Time for Gardner to back up his “Obamascare” story

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Rep. Cory Gardner (R).

Rep. Cory Gardner (R).

​As questions continue to grow about the details of U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner's health insurance, which Gardner claims motivated him to run for the U.S. Senate, ProgressNow Colorado, the state's largest online progressive advocacy organization, called on Gardner to fully disclose crucial details that would either verify or disprove his claims.

"Cory Gardner has repeatedly waved a 'cancellation letter' from his insurer–covered with black marker redactions of key details," said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. "Today, reporters are asking questions about those redacted portions, and they're not getting answers. Could it be that Gardner is not being straight with the public about his 'Obamascare' horror story?"

Last week, 9NEWS in Denver conducted a Truth Test of Gardner's latest ad, in which he tells the story of his health insurance plan being 'cancelled.' But when 9NEWS attempted to verify the details of Gardner's claim, "the campaign declined to provide evidence of the previous price or any details about the level of coverage and deductibles under the prior plan." 9NEWS concluded, "And was this the only policy for the entire family? As for the congressman's personal story, you should take it with a grain of salt because we don't have all the details." [1]

"Cory Gardner's claims about his supposedly 'cancelled' health insurance plan have never added up," said Runyon-Harms. "The fact is, over 90% of Colorado policyholders who received so-called 'cancellation notices' received policy renewal instructions in the same letter. [2] [3] Gardner has claimed that the 'comparable' replacement plan he was offered was twice as much, but that's impossible to confirm if Gardner won't disclose the details of his old plan. Gardner has been asked to provide the full details of his insurance plans for months, and he has refused even as questions have grown about his story."

"It's time for Con Man Cory Gardner to put up or shut up," said Runyon-Harms. "We call on Gardner to immediately release the full details of his old health insurance plan: deductibles, coverages, premiums, everything. Gardner also must disclose any other insurance he or his family may have carried during this period. There have been too many 'Obamascare' horror stories that have been proven false once the facts came out. Coloradans deserve to know if the reason Gardner says he is running for Senate today is nothing more than a giant con job."

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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    Awaiting Moderatus and his dead-horse gif.

    This story ISN'T going away, pal, and more than the Personhood story, and it only gets worse for you and Con Man Cory from here out.

    You gon' lose.

    • ModeratusModeratus says:

      Happy to oblige! It fits too.

      • DawnPatrol says:

        A true dead-ender you are, Zippy. Whipping you and yours is going to a pure pleasure.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        No it doesn't. The public has every right to keep on demanding that Gardner provide proof that the statements he's making about his personal experience with ACA are true unt5il he either provides that proof or retracts.

        I don't know if you get insurance through an employer but if you have to buy your own you'd know how ridiculous his claim to have been paying a little over a mere 600 bucks a month for quality coverage for not just himself but his family prior to being screwed by ACA really is.  I do know.  And I'll stop asking him to prove what he's saying isn't a pack of lies after he shows me proof because verifying what candidates tell me instead of just taking them at their word is my responsibility as voter in this election, you little piss ant. I don't just passively accept whatever some candidate says without providing a shred of proof the way you obviously do as long as the candidate's Republican.

        Where was your stupid horse during all the time righties refused to stop demanding Obama's birth certificate no matter how many times he provided it?  Or do you just enjoy watching horses get beaten, you sick little turd?

  2. denverco says:

    The poor con man is finding out that itis hard to run a campaign on lies. Plus he has the body language of a used car salesman.Apparently there is no lie to big for him to tell.

  3. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    The wolves are circling. No way Gardner gets to November without these lies being exposed.

    • Republican 36 says:

      I couldn't agree more. Mr. Gardner wants us to believe what he says while waving a document in front of us, that he says proves what he is saying, but its redacted, including the information that would support his statements. When asked for the proof to back-up his claims, he then has the audacity to tell the voters and the press that he won't show us the same document without the redactions.

      This is no different than Watergate. Nixon claimed executive privilege (Gardner doesn't even have that to rely upon) over the tape recordings from the Oval Office but the same question all of us had then is hovering over Cory Gardner now: What is he hiding from us?

      Mr. Gardner wants us to believe him but he won't release the information that he says he has that will, according to him, support his statements about the healthcare act.

      This isn't going away and he'd better be prepared for the consequences. If he releases the documents and he has been lying to us, then he will have destroyed his credibility with voters. If he continues to refuse to produce the documents, then his credibility will be destroyed because voters will think he is hiding something. Mr. Gardner has no choice. He must release the documents or loose the election.

  4. horseshit GOP front grouphorseshit GOP front group says:

    We've " given you people all you need to know "

    Worked for the Romneys !

  5. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    Like I said, if he's claiming he had a privately purchased plan for his family that offered better coverage and/or lower deductible than what he could get with a bronze plan off the exchange and that it only cost him around $650, he's obviously lying. No such thing exists. That's why he refuses to show us what he had before. You can't show something you made up out of whole cloth. These ads should be taken down unless he's willing and able to prove his extremely unlikely (more like impossible) contentions. 

    This isn't dead horse stuff. We all know what Obama and Udall said about how ACA was going to work, what the mistake in their overly simplistic promise was and that insurers decided to drop some plans. We also know most of the notices about discontinued plans also contained offers of new adjusted plans, something insurance companies have always done on a regular basis, just as rates have always been raised on a regular basis. That's all out there. People can use it all to make up their minds about holding Udall's statement against him or not.

    OK. Now it's time for the public to find out the whole truth behind Gardner's story and whether or not he fabricated a false scenario. People will then have all the facts they need about what both candidates, how accurate their statements were and whether inaccuracies were mistakes or intentional lies. This is the kind of information that ought to be available to voters as they make their decisions. 

    For many voters, none of this will make a difference but for some it will and this could be a very close one.  We shouldn't stop asking for proof of what Gardner contends until he provides it or retracts his claims. If he provides proof and we still won't accept it, then Modster can bring out his little horsie again. But until then, the annoying horsie should be blocked. We don't see modster trotting it out every time the big lie mantra is repeated.

  6. ct says:

    Cory was up in the rarefied Aspen air yesterday, trying to scare West Slopers about water:

    And Gardner said he wanted to “stop and defeat” a new proposed rule from the EPA that would clarify the definition of “waters of the U.S.” 

    “Almost every molecule of water could come under the jurisdiction of that new rule the way it is currently written,” Gardner said.

    The EPA, on its website about the proposed rule change, states that “the proposed rule does not protect any new types of waters that have not historically been covered under the Clean Water Act.”

    Rep. Gardner is lying.  He's intentionally (or idiotically) telling things that aren't true, purposefully designed to frigthen voters.  

    Words are coming out of his mouth–either put there by another or dreamed up himself–that are fabrications.  In my business, we call this 'bullshit.'  When someone running to be one of two federal senators does that, we call it 'troubling.'

    In conclusion: Cory Gardner is a liar.  He is too extreme for Colorado.  He cannot be trusted as a US Senator.  

    • ct says:

      Iguess Cory Gardner is suggesting that Obama is gonna steal the clouds or something, as many of the 'water molecules' are floating above our heads… many more buried below our feet.  So when US COngressman wannabe Senator says

      Almost every molecule of water could come under the jurisdiction of that new rule 

      What he means is: "Almost every (other than most) could…" 

      Thus, we must surmise that Cory Gardner is either an idiot (I don't think this is the correct choice) or a liar (BINGO!).


      • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

        If I did not have personal experience with congressman Gardner, I might possibly believe that your assessment is clouded by partisanship. But I know Cory Gardner, having personally dealt with him for three years when he was a state representative. Your choice is correct.

        There is no lie too big and no choice too reprehensible for Cory. As long as the money and power keep flowing his way, he will keep doing the bidding of whichever power broker is lining his pockets. Corys' politics were developed under the tutelage of Colorados' richest and most predatory industries, most notably, the oil and gas industry.

        It is time for the end of Cory Gardners' political career.

  7. JBJK16 says:

    The anti Gardner discussion misses the pont on this one. Of course. Gardner should provide detail.  But the politics work just fine for him and AFP the way he's going.

    Most people have medical insurance. An even larger percentage don't really understand it. The fear is that Obamacare will take what they have. Call it three thousand or three hundred thousand, the political reality is that cancellation notices went out, premiums mostly went up, and Gardner's experience confirms that.  May as well blame the sun and moon doesn't matter. The politics is blame the incumbent, who in this case voted for it.

    BluCat was never going to vote for Gardner, and this ad is not aimed at her or anyone in her political demo.  Low information voters by any other name still vote. 

    The point isn't to start a discussion on whether Obamacare "worked", it's fear.  The political elite (or self claimed high information voters) don't believe it but Gardner gets a 3-5 point bump just because there are voters frustrated by the whole thing and he's not the incumbent.

    BTW- he's a crappy candidate, but crappy candidates win all the time.

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      I'm surprised, JBJK.  As cynical and snarky as your online persona is, you usually at least source your snark. This time, you didn't.

      Please provide links or cited sources for the following statements:

      1. People "don't really understand their medical insurance".
      2. The fear is that Obamacare will take what they have.
      3. Premiums mostly went up, and Gardner's experience confirms that.

      I agree that people who live in the Fox News/ Drudge Report/ AFP bubble will vote against the incumbent, even if they are now able to have much better health insurance post-ACA. They're still waiting for the other shoe to drop, which Hannity et al assure them is coming.

      • JBJK16 says:

        No links, just opinion.

        1. People don't understand a lot of things. Insurance is one of them (it's part of the reason single  payer makes more sense).

        2. And spiders, paying too much tax, random violence, sickness, and pain.

        3. Did premiums mostly go down last year?  Source that, please and thank you.


  8. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    With due respect, JBJK…Is this something you think we don't already understand?

     But the politics work just fine for him and AFP the way he's going.

    This is where you are wrong, I believe. There is, as you suggest, a large audience for this kind of neo-con fear-mongering, but that audience continues to decline in number and intensity. You may think that most of us here live in an information cocoon, hearing and believing only what we want. You are mistaking us for someone else.

    There is one thing that will ultimately decide this race, I contend…knowledge. Cory remains less well known than he is rapidly becoming. As voters become more familiar with him, he will lose ground. He will lose this election because of one reason….Mark Udall is a better man. By the time the ballots go out in 54 days, Corys' fate will be sealed and Mark Udall, deservedly so, will be re-elected.

    You, and others on the right are about to be treated to a devastating defeat. In 71 days, we will find out who is right.


    • JBJK16 says:


      i never said Gardner is going to win. My point is that Gardner isn't going to lose because he claims his insurance got cancelled. Nor just because he is a crappy candidate- crappy candidates win all the time. The politics of his ACA message is fear, not information.


      fwiw, I agree with you 100% that if voters really get to know Gardner, Udall wins.

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