Laura Woods’ Donors Get to Pay for Tickets and Fines

Republican Laura Waters Woods is challenging Democratic Sen. Rachel Zenzinger in one of the most competitive State Senate districts in Colorado (SD-19, Arvada). Woods is going to need every penny she can raise in order to win a seat that has been held by Democrats for more than a decade…so it's probably not a good idea for her to be spending campaign resources to pay off parking fines and other late fees.

Check out this screenshot from her most recent campaign finance report:

Laura Woods Expenditures

Donate now so that Laura Waters Woods can pay for parking tickets!

There is nothing illegal about using campaign funds to pay for things like parking tickets and late-filing fees, but this is pretty unusual — and not very smart.

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  1. JeffcoDemoJeffcoDemo says:

    Now that is rich, really, a parking ticket?  And nothing inspires confidence in a candidate like not being able to keep a schedule, fines because you can't get your shite together on schedule.  Lord.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Anyone remember some time back that pencil necked geek who made a mayoral campaign issue out of Denver parking fines?  I really wish that guy would have won, because it's worse now than I ever remember . . . 

    . . . having said that — bwahahahaha. Laura!  You coulda' bought your campaign a whole box of hollow points with that US Grant!

  3. The Angry Trucker says:

    Ms. Woods is an idiot, and her donors don't seem much brighter!  She will fit in well with the uber-R caucus at the Capitol!  Hell she should get a leadership role for all the "genius" she will bring downtown!

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