Union Thugs to Storm Douglas County???

There seems to be more and more grumbling over the high handed actions of the GOP/ALEC elected DougCo school board. Recently some Board members and the Superintendent were criticized for using their phones to text while on stage at several graduation ceremonies. In addition, at the last BOE meeting there were calls for the removal of former Tom Tancredo foot soldier Katherine Vitale from her Board appointed committee position. It seems Ms. Vitale posted the salary and leave information of the Union president on Facebook. This information could only have come from a source on the BOE or in Human Resources. The post was quickly taken down but I’m told screenshots exist. Ms.V indicated in a recent post that it is her job to confront those critical of the Board on Facebook and other sites. Having read her recent comments she follows the Tommy T book of charm and grace when posting.

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the BOE!

So, rather than let the opportunity to privatize a highly successful school district slip away, GOP chair Mark Baisley is playing the community organizer/union thugs card to rally the troops. See for yourself.

From: Margo Knutson

Sent: Wed, May 23, 2012 9:28 am

Subject: Standing up to Union Intimidation in Douglas County

Hi Coffee Patriots:

This is a call for action to support our Douglas County School board on Thursday. Please see our DCGOP Chairman Mark Baisley’s message below and participate if you can. Thanks. Margo


I have received word that professional union organizers have arranged for up to 1,000 demonstrators to descend on Douglas County this Thursday in order to intimidate educators during open negotiations. With the observation area holding only about 100 people, we can only surmise that the union is intending to create a media spectacle both inside and outside of the building as a show of force to educators and as a message to the residents of Douglas County that they are in charge.

I am asking that you join me at school district headquarters, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104 this Thursday afternoon, May 24, at 3:00PM to get a seat in the observation area or by 3:45PM outside the building. Our purpose will be to show the teachers and school district leadership that the residents of Douglas County support them as they negotiate a new contract. While those observing inside will be asked to remain silent, the educators will appreciate seeing supportive faces in the audience.

The residents of Douglas County provide an education system for the sake of our young citizens and the future of our economy. We value and appreciate the great educators who share in this noble goal. It is regrettable that outside interests are asserting themselves into our community.

See you Thursday. Thank you.

Mark Baisley


Douglas County Republicans”

State Board of Education

I came across this a few days ago. Now this is some scary s**t.

Announcement: “I [Pam Mazanec] am running for the State Board of Education for the 4th Congressional District! I will be a voice for parents and taxpayers who expect improved education outcomes, funding that follows the child, enhanced school choice and competition, fiscal responsibility and accountability. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and appreciate your support!””

The divine Ms. M is one of the DCSD Board of Ed’s enforcers. She spends much of each day  going from one Facebook site to another defending the Board with the usual Republican talking points. It is usually along the line that vouchers are good unions are bad – you get the idea. At times though she can get pretty nasty. I quote:

That’s just it, (name removed) what is there not to like about school choice? That Teachers Unions and left leaning groups don’t like it? That some wealthy men and right leaning groups do? Wasn’t the same true of charter schools? And aren’t parents begging for more? IMO, that’s pretty good evidence that choice is good.

I suspect the party faithful are scrubbing her posts at this moment.