Gardner demanded defunding Obamacare to avoid government shutdown

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Cory Gardner.

Cory Gardner.

The Associated Press' Nicholas Riccardi reported Aug. 15 that senatorial candidate Cory Gardner's spokesman, Alex Siciliano, "noted that, before the shutdown, Gardner had warned against requiring Democrats to defund the Affordable Care Act as a requirement for keeping government open."

Maybe Siciliano doesn't listen to Gardner much on talk radio. Maybe he's too busy talking to reporters on behalf of his boss.

But when I read Riccardi's piece, I recalled hearing Gardner advocate for, as opposed to against, demanding Dems defund Obamacare or face a government shutdown.

On August 1, 2013, two months before the government shutdown, Gardner told KOA’s Mike Rosen:

Rosen: “Perhaps we can talk about some other items on the agenda, such as the current dispute, even with the Republican Party, about whether Republicans, who have a majority in the House, ought to take a stand now, as the continuing resolution question comes up, take a stand on Obamacare, and refuse to fund it, while at the same time, agreeing with a continuing resolution that would allow the rest of the federal government to operate. Have you got a position on that?

Gardner: I want to do anything and everything I can to stop Obamacare from destroying our health care, from driving up increases in costs. Whether that’s through the continuing resolution, I want to defund everything that we can….

Rosen: There’s a political concern that if the Republicans stand their ground on this [repealing Obamacare], they are going to be blamed for shutting down the government.

Gardner: Well, I think if the government gets shut down, it’s going to be the President’s decision to do so. I believe that we don’t need to shut down the government because we ought to just lift this health-care bill out of the way and let America work. [BigMedia emphasis]

If that's a warning "against requiring Democrats to defund the Affordable Care Act as a requirement for keeping government open," then mushrooms aren't popping up in our mountains right now (and they are).

Next time Gardner's Siciliano tells me something, if I'm a reporter, I think I go the extra mile to make sure it's accurate.

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  1. DavieDavie says:

    So basically Gardner's contention that the government shutdown was Obama's fault is entirely because the President, for unknown reasons, refused to follow orders from a pissant Republican Congressman from Colorado.

    Glad we got that straightened out.

  2. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Gardner's sound bite:

    Whether that's through the continuing resolution, I want to defund everything that we can," 

    should be played on a loop through Udall's next few ads.

    Give us a rest from personhood, talk about the $24 billion in costs from shutting down the government. Talk about the seniors who didn't get checks, the layoffs and work shutouts that never were reimbursed, etc.  Then you'll get some traction.

  3. Republican 36 says:

    Congressman Gardner Adds A Third Reason Why he Has No Credibility 

    First, he tried to fool us about his support for the Personhood Amendment.

    Next, he tried to fool us about his personal health insurance being cancelled but he won't show us the eveidnece he says he has that will prove it.

    Now, for a third time, twice today already, Mr. Gardner has inflicted another political wound on himself. He wants us to believe he was against threatening to shutdown the government last year if President Obama insisted on retaining the healthcare act. And yet, with his own words, as reported by Jason above, he said he would support exactly that; and, in fact, voted to do just that last Fall.

    Someone should take the knife out of his hands.

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