Budget Hearings on Illegal Immigration Today

The special legislative session officially starts tomorrow, but today hearings are being held to determine the costs of illegal immigration in Colorado. There’s a lot at stake politically, because if it turns out that Colorado is not spending a huge amount of money on illegal immigrants, Republicans are going have to explain why they hadn’t done their due diligence on the issue before demanding a special session to address it.

Here’s the schedule for today:

Questions for Department Executive Directors Regarding Illegal Immigration

1. What services are being provided by your department for illegal immigrants?
2. What is the cost on an annual basis to provide those services for illegal immigrants?
Please break this amount down by fund source (i.e., General Fund, cash funds, cash funds
exempt, federal funds).
3. How many FTE are being utilized by your department in providing services for illegal
4. What would be the cost and FTE impact to screen clients to determine their citizenship
prior to providing services?

10:15-10:45 Department of Higher Education/Colorado Commission on Higher Education
10:45-11:15 Department of Human Services
11:15-11:45 Judicial Department
11:45-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:00 Department of Labor and Employment
2:00-2:30 Department of Public Health and Environment
2:30-3:00 Department of Revenue
3:00-3:30 Department of State
3:30-4:00 Department of Corrections
4:00-4:30 Department of Health Care Policy Financing

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  1. Prediction: The responses will invariably be weasely mumbo-jumbo, along the lines of “Gee, we just don’t have the information to answer your requests. If you could just give us till August or, better yet, mid-November, I’m sure we’ll be able to give you great information.”

  2. One Queer Dude says:

    To which Bernie Buscher should reply, “You don’t have the information already.  what have you been doing for the past seven years?  Don’t you appreciate the crisis we face? According to Defend Colorado Now, we have an emergency, we’re going to hell in a hand basket, the barbarians are at the gate, western civilization is at stake, and you are not prepared to supply us with the information which we need!”  Followed by a hissing sound.
      Too much for a sound-bite?

  3. T-Rexed says:

    Oh man, Ewegen was right.  Governor Owens played right into the hands of Romanoff and Fitz-Gerald.  I think the R’s have a lot to lose here.

  4. HearingListener says:

    QueerDude: not too much for a sound bite, but it’s not Bernie’s personality to be nasty to people.  He’ll just ask the questions and let them fumble with the answers.

  5. From what little reporting I’ve seen, it sounds like the fumbling has commenced.  Owens is probably wishing he’d never called this session.  Either that, or he’s secretly on the side of the Democrats.

  6. T-Rexed says:


    I was able to catch a little of the JBC Hearing this afternoon and I didn’t hear much from either side. I didnt hear any witnesses answer with real numbers at to how much illegal immigrants take from the state budget.  What happened? And why dont these any of these departments have real numbers on this issue?  It seems that if it were such a drain, then there would be a substantial spike in the budget somewhere.

  7. Car31 says:

    TRex – I think you hit the nail on the head.

  8. HearingListener says:

    T-Rexed–you’re exactly right.  This was enough of an emergency to call a special session, but nobody has numbers.  Political?  Not a real emergency?  Gee, ya think?

  9. MrHandy2001 says:

    Now here’s an example of “Taxpayer Waste” if I ever heard one.  The only people who benefit from this circus is the legislators looking for additional income.

    The problem is neither party has a clue.  Due Dilligence? Most legislators think that Due Dilligence was the name of a NASCAR driver from the 1960’s. Just like they think that Sal Manila was the name of a minor league baseball Hall of Famer.

    Proves my point:  There are some politicians who when they think, they weaken the nation.

  10. nobody says:

    I can just see Social Services saying “Well, we estimate we spent 15% of our budget on illegal immigrants. We don’t know how many really because of fake identification or services provided without any id required.”

    Wouldn’t a fiscally conservative legislator say “Well until you figure it out we see an excess of 15% in your budget.”

    Just like election departments are hesitant to see any legislation enacted that affects identification requirements. As one Clerk said “we have no clue what those papers look like.” We let people show a utility bill to vote.

  11. paco says:

    It’s clear that this silly game by Mr Owens will not accomplish anything. Another republican posturing to win election, as if it’s anything new.

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