One Of The Weirdest Campaign Videos Ever Made

Michael Schlierf.

Michael Schlierf.

​Here's a fact we've learned in our nearly ten years of blogging politics: the annals of Youtube-era failed campaigns are filled with bad candidate videos. One of our favorite producers was 2010 Tennessee GOP gubernatorial candidate Basil Marceaux, whose wacky, drawling speechifications went viral out of sheer laughability–of which dear Basil may or may not have ever been aware.

Here in Colorado this election year, a campaign video has recently surfaced that might give Basil a run for his money. Michael Schlierf, the Republican Colorado House candidate in HD-18 running against incumbent Democrat Pete Lee, released this message yesterday. We don't mind telling you we're a bit fascinated by it, in that can't-take-your-eyes-off-the-car-crash sort of way:

Here are some frames from the video that help capture the beguiling je ne sais quoi of our narrator:


​The woman speaking is never identified. We set out originally hoping to transcribe her remarks, but about midway through we realized it's just too damn loopy–you've got to watch the whole thing to see how strange it it is. We would call it standard Tea Party boilerplate, but it's more than that: the Tea Party on quaaludes? At one point the woman says that public schools are nothing more than "social service delivery programs," but that's not our favorite line. Maybe the best in a message chock full of zoned-out punchlines:

We are in a fight for our national existence. As citizens of this state, we are in a fight for our liberty. And as Republicans, are we not in a fight for relevance? [Pols emphasis]

Short answer: yes. And this video…doesn't help.

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  1. doremi says:

    Just how do you "inform their discretion"?  What does that mean?

    • DawnPatrol says:

      Typical GOTP word salad. They think it makes them sound "smart," and lets them completely avoid any issue they wish not to discuss.

      See Cotton, Tom (R-AR), candidate for Senate, and every response he's ever given to every question he's received — but clearly DOES NOT want to answer — about expanding Medicaid to poor Arkansans. He's a master of diversionary word-salad tossing. Let's see if he can still get away with it when he's forced to debate…

  2. ModeratusModeratus says:

    Why do you denigrate citizens who just want to get involved with politics? There was nothing wrong with this video. Shame on you.

  3. ct says:

    I need to move there before next month so I can vote for Michael.  I want to see him crawl into that square inch of agreement.  

  4. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    Tea Party on quaaludes? Maybe. Tea Party on Xanax is a modern equiv.

  5. SocialisticatProgressicat says:

    The color (temperature?) and speech patterns totally reminded me of this cat:

  6. FrankUnderwood says:

    She looks like she needs her meds adjusted but it's certainly no worse than watching the Dr. Chaps Show.  In fact, I wonder when she'll be a guest on there.

    • cdsmithus says:

      As poorly made as this video is, it's certainly far better that watching Dr. Chaps.  This woman is a little on the fringe, but I didn't hear anything about the FCC wanting to molest her children.

      The interesting thing here isn't what the speaker is talking about.  That's stuff we've all seen and heard a million times before.  It's that an actual state House candidate in an extremely competitive district – someone who ought to have a good shot at winning – released a video with editing so horrendous that it's well-nigh unwatchable.  It looks like they aren't really even putting in a genuine effort here.

  7. Craig says:

    Scary thing.  She's not saying anything that they don't all believe.  Trust me as the ex-Republican here, this is what they believe.  They also believe that the public is with them, because of course, they only talk to themselves and reasonable people just don't talk back because they know that a load of BS is coming.  I kid you not.  It any of these Republicans today trusted you and told you what's in their heart, the above is it.  Once you know this, you know that the "Republican" Party today has to go away before anything else can clean up this country.  In short, until these people are margina.ized as the scary people that they always were and still are, nothing will improve politically in this country.  They don't care about winning.  They care about a narrow philosophy, only.  Their party must die.  They need go back to the caves they crawled out of because that is where they belong and really want to be.  It used to be in this country that we knew what a religious cult was and we knew it was bad.  Now a lot of very rational thinking people have forgotten that fact.

    • DaninDenDaninDen says:

      Agree they have split the country w hate radio, it is cult like, futile to engage in discourse as they think satan speaks thru you, facts? they shut down saying wait right here till They get their own facts… radio is mesmerizing in that auditory input is an unprocessed signal to the brain, further they usual operate from fear, overwhelmed by the rapid change about us.

      • DawnPatrol says:

        If I had to choose a single word to capture the essence of the lunatic-fringe rump party that is today's GOTP, it would be FEAR — fear of the new, fear of tomorrow, fear of anything and anyone who differs from or challenges them in any way.


    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Marginalizing the 21st century Republican Wacko Party is going to be tough when the Plunkett's of the world are editing political news in main stream papers and calling people like BWB, not one iota less wacky than this person, moderate. Local TV is no help because all they want to do is crime, accidents, disasters and local hero/ heart warming happy talk. They wouldn't even mention anything political if they didn't absolutely have to say something about elections a time or two per election season. Tall order, there.

    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

       Trust me as the ex-Republican here, this is what they believe.

      I don't have to trust you on this one, Craig, even though I certainly do. I know this from experience. You are also right about the remedy. The Republican party as we know it must be allowed, nay, encouraged to fade into irrelevance…just like the fossil fuel industry upon which it feeds.


  8. Windsor_scottWindsor_scott says:

    Is she just reading bumper stickers?  All these sound like typical knee jerk conservative statements to complex issues.  "Too much regulation", how about some specifics? Is there too much regulation on water and air quality?  How about food standards?   Many of these statements sound good until you get to the actual policy (or lack of) that would be behind them.  

  9. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    I don't agree with any of his positions, but I hope he didn't spend campaign funds on this video. Bad lighting, substandard vidiography, and  the sound quality is abymal. 

  10. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    Oops, "abysmal"

  11. gasan says:

    HD 18 isn't exactly a safe seat for Democrats but as long as the Republican party puts up people like Schlierf, they have no chance of flipping the district.

  12. kickshot says:

    Even scarier ….

    If you google search for images similar to this crazy lady you get …

    Zombie Baby Halloween Costume

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