Conservative talk-radio host wants to “block the vote”

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Talk-radio hosts like to think of themselves as a voice of the people, because anyone can call in (and get slapped around, if you're on the wrong show). But there's some truth to the notion that talk radio can give average people a platform.

So you hate to see a guy like KNUS' Peter Boyles undermine Democracy by encouraging voter fraud, like he did last year on air.

And then there's KHOW 630-AM's Mandy Connell, who wants to "block the vote" instead of "rock the vote."

“Maybe we could tell the dumb people that the election has been moved to a different day,” she said earlier this year.

Here's what Connell had to say, contrasted with a vision of voter participation from a different speaker, whom you'll like much more.

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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    Good idea, Mandy. You should go ahead and tell 'em!!!  . . .

    . . . it'll be easy considering that your audience is mostly made up of "the dumb people,"

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      There's that too. It could seriously backfire, especially among the bigoted working class red neck voters who believe things like their federal income taxes have gone up when they don't even make enough to pay those. What they do pay is every penny they owe on every penny they make in payroll taxes which often comes to a higher percentage than what the top .01 percent pay on their income in income and payroll taxes combined. Probably don't know cutting their payroll taxes was the the only tax cut Repugs objected to and demanded to be allowed to expire. So good luck with that whole eliminating dumb voters thing. 

    • horseshit GOP front grouphorseshit GOP front group says:

      Yes, its kind of ironic that she would want to disenfranchise her entire audience, but these types have proven time and again they can be depended on to wholeheartedly support shit that's not in their interest.  Its not the facts, its what you FEEL about the facts !

  2. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    Don't expect a single rightie to object to any attempt to spread misinformation for the express purpose of impeding the democratic process by using trickery to prevent eligible voters from voting. There will be no denunciation. At best they'll just say Dems do it too though they will have no proof to back that up and I know that Arapahoe County Dems do no such thing. 

    Righties hate small "d" democracy. If they didn't they'd be much more exercised over this, which can affect large numbers of votes, then they ever were over supposed voter fraud by impersonation or ineligible registration, something they can't prove has ever affected a Colorado election. They can't even prove it's something that has ever succeeded in a number of counted votes that could be expressed in a percentage over decades without an almost endless row of zeros after the decimal point.  

    People ought to be thrown in jail for this but righties will say it's fine/Johnny does it, too. Take your pick.

  3. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Somehow they think it's OK to commit election fraud, if you are a Republican.

    Maddow: Go Big or Go Home When Committing Voter Fraud.  And they justify it by saying, "See? I'm just proving that voter fraud is a problem!"  Jo Caldara, Victor Head, Todd Shepard, Marilyn Marks, are all Republicans who think that it is fine to commit voter fraud publicly in Colorado, just to show that "It can be done".

    Five votes from one voter for Scott Walker. Disgusting.

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