Coffman Surrogates Go Overboard Attacking New Opponent

Jason Crow.

As the Colorado Statesman’s Ernest Luning reports, the announcement yesterday that combat veteran and attorney Jason Crow will challenge longtime incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman in CD-6 next year set Coffman’s phalanx of defenders and surrogates into a full-scale round of nasty that didn’t come across well at all:

A bipartisan organization that encourages veterans to run for office demanded an apology Tuesday for comments made by a national Republican campaign group about combat veteran Jason Crow’s announcement that he’s challenging U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, also a combat veteran, in next year’s election.

While no one apologized, the swiftly escalating war of words — centered around charges that Coffman’s allies had “demean[ed] the service of another veteran” — could offer a preview of the sparring ahead in the battleground 6th Congressional District, which Coffman, an Aurora Republican, has represented since 2009…

A campaign spokesman for Coffman, Tyler Sandberg, greeted the news by welcoming Crow to the race after getting in a dig at House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, a favorite Coffman target. “The nation owes a debt of gratitude to those like Mike Coffman and Jason Crow who answer the call of duty,” Sandberg continued before leveling criticism at some high-profile policy positions Crow has taken in recent years.

Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, however, skipped right to the attack, dismissing Crow’s announcement as “hot air” and calling him “another talking head serving nothing but empty platitudes.” Pandol also extolled “veteran Mike Coffman” as “one of the hardest-working independent members of Congress,” without mentioning that his challenger was also a vet.

The swiftness and ferocity of the attacks on Jason Crow betray real concern among Republicans that he could be a formidable challenger to Coffman in 2018. Crow is a decorated combat veteran who received the Bronze Star for his service–a record that eclipses Coffman’s, though we doubt Crow will make that point himself. Either way, Coffman’s heavy reliance on his military service as a campaign point is obviously blunted running against Crow, and that’s a bigger problem for Coffman than others because he doesn’t have much else to talk about. Coffman spends as much time triangulating against the Republican agenda as he does supporting it, and he fills the gaps in that political image with a generous serving of militaria.

But in their zeal to ward off this new threat to Coffman, Republican surrogates are going waaay too far:

Kelly Maher, executive director of the conservative political group Compass Colorado, maintained in a release Tuesday afternoon that Crow was merely one of several cookie-cutter candidate national Democrats had recruited based on focus-group testing.

“As a combat veteran and Denver attorney, Crow fits the exact mold political insiders in the Democratic establishment have identified as their new ideal candidate,” Maher said, contending that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — the NRCC’s counterpart across the aisle — had “scoured the country” looking for as many candidates who fit the profile as possible to challenge vulnerable Republicans…

“While we appreciate Mr. Crow’s service, it’s unfortunate for the Washington liberal elite that the ‘perfect candidates’ doesn’t just roll off a focus-grouped assembly line like little robots,” Maher said.

Folks, this is just over-the-top venomous nonsense. Sure, both sides like to field combat veterans as political candidates–like Mike Coffman himself! And sure, running political newcomers is an approach that has been validated by, among many others, the new Republican President of the United States.

But seriously–an “assembly line” churning out “little robot” combat veterans? Who the hell talks this way?

Frightened people, that’s who. And also rather tone deaf.

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  1. ModeratusModeratus says:

    Crow just got back from Nancy Pelosi's cookie cutter candidate factory. Kelly Maher is right and Colorado Pols is upset that no one is buying the cheap tricks.

    Jon Keyser earned a Bronze Star too. Did Colorado Pols show him any respect???

    • Mike W. says:

      You sure do love Nancy there don'tchya? Is it a schoolboy crush, or should we get SFPD involved? 

    • unnamed says:

      I think Moldy has a creepy, obsessive crush on Jon Keyser.  Keyser is the perfect man who can do no wrong.  Moldy, if Jason Crow gets busyed for election fraud like your buddy Jon Keyser, then you can talk. Hasn't happened yet so have a nice cup of shut the fuck up.

      • marklane1351 says:

        As soon as Jason Crow  response to allegations of signature fraud with the statement the important thing is I'm on the ballot, and threatens to sickest dog on the reporter I will be the first to Mark in till then he serve this country and earned a bronze star. Where is the factory where they make the bronze stars?

    • marklane1351 says:

      The important thing is Jon Keyser was on the ballot.  Also Keyser    Threatened to suck his dog on a reporter

    • marklane1351 says:

      As soon as Crow response two charges of election fraud with statement The important thing is I'm on the ballot, and threatens A reporter with his dog I was showing the same disrespect I do you Keyseruntil then props for his Service

  2. Roger Edwards, Candidate CO 6th DistrictPowerful Pear says:

    Had to chuckle over this quote about Coffman.  “one of the hardest-working independent members of Congress,”. I thought the idea was to represent the constituents. If only Coffman would be independent of Paul Ryan, then that would be a positive attribute.

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