Gov. Hickenlooper Condemns Trump Muslim Ban

Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Here’s a statement today from Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado, denouncing President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from several Muslim-majority nations in the strongest possible terms:

“The vast majority of refugees admitted to the United States are families, mainly comprised of women and children, and all refugees are admitted only after they make it through the world’s toughest vetting program. Many of the refugees helped US forces, often in violent and chaotic circumstances, risking their lives in the process.

We can and should continue to work with the federal government and Homeland Security to ensure that the verification system used to screen refugees is as stringent as possible. But we can do that while we honor our values as Americans. Religious tests and blanket bans diminish those values and injure our international reputation. The executive order serves as a powerful recruiting tool for our enemies and needlessly antagonizes our allies around the world. We believe that Americans will be less safe, at home and abroad, if the executive order is fully implemented. [Pols emphasis] We urge the President to rescind the executive order.”

Here’s some additional information we were forwarded that gives some scope of both the number affected in or in transit to Colorado, as well as the number of refugees who have already been resettled here in recent months:

Since October 1, 2016, Colorado has resettled 736 refugees, of whom 88 were Syrian. With the executive order in effect, estimated arrivals to Colorado for the fiscal year will total 1,042, or half the number expected before the order was signed.

Of those who had been set to come to Colorado between now and the end of the fiscal year, 83 would have been Syrians. Until the executive order, Colorado had expected 2,195 refugees in FY17. With the order, that decreases to an estimated 1,042. Colorado had expected 55 refugees in the next few days, including families from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

As you can see, Colorado welcomes refugees. Colorado has historically welcomed them, welcomes them today, and would continue to do so if Trump were to rescind his executive order. All we can hope is that Hickenlooper’s statement is heard over the din–and America’s enemies and allies alike understand that what’s happening is not Colorado’s choice.

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  1. Roger Edwards, Candidate CO 6th DistrictPowerful Pear says:

    Pols, hard working union people don't care about your mis characterization of a Muslim ban they have seen enough people shouting "death to America" for the last 16 years and thy believe it. Hard working union workers greatly oppose illegal aliens diving down wages and putting in danger their livelihood. Union families care more about their families then a bunch of people marching around in pink pussy hats. People who make this country work don't give a damn about what color you are or what bathroom you use. But that is all you are concerned with! And you wonder why Democrats loose elections. Democrats lost support in most demographics. The trend will continue because you think what you are doing is working. You need more advice from David Brock and less from Bill Mayer.

    You censor my post, when I have never seen you do the same for your slavish fans. If you are going to engage in censorship of my post I would expect you to have integrity enough to see equal treatment of the rest of your gang.

    How much funding do you and ProgerssNow get from the Open Society? 

    I hope I don't sound mad, after all I love the characters large and small that post on this site. By the way I missed last weeks commission check, can you have payroll look into it please.

    • unnamed says:

      You're a true working class hero, Peter.   Holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of a small percentage.   Is that the Union way?

      • Roger Edwards, Candidate CO 6th DistrictPowerful Pear says:

        The sane conclusion based on evidence.

      • Negev says:


        blanket bans diminish those values

        Holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of a small percentage.


        Man, I have heard these arguments somewhere before, and could not agree with you more. 

        • Curmudgeon says:

          Guns are not people, you silly twit.

          • Negev says:

            Ok topshot, let's take a look:

            Freedom is not a person

            Liberty has no gender

            Books are not people

            and we have already agreed, abortion is not murder, because a unborn fetus is not a person. Are you therefore suggesting you are in favor of blanket bans on abortion?

            Lets ban burkas. They are not people. Fuck it lets ban the Quaran – and the bible. Man, based on your theory we could ban justice, equality and religion and really we would not even have this problem. 

            Please tell me one constitutional right that is a person. 

            Curmie you are a hypocrite and you mask your inability to comprehend it by personal attacks and name calling. Don't feel bad you are among many, both Democrat and Republican (seriously, R's are pro gun but anti abortion AND anti birth control?! I reserve the same judgement for them). You cherry pick your rights like a migrant crackhead, and use the same arguments you shun from your opponents when it suits your narrative. Seriously, if you want to continue to produce an illusion that some rights are more valuable than others, you gotta come up with some original shit. 

            • unnamed says:

              I think My Right to live supercedes your sense of entitlement to buy a gun without having to go through a background check. 

            • Curmudgeon says:

              The funny thing is, I never said to ban guns, but you're still shrieking about it.

              A ban on religion or race is a ban on an aspect of someone's humanity.  

              Your gun is not a part of your body, despite how badly you want it to be (and as much as that would soothe a number of your psychological issues), and is not part of your religion.  It's an inanimate object with no other connection to you as a person other than ownership (aside from fueling your fantasies of being something more than a maladjusted twerp who spends his nights poking holes in targets with a ball point pen to display around a room that no one will visit).       

              Your gun may be your (prosthetic) manhood, but it's certainly not your humanity.   



              • Negev says:

                Security is an aspect of  an individual's humanity which is protected equally under the law by the same document as religion and race. While I would agree my gun is an inanimate object, one could easily argue the Quaran/Bible is too with no other connection other than ownership. 

                Your ad hominem attacks again reinforce my opinion that you are acutely aware of this and recognize your hypocrisy. But in good humor please note that my prosthetic manhood and your individual humanity see equal protection under the law.

                Ewe, gross. smiley 



                • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

                  Hey, if I win the raffle to benefit my local theater,  I get a Glock. (I do live in Morgan County).

                  If I win the Glock, and grow fond of shredding paper targets with it, how does this reflect on my manhood? Oh wait, I don't have one of those, prosthetic or otherwise.

                  I'm just pedantically pointing out that the English language hasn't caught up with concepts of Woman as Mighty Hunter, Defender of the Home, and General BadAss.

                  Yet somehow, I suspect that my innate human rights and dignity wouldn't be terribly affected by having to change out the Glock's magazine after 20 rounds or whatever it is now. And I wouldn't feel bad about having to put a smart lock on it in case I ever have kiddos around. Nor would I rise up in righteous indignation about not being able to strut around armed at my school workplace. I'm fine with leaving that to professionals.  I would not feel repressed. I wonder why Negev does.


                  • Negev says:

                    Well mama we all know you're a badass and I say that in all honesty, but Curmie might suggest you suffer from penis envy. How many rounds or whatever lock you want to put on it is really up to you, and I would admit the perceived visual of a badass teacher strutting around with a glock on your belt may warrant restriction (thats a joke)…

                    But to put it into context, how would you feel if the government only allowed your local theatre 15 pages of dialogue?

                    The fact that your local theatre is giving away a glock to benefit the thespian society clearly suggests a correlation….  

                    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

                      The difference is that the number of pages of dialogue in a play is not correlated to number of deaths in mass shootings… and, no, I don't want to have that argument again with you.

                      With respect, Curm is quite capable of speaking for himself. When I crave bad mind reading, I'll try to provoke Voyageur.

                      ps. Thanks for saying I'm a badass. That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me today. wink

                • Curmudgeon says:

                  You're gonna have to find someone else to help you practice your blatant misogyny, Negev.  I like women, regardless of whether they're armed.  

                  Gun ownership is still legal, but ownership of in item is transferable, thus, not an immutable aspect of someone's humanity.  Your argument would hold water if someone could turn you away from the airport just because you owned several weapons, not because you were trying to carry them with you; or if someone could simply not be a Christian or Muslim by locking up their Holy Books.  

                  Objects are not tied to a person's humanity.  A Christian doesn't have to own 25 Bibles and 75,000 little gold crosses to be a Christian, and they carry their faith with them regardless of objects.  Because their faith is an aspect of their humanity.  

                  If left your weapons at home, and were to venture out into the big bad scawwy world unarmed (an thus, vulnerable to an attack from the Muslim Feminist Gay Abortion Hit Squad),  you would still be a gun owner, and a human being.     If you sold off your guns, you would no longer be a gun owner. 

              • VoyageurVoyageur says:

                Oh, Negev's gun is definitely part of his religion.  He worships guns.

        • unnamed says:

          Negev paraphrasing Mitt Romney:  Guns are people my friend.

          Now I know why some 2nd Amendment enthusiasts love their Guns so much.

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Listen carefully, little Pear. Hard working union people are not a monolithic bunch. They went for Dems 60-40 in the presidential election, but are willing to back Trump on opposition to NAFTA and TPP.

      They work with Muslims, Jews, Catholics, etc, etc, and tend to be pretty tolerant folks. (I speak as a former CWA and current CEA member).

      Union people want the immigration system fixed, because yes, cheap illegal labor takes the bottom out of union wages; but most cheap illegal laborers don't have the high level skills that are needed anyway.  And union people are not in favor of seeing people rounded up and/or deported just because they come from one of DJT's seven Muslim countries. Union members by definition are interested in fairness, justice, and advocacy; it's why they belong to a union – they want those values applied to their own working lives.

      Hard working union people also want a health care system that is portable, and  does not force them to stay with a bad employer just to get their spouse's disease taken care of.

      So I know your talking point du jour emphasizes that Joe Lunchbox wants to get rid of teh Muslimz, but that is not at all how things shake out in real life.


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