Lamborn understands Veterans and their concerns

(Did Lamborn–who has zero years of military service–just lecture veterans on hard work and self-sacrifice?   – promoted by ProgressiveCowgirl)

Some folks, including Vets themselves, might think that what Vets care about are things like medical care and educational opportunities.  


What Vets really want is a strong economy, even if that means cutting taxes on the rich.  

How do I know?

I just got an email from Contressman Lamborn telling me so.  


Our Veterans Deserve a Strong Economy

by Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

The best way to honor and take care of our veterans is to ensure the country they come home to is vibrant, prospering, and ripe with opportunity. Our veterans represent what makes America great, they served their country with honor and distinction. These American patriots and their families model the service and sacrifice that have made and kept our country great. United States military veterans volunteered to serve at the front lines of freedom. They knowingly committed to place their lives at risk to advance the cause of freedom, protect the Constitution, and the rights granted by it.  No cause and no sacrifice can be greater.

Only a healthy, vibrant and opportunity-rich economic and employment landscape will truly support our military members when it is time for them to hang up their uniforms for the last time. We need a country that will encourage them and allow them to continue to serve, contribute and succeed. Like the World War II generation, these young men and women will serve as our country’s future leaders. They have the desire and heart and firm grasp of the core values that make America great. The lessons of leadership, hard work, and self-sacrifice so vital to the success of our armed forces are not lost once they complete their military service commitment. These vital character traits, also vital to the private sector, transcend military formations and transfer to their professional civilian endeavors. These same values will help our country recover and prosper again.

At a time when our nation faces unprecedented annual deficits and a crushing debt burden, it is clear we have tough spending and policy choices ahead of us. We need common sense reforms now. We need reforms that will grow our economy and encourage private sector business investment. We need a fairer, flatter, and simpler tax code. We need a government that will get out of the way of the people it is supposed to support and defend.  

Government doesn’t have the solutions for a growing, vibrant economy. More government is not the answer for America’s economic troubles. In fact, as we have witnessed these last few years, bigger government weighs on individual freedoms and ingenuity, increasing economic woes. We need the federal government to stop inhibiting American ingenuity and drive to once again illustrate the power and promise espoused by American exceptionalism.

Veterans understand that America must lead from a position of strength. They understand and appreciate the transformative power of education and the opportunities for prosperity that it creates. They know that success comes through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. They recognize that you need to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

We as Americans must overcome our differences to protect the position of American strength and leadership. Our veterans understand American exceptionalism because they themselves are exceptional Americans. We should take a lesson from our veterans to inspire the changes we need to put this county back on a path to prosperity. If we truly care about taking care of our veterans, the best we can all do for them is preserve traditional values and take care of the country for which they sacrificed so much.

Lamborn is a member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee and the House Armed Services Committee.

Glad he clarified that for me.  

Vets may have sacrificed, but we just can’t afford all those “entitlements” and veterans benefits.  

in support of Sequestration

Overall, it is the “free money” policies that are bankrupting the nation, especially giving pensions and health care to folks who didn’t save for these things.  

I get it: these giveaways are here to stay.

Something like 3/4 of the entire federal budget, even though they are not included in most accounts of the totality of the federal government’s economic activities.  

We are willing, in the aggregate, to go down with this ship.

But the part of the budget that we could axe tomorrow and not suffer any adverse consequences from is the pornographic transfer of wealth to the militarization of our society.  

This is why I love Sequestration.  

It might force Doug Lamborn to defend the employment of Mercenaries.  

It might force Prez Obama to explain why he enjoys killing brown people in distant lands (what appears to be the reason for our most recent and coming wars.)

In theory, it has a remote chance of actually reducing the amounts spent on unneeded aircraft, ships, nuclear weapons in space, campaigns to force democracy on people living on top of resources we covet, &tc.  

If someone wants to suggest poll questions, I can redo this diary.  

Denver Post endorses Lamborn in CD-5

“The only thing worse than having a Republican in office is having someone from a third party break the 2-party stranglehold on our government.”

that’s a paraphrase.    

CD-5 Polling due next week.

Dave Anderson, the Democrat running for Congress as an Independent in Colorado Springs,

has had Independent Voter Research, LLC, doing push polling for the last 4 weeks.  

Until now, the results were so abysmal that Dave couldn’t release them.  

My guess, even in push polling that depicts the race as 2-way, him and Lamborn, he was only getting about 20% support.  

Well, with ballots going out in a few days, Dave can’t wait for good results any longer.

In fact, he may now consider 20% as good news.  

I predict that Dave’s campaign will release something this coming week.  

Rather than raw numbers, the news may only report a trend in Dave’s favor.  

The Barron has received these calls about twice daily for over 3 weeks.  Even if targeted specifically to those most likely to support him, that has to cost at least $8,000 so far, if my guess of 1 cent a call is close.  

[poll id=”1495″]

Romney speech diary

first, it’s a better speech than I’ve heard him give before.  

Second, was it wise to have Eastwood fumble his lines right before ?  Was that supposed to make Mitt look good ?

But the thing that drew me back, like a moth to flames, was the comment on Obama’s handling of the Afghanistan War.

He said something like

“Obama should just pull them all out tomorrow, if he’s just going to cut and run at some point in the future.”

From that, can we finally divine a Romney policy on that War ?

If so, is it to cut our losses now, or to stay the course to victory ?

If the latter, what does “victory” mean ?  

[Diary embargoed until 27 June]


Dateline: Colorado Springs…


Christian Pastor, who is the candidate of an explicitly Christian Major Political Party, acts in a manner consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

Film at 11.  



Please do not open or read this Diary until after the Primary Election, which ends 26 June.

ColoradoPols, as reflected in the BIG LINE, denies the existence of the 3rd Major Political Party in Colorado.  

In the CD-5 race, they even list a ? write-in ? candidate, but not the ACP candidate.  

Perhaps Alva or one of the other dead Govs will check out the SOS website after the primary, and discover that voters in El Paso will have a choice besides “greater evil” and “the lesser of 2 evils,” up and down the ballot.    

the best government that money can buy.


81 House members, about a fifth of the chamber, are [on a luxury vacation] courtesy of a foundation set up by … a … lobby.



While stupid Cory Garner goes out on August Recess and faces his constituents and takes questions, and some disrespect, from them,

some of his colleagues avoid such unpleasantness, choosing to give over a week of their time to one lobbying organization.


just 160 more Friedman Units. Start the countdown.


Dave Petraeus came clean with USA Today:…

We will start pulling out troops from Afghanistan next month, just like President Obama promised.

The schedule calls for withdrawing about 1 Fire Team (3 to 5 men) per week.  That is roughly a Platoon every 2 months, 1 1/2 Companies per year.  10 years per Brigade.  

So, with 8 Brigade Task Forces in country, at that pace, the last MRAP should cross the border into China in mid-July, 2091.  



If conditions allow.


“Moment of Silence:” what to do.


In some government meetings, it is customary to open with a Moment of Silence in memory of soldiers killed, injured or simply in harm’s way.  

Respectful silence is OK.

Far better to speak up, though.  Shout that it is more respectful of the soldiers to stop sending them to their deaths for no good reason, than to remain silent and let them die so that the President saves face.


Colorado connection to nuclear holocaust next week:


it’s only the biggest political story ever, with a key Colorado connection, so of course the Denver Ghost won’t touch it.  

Herewith follows the CoPols scoop on the biggest (and last) political story, ever:



“US CIA gives WMD to al-Qaeda to conduct false-flag operations in order to get the US Congress to reinstate funding for the alternate engine for the JSF-35 next-gen fighter aircraft,”

or something like that.

Don’t believe me ?

Check out…

The Colorado Connection: 9NEWS determined that Davis lives in Highlands Ranch, when he’s not in North Waziristan, or the Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore.…


Lamborn to face public today

(A rare event indeed – promoted by redstateblues)

If you live in CD-05, you may not know who your US Congressman is.  It’s Republican Doug Lamborn.

You can be forgiven for not knowing.

As a rule, he does not allow the public to see him or ask him questions.  

Now in his third term, this is only the third time since he was elected in 2006 where he will attend an event that is open to the public, is announced in advance, and where he will take questions from the public.  

But, if you hurry, you can see him this morning:

The Woodland Park town hall meeting will be held tomorrow, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Woodland Park Council Chambers, on 220 West South Avenue, 80863.

The venue holds about 30, and he will have over 10 staffers there, so get there early.  The location is hard to find, so use MapQuest or something.




Actually, he goes out in public more often than that, but he does not announce those appearances in advance.  

Who or what is he afraid of ?  

This appearance was announced publicly at 5:52 PM last night, less than 17 hours before the event.  

I’m sure his supporters were given more notice than that.  

There is a second appearance, Saturday, in Colorado Springs, but it looks like he is crowding the dais with other GOP politicians to avoid answering questions:

The Colorado Springs town hall meeting will be held Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at the Classical Academy East Campus Auditorium, at Pikes Peak Community College, 12201 Cross Peak View, 80921.

Also attending the Colorado Springs town hall meeting will be a number of local Republican state lawmakers. Those include state House of Representatives Majority Leader Amy Stephens, of Monument, and Colorado Springs legislators Sen. Kent Lambert, Rep. Larry Liston, Rep. Bob Gardner, and Rep. Janak Joshi.

Shame on those state legislators for helping him hide from the public.


Democracy only works if voters hold officials accountable.  

Usually, the only accountability Mr. Lamborn faces is the election.  

This is a rare opportunity to tell him what you think of the job he is doing.  


Note to Polsters:

whether you support Lamborn or support accountable government,

if you attend this event, look me up – yes, I’ll be there – and I’ll buy you lunch.


T-Party uprisings spreading around the globe.


If you permit the T-Partiers to define themselves, then they might say that what unites them are concerns about:

*** the economy,

*** the expansion of government,

*** illegal immigration and

*** getting back to government according to the original Constitution.  

One poster here is convinced that we are motivated by racism and hatred of our President, and repeats that at every opportunity.  

Folks who self-identify with the movement tend to think that the thing that motivated them to “join,” if there was any one thing, was the bailouts of banksters by the Bush and Obama administrations.

According to Scott Rasmussen, Tea Partiers “… think federal spending, deficits and taxes are too high, and they think no one in Washington is listening to them, and that latter point is really, really important.”



So, what happened in Tunis this week ?  

Their T-Party, loosely based on the same concerns as the local T-Party here in Colorado Springs, took to the streets, and their President for life skipped the country (leaving his wives behind.)

Before that, T-Partys in Greece, France, the students’ revolt in England and the protest movement in Europe sprung from the same or similar seeds.  The connection is that the seeds of the Tunisian uprising have been in issues related to unemployment, marginalization, corruption, etc., issues that have been exacerbated by the international Great Depression.

Thus the causes of the Tunisians are in tune with the causes of the rest of us, including in Europe and the rest of the world.

In the current international situation, the stage is set for more revolts like the ones we have seen.

largely cribbed from a comment by Nadim at…



Obama legally skirts GITMO limits.


Tho the Prez signed into law the Defense Appropriation Bill that put sharp limits on bringing Guantanamo Detainees to US soil for trial,

He had a way to skirt those restrictions in his back pocket.

Parsing the actual legislation carefully, the Republicans only restricted the use of monies appropriated by the Congress to move them.  

If I can come up with $16,455,018 in the next coupla weeks, I can pay to move and house them myself.  



Click HERE to donate.


the OTHER big legislation – Appropriations.


so, I was skimming through the First Continuing Resolution, H. R. 3801, and in addition to $7 Billion for US nuclear weapons, and $2.8 billion for Israeli weapons, I see this gem:

“SEC. 134. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act,

for payment in equal shares to the children and grandchildren

of Robert C. Byrd, $193,400 is appropriated.”  

So, his paycheck wasn’t enough ?  The unseen financial benefits of all the pork he dealt wasn’t enough ?  



careful what comments you leave.  

This diary will likely be largely revised as I keep looking for the text of the proposed third CR, currently under consideration.  

I’m checking to see if it addresses the indefinite detention of Guantanamo Detainees, as the now-dead Omnibus Appropriations Bill did.


Colo Progressives can get Obama back into the fold.


The once progressive chief executive is battered on all sides, the ship of state adrift, with no safe harbor in sight.  

He could sure use a friend right about now.  

And the progressives right here in River City could provide him with just the tonic he needs,

if they can find the time.  

All it would take would be about 1,800 Colorado activists, each giving about 60 hours of time, on average, each spending less than $200 of their own money, a small team to manage the campaign, plus about $450,000 from an “angel investor” for media coverage.

President Obama needs a victory right about now.  

He needs to win a battle to deliver on one of his signature issues.  I don’t think it really matters which one.  

You Colorado Progressives have the power to deliver that for him.  



Peons like us don’t have much power in our political system anymore, but we can still march, carry signs, sign petitions and wear T-shirts (unless Obama outlawed some of those in his expanded Patriot Act, and I just haven’t heard about it yet.)

It just so happens that this opportunity to help Obama is also in support of a burning issue with conservatives, who are fighting the fearmongering GOP on this.  Thus my helpful suggestion.

You committed Progressives can rally the state, and especially Fremont County, to support the transfer of the Bogey Monsters at Guantanamo to the Florence SuperMax.  

Frame it as a jobs issue, not as a way to get back closer to the Rule of Law, which is the angle conservatives have over-fixated on.  “Rule of Law” and “constitutionality” don’t play very well with low-info voters.  

No need to thank me.