besieged conservative woman and the feminist harridan, who is clearly set on destroying the family, family values, and America.

“Woman Up,” you know like “man-up bro,” only it’s “woman up sistah,” is the Young Gun Network’s million-dollar, multimedia blitz to woo the women’s vote.


But I don’t think that Coloradans will be fooled by these master manipulators. Even though mainstream media is not covering the anti-women news as it should, the blogosphere, Twitter, and liberal media make up the slack.

it’s gotten to the point that they, Republicans, can’t introduce, sponsor, co-sponsor, or pass any kind of anti-choice and other ALEC flavored legislation without EVERYBODY KNOWING through a weekly, even daily, deluge of emails, phone calls, and petitions from very angry human beings.

(same source as above)

We are organized, and we have targeted the anti-women politicians in the Colorado legislature, particularly those with ALEC ties. We are spreading the word that a Romney presidency would be TERRIBLE for women’s health, and our daughters’ futures. No matter how much Mitt flip-flops, we will not forget his pandering to the extremist right. The extremists are a minority. Women are the majority. And we will remember in November.


Senate Memorial 003…Ugh.

I felt utter disgust when I heard that this piece of tripe had reared its ugly head.”Rights of Conscience”? You’re kidding, right? The Blunt Amendment failed–and now Colorado attempts to pass its own version? What rot.

I have several objections to this nonsensical bill. The first thing that came to mind is this quote from Jamie Raskin: “Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn’t place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible.”


Raskin is correct, yet Colorado’s Republican Senators seem determined to ignore that. Rather than listening to their constituents, even Republicans such as myself, woe is me, they are bending to the heavy pressure from religious organizations that nag their parishioners to pester the Senators. A firm-minded Senator would inform the nag that there is separation of Church and State, and that is what our Founding Fathers intended. Instead, they apparently crumble like stale cookies.

Another strong objection that I have is that, quite simply, I don’t care what “moral conscience” an employer has. My view of “conscience” is that I live my life so that when I die, I face my Maker and He will judge whether I am worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What I do on Earth is MY business, because God gave us free will.

An employer should not, under any circumstances, obstruct a woman’s access to health care and particularly to birth control. HER family, her finances, her choice. I have two planned and much-loved children, thanks to birth control. Not ten. And the pills were covered by my employer, first, and later, my husband’s. That is the way it should be, and always remain. Family planning should be left to women. We know what is best.

And I won’t even get into the obscene invasion of privacy that this bill would involve, other than to say it is a potential nightmare. A woman would need to EXPLAIN why she needs a prescription? To her EMPLOYER? NO. None of their business. That is between a woman and her doctor. Tough noogies about the employer’s “moral conscience.” You do NOT get to impose your conscience on someone who works for you. At the end of the day, employees go home. Basically, this is another sickening example of an attempt to control and humiliate women, and punish them for having sex that is not purely for procreation. End of story.