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From the Sentinel comments…Women are to blame for all that sexy sex stuff, we men cannot help ourselves…
By Jerry Sanders – Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Say Henry. “Reproductive freedom” is not health care. Laws be damned. She makes that choice of “freedom” whenever she takes her clothes off.

Its FDR's fault that some cop shot an unarmed black man 6 times from a distance after he was surrendering.

Somehow it all goes back to Obama (not a 'real American') and his War on Coal.  Discuss.


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  1. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    Holy moronic diatribe, Batman. Jerry Sanders is not only an idiot…but a marginally literate idiot. Maybe we can get him to start posting here. He almost makes Moderatus seem lucid…no, wait…what am I saying…?

    As it turns out, I know both Hugenberg and Kolbenschlag…I admire and respect them both…

  2. MooMooMoo0MooMooMoo0 says:

    So now there are anti-choice monologues and memes that objectify men, too? 

  3. MooMooMoo0MooMooMoo0 says:

    So now there are anti-choice monologues and memes that objectify men? 

  4. Konola says:

    Be nice to Jerry Sanders. He is a retired Vet who is confined to a wheelchair. Hint: Look at the time of his posts. He gets less lucid as the day wears on. (Information provided to me by a local member of the Tea Party.)


    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Sorry but the stuff that comes out when you're less lucid is the stuff that's there in the first place. Sorry he's in a tough situation but it's just like with drunks when they try to excuse themselves for saying bigoted racist things while drunk. Drinking too much doesn't make you a racist. It just makes you forget not to say that shit out loud. This is what the guy, wheel chair bound and lucid or not, thinks. Otherwise he wouldn't be saying it. I sympathize with his situation but not with his opinions.

  5. ct says:

    Jerry is on the correct side of the Steve King matter, and I could have removed his anme, but the who it is is less important than the steady stream of battiness that is the GJ Sentinel on its rapid decline to tabloid status.  

  6. gertie97 says:

    ct: Are you saying the comments to Sentinel stories are somehow representative of what the paper's higher-ups think?

    • ct says:

      No, not the comments, but the letters seem to have lost a filter, perhaps after Bob left.  The 'email' letters include anything and everything people send in it appears, even the most ridiculous, easily refutable nonsense.  I think that papers ought not to run letters based on obvious falsehoods and lies.  Differnt opinions are great, run the spectrum, but any legitimate paper ought to have some standards on what qualifies as opinion and what qualifies as wingnut bullshit.  

      I do think the paper has declined in quality over the past few years. But what paper hasn't, I suppose.  I am still grateful that it actually has reporters in the field, and Dennis and Charles in particular are great reporters I think. It certainly hasn't become as bad as the Post-Independent.  

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