Former state GOP leader wants to “fire up” Trump voters

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Former Colorado Republican chair Steve House wants conservatives to “really fire up our base and all the people who voted for Donald Trump.”

How to do this? House explained on Facebook that he wants Republicans to press on with conservative legislation, like a repeal of Obamacare.

“Imagine how fund raising would increase if we were all ecstatic about the results we were getting,” wrote House on Facebook. “Do they somehow think that blaming Trump and the issues in the White House will get people to vote for them?”

In his Facebook post, House was reacting to a CNN piece pointing to voter discontent with Trump and the possibility that Republicans will react by backing off the president’s right-wing agenda.

“As a business person if I wanted to get my agenda implemented and the company on a pathway to success I wouldn’t sit around thinking about how to keep my job,” House wrote on Facebook. “I would actually implement the solution that would make the company successful. Career politicians continue to be the issue, in my opinion.”

Last year, House decided not to seek a second term as state GOP chair, and Colorado Republicans elected Jeff Hays to the position. Hays has also backed the Trump agenda, most recently defending the President’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Steve House wants to "fire up" Trump voters? To do what?

    March with Tiki torches chanting Nazi chants?

    Make sweetheart deals with Russians to run our national security apparatus?

    Fail for a fifty-seventh time to come up with a workable plan to replace the ACA?

    Ignore the  historic unpopularity of all of their health care plans?

    Deny science and escalate catastrophic climate change?

    Try again to lock up people based on their national origin or religion?

    Deport productive young people based on their parent's misdemeanors?

    On what planet does Steve House spend most of his time?


  2. JohnInDenver says:

    House seems to be concerned for fundraising. Given that he left party central, that is an odd thought.

    And I am with Mama — with a bit of a twist. I cannot tell if he is concerned with the success of the country or his party. Career politicians may indeed be a problem. But given the "success" of some of the amateurs, the distinction between the level of experience does NOT appear to be the key factor in reaching "success."

  3. buford2 says:

    this guy House, is a puppet of ALEC…and the Koch Traitors…I live in and around trumpers, and they are bigots, and racists….ALEC has proven time and again they are the DOMESTIC enemies of our State, and of our Nation…until we rid our State House of all republicans, we will always have some kind of republican moron like House, spewing all the lies of republican party….

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Didn't Cynthia Coffman, Tanc Tancredo and that third clown whose name escapes me rid the Colorado GOP of House? As Mamajama puts it, the Outhouse scandal.

      • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

        Becky Mizel was the Third Clown. Offstage: Marilyn Marks promoted the OutHouse scheme as a way to protect her position on the Colorado GOP election oversight committee, (House wanted her gone),  and her hobby of tormenting County Election Clerks.

        Also offstage in this little melodrama: Ted Harvey, who wanted House's job, and Julie Naye, who played the wildly inconsistent ingenue/harlot/victim/love interest in the piece.

        Hey BlueCat – if Pols runs another OutHouse piece (Where Are They Now?) , will you come back? Pleeeease?

  4. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    Sounds like Steve's going like a House afire. Would that he were…

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