“Waffler Brauchler” Can’t Take The Heat

George Brauchler.

The Colorado Independent reports on the fallout from the passage this year of Senate Bill 17-267, the hard-fought compromise to save rural hospitals and give the state budget a small bit of breathing room through the reclassification of the state’s Hospital Provider Fee program to exempt it from revenue limits imposed by the 1992 Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). Though the deal is done, among Republicans the finger-pointing continues:

In the days after the end of the latest legislative session, a narrative that emerged was one of bipartisanship and compromise.

But “compromise” can sometimes be a dirty word, especially when it comes to party primaries, plenty of which could take place in 2018. Some potential challenges follow a high-stakes deal lawmakers passed to reclassify the state’s hospital provider fee so it is exempt from the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, commonly known as TABOR…

Now, with the session over, election season soon begins. And one looming question will be whether TABOR hardliners will try to make those Republicans who voted for the plan pay for what they did.

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers, for one, has thrown down the gauntlet.

“As Rush Limbaugh said after Obamacare repeal passed, ‘there’s no reason to vote for Republicans,’ and that applies to the Colorado Republican Party as well,” CUT’s president, Greg Golyansky told The Colorado Independent.

We noted last week the Independence Institute’s Jon Caldara’s bitter denunciation of Republicans who supported the Hospital Provider Fee fix, calling out GOP leadership by name and claiming the deal is the “largest ‘grand betrayal’ from Republicans I have ever witnessed in my more than 25 years in Colorado politics.” Much like the aftermath of 2005’s bipartisan Referendum C campaign to give the state a “time out” from TABOR limits, Caldara finds himself not just on the losing side, but at odds with elected GOP leadership in Colorado.

With that said, Caldara’s rage does appear to have tripped up at least one Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate, in a way eerily similar to how Referendum C caused terminal problems for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez in 2005-06:

One of the Republican candidates who said he would sign the law was Arapahoe County-area District Attorney George Brauchler. He would do it, he said that day, but grudgingly.

“I think the alternative is too devastating for the rural community and I think we’re sort of in a place now where we’ve got to take this the way it’s at,” he said. “My regret is that because of a lack of leadership and political pressure from an office that could have exerted both we’re at a place where we’re going to have to accept not the best outcome here. But I think we have to do it for rural Colorado and for that I support it.”

Post-Caldara freakout, George Brauchler has pulled a full-on “Both Ways Bob.”

UPDATE: Since this story was posted, 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler, who is running for governor as a Republican, said after thinking about it more he would not have signed the law. He said he believes it is unconstitutional. He said he would find the money to save rural hospitals elsewhere in the budget. He said he was a reluctant supporter at best on the day the compromise passed. “Certainly I’ve changed my position on signing it, but the distance between those positions isn’t that dramatic,” he said. [Pols emphasis]

Wait a minute–the “distance” between taking action to prevent something “devastating for the rural community” and not taking that action…”isn’t that dramatic?” For the communities that could have seen their hospitals close, it would be pretty damned dramatic. Given what other Republicans have said about the urgency of the problem, like Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, Brauchler’s dismissal of his own flip-flop on the Hospital Provider Fee fix is nonsensical in the extreme.

And he’s given his primary opponents the perfect wedge — one that GOP primary voters have smelled before.

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  1. ModeratusModeratus says:

    Principled politicians listen to stakeholders and are willing to admit when they're wrong. Thanks DA Brauchler for your honesty. It's more than we can expect from liberal smear campaigns.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Unprincipled politicians take their stand, and then completely reverse course riding on the back of a Caldara mewl.


      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        I'm sure that State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling) will be ecstatic when he learns that some fool on Colorado Pols referred to him as a "liberal" (liberal smear campaign). 

    • unnamed says:

      Did they teach you that at the Both Ways Bob school of flip-flopping?

      Wgere are my AACA and Russia articles Moldy?

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Where in the statement does Brauchler say anything about listening to someone, Moderatus?  In this case, it sounds like he's channeling his inner Trump, listening first to his own inner voices. Perhaps if we press him, he'll even tell us he is his own adviser, because he is so smart.

  2. PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

    How about Which Way Do I Go George?

  3. Roger Edwards, Candidate CO 6th DistrictPowerful Pear says:

    Wow, such a hard hitting diary. Crickets on Manchester bombing.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Can't find your crayon, Parsimonius?

    • OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

      You know, deflection is usually a sign that the other side of the argument has a point that you're unwilling to admit. 

    • ModeratusModeratus says:

      They can't write about Manchester because they have to admit they are wrong about Islamic terror. It messes up their whole ideology.

      • unnamed says:

        And Moldy.  What do you have to say about Trump leaking the terrorist's name to the press and potentially derailing their intelligence gathering efforts?   Oh look!!!  Now I got 3 things I can bug you about.   Come on.  Prove that you are thoughtful and intelligent.  Prove that you are not a traitor to our country and answer the questions.

      • JohnInDenver says:

        It is a long way from covering George Brauchler to terrorism in Manchester. But apparently, the attack did concentrate the conservative's attention – just as the terrorists hope.

        see: this article in The Atlantic especially the graphic comparison between the reality of the number of deaths versus the amount of coverage in even the liberal/MSM's New York Times.

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          Six degrees of separation –  George Brauchler

          Here's the connection. If the attacker had survived, the Crown Prosecution Service was going to request that Brauchler travel to Manchester and be admitted to the British court pro hac vice so he prosecute the perpetrator and tweet during trial.

  4. RepealAndReplace says:

    Boy George should sit down with Both Ways Bob and Whory Gardner to get some tips on how to flip flop with grace and poise.

    With microphone in hand, maybe he’s warming up to do a rendition of Karma Chameleon.

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