Poll: Betsy Markey and Walker Stapleton Neck-and-Neck


Results via Normington, Petts and Associates. Survey conducted Aug. 24-27, 2014.

According to a results from a new poll released today from Democrat Betsy Markey's campaign for State Treasurer, Markey is currently tied with incumbent Republican Walker Stapleton with both polling at 31%.

Moreover, according to the polling memo (view PDF: Markey Poll Memo), Markey jumps ahead of Stapleton 44-39 when respondents were read both positive and negative messages about each candidate.

While Stapleton has taken some pretty big hits lately on his opposition to PERA (and his inability to attend Board Meetings), the biggest issue in this race is still likely to come down to fundraising. With races for U.S. Senate and Congress (CD-6) spending tens of millions of dollars, Markey will have very few opportunities to push her message via paid advertisements.


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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Work that earned media, Betsy! 

    How about a debate with Stapleton? (per the Trucker's post on another thread)

    It could be online, people posing questions via Twitter, although a real face to face meeting would be better. 

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      The universe of voters who would even be aware of such a debate is tiny. This shows that  more people who hear about both of them prefer her. Unfortunately without ads there isn't much chance enough voters will hear a thing. If that's because enough money is being spent on ads to keep Udall in the Senate and replace Coffman with Romanoff, that's just the reality of resource allocation. Those positions are a higher priority. However, it's possible that polling like this could shake some more money loose.

  2. hawkeye says:

    Voters typically do not pay attention to down ticket candidates.  Turnout is key, and most voters will vote for their party affiliation.  Most independents identify with a party, although they'll never admit to it.  Heck, just about anyone with an R after their name can get elected in El Paso County … even a shirtless sheriff.

  3. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Push polling to raise money, not an indication of what will happen in 9 weeks. 

    What is the make-up of these 500 likely voters?  The memo does not say.  I wonder why.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      It's not push polling if positive and negative information is presented about both.  If you knew so and so's hobby was kitten drowning would that make you more or less likely to vote for so and so is push polling. I also don't see you questioning how the likely voters were determined when you run across a poll you like. You're such a predictable piss ant, any one of us could write your replies for you and save you the trouble.

  4. Craig says:

    But with all that Democratic money being spent of turn-out, at least she should have an advantage there.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      GOTV is definitely the best way to help candidates in lower profile races. And that's something that anybody can help with by volunteering to go door to door.

      • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

        Agree on the GOTV. But also, we can help spread the word that Markey is a better candidate for Treasurer – she has experience and a plan for transparency, unlike Stapleton, who only wants to take down PERA.  5/7 articles on Stapleton's campaign website reiterate his crusade to "fix" PERA, and only one touts an accomplishment which Stapleton had, not as Treasurer, but as a legislator.

        Voters are pissed that they don't know where all of the revenues from marijuana are going. I hear that over and over. Stapleton could have made that transparent, but he has not. Markey has campaigned on the promise to make how the state more accuntable for how it spends marijuana money. That's a message which will really resonate with voters of all affiliations.

        • BlueCatBlueCat says:

          The only really effective way to spread word to enough people to matter is via ads. Sorry. Most people don't read political blogs, letters to the editor, the paper or consume much news at all. TV and radio ads are how you get them to notice a bite sized portion of a candidate's message or a bite sized expose of another candidate. 

          Yard signs can be helpful. People who don't know anything about the lesser candidates can be influenced by yard signs showing them who their neighbors or people they know and generally agree with are voting for. I always have everybody's down to the state rep and senator level out front and more than one neighbor has told me they know who they should vote for by reading my signs.  

          BTW, this is especially true in non-partisan elections where candidates don't run with a party affiliation. If you're a Dem and one of your active Dem acquaintances is sporting signs for this or that City Council or School Board candidate, you're going to at least know that candidate isn't a rightie and may feel confident in voting for that candidate rather than for the ones on the signs in the front yards of houses you remember had all the Republican signs last election.

          Door to door is also effective to a degree but can rarely make up for no money for ads.  If you know any like minded rich people, beg them to host a fund raiser and invite all their like minded friends.

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