RMGO Busy Getting Favored Candidates Nominated


A last-minute plea from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners executive director Dudley Brown today touts endorsements for Senate District 19 Republican Senate candidate Laura Woods, as the clock winds down to next Tuesday's GOP primary elections:

For the past several weeks, you've received many e-mails from me urging you to vote for conservative Republican Laura Woods in the June 24th Primary Election for Senate District 19.

However, I don't just want you to take my word for it, but also consider the other conservative champions who are supporting Laura, including:

Top-rated conservative State Representative Justin Everett,
Weld County Sheriff and gun rights lawsuit leader John Cooke,
Former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong, 
State Senator Ted Harvey, and
Former State Senator Dave Schultheis.

Now, these individuals know exactly what it takes to fight for your Constitutional rights.

Take it from these proven conservative leaders, and vote for Republican Laura Woods in the June 24th Primary Election.

With a tag team of Bill Armstrong and Dave Schultheis in her corner, how can anybody stand in Laura Waters Woods' way? And since this is an RMGO email, there is of course a healthy portion of recycled scumbagging for Woods' opponent, two-time loser Lang Sias:

You may have even heard Laura on morning talk radio shows like Peter Boyles, as a key spokesperson for the recall effort.

If you did hear her, then you know just how passionate and committed she is about protecting our rights. 

Unfortunately, Lang Sias, a handpicked liberal, establishment Republican, has chosen to run a primary against Laura. 

If you’ve read our emails before, you know by now that Lang Sias has already attempted to run for office TWICE in the last two election cycles and LOST – even to Evie Hudak!

Tony Sanchez.

Tony Sanchez.

RMGO is working every bit as hard to ensure their endorsed Republican candidate in Senate District 22, Tony Sanchez, beats Republican attorney Mario Nicolais. What we've heard is that in both of these races, and others where RMGO has made a primary endorsement, a robust field campaign with no shortage of volunteers is busily underway–making it quite likely that Colorado's "no compromise" gun rights organization is going to have a very good night on Tuesday.

Electability in November, of course, is another matter, but until next Wednesday morning, you won't find any Democrats raining on RMGO's parade.

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  1. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Actually, I think you will find out on Tuesday that the RMGO backed candidates in Republican primaries in the major races will get smoked.

    Governor – Didn't get through.

    CD-4 – Going to lose badly.

    The biggest supporter of the RMGO seems to be ColoradoPols so they can use it as a foil.

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Something you won't hear much from me:   you may be (partly) right – RMGO's endorsements may not mean much for  this year's elections, because RMGO hasn't incorporated any oil and gas promotion.

      I think that "guns gays ganja" are not going to be the big turnout issues this year – but gas will be , for both sides. 

      Al Jazeera ( I'll definitely cite an AJ source from now on, whenever I actually reply to your comments – who knows, maybe someday you'll actually read an AJ article) says that Big Oil and Big Guns have sort of an unholy alliance now – interesting reading.  

      It's about influencing the original base of the gun lobby – sportsmen, conservationists, hikers, people who actually go out into wild lands and do stuff.

       investments in sportsmen’s associations enable energy companies to influence NRA and SCI lobbying efforts particularly in areas such as privatizing public lands, expanding drilling activities in national forests and fighting “the nation’s most effective wildlife recovery law, the Endangered Species Act.”

      So considering that Colorado has both of those things going on – hunters, sportsmen, and oil and gas development , what I see is the waning of the "gun rights" issue, and instead, pushing the idea that somehow filling the woods with diesel fumes and the water with benzene and volatile compounds will benefit hunters.

      Hopefully, this will have as little long term influence as the failed attempt to conflate women's "choice" with the "choice" to carry a larger gun magazine. 

      People, including hunters and hikers, are not really as stupid as corporations might wish. 

      • Andrew Carnegie says:

        MJ, I read your Al Jazeera link.

        I agree with you that gays and ganja will not be the drivers of turn out.  But I think the way to look at it is not that there is one turn out issue.  We have a very polarized electorate.

        I think that for Republicans and may Independants Udallcare will be the main turnout driver.  To a much lesser extent, guns.

        I think for Dems and to a much lesser degree Republicans and Independants Fracking will be a driver.

        Pary affiliation and/or orientation has created distinct lenses through which reality is perceived. 70%-80% of Dems approve of Obamacare, 90% of Republicans oppose it and about 65% of Indepenants oppose it.  Polsters seem to me to think the issue is of little importance.  I think it is the big elephant in the room that they just don't want to acknowlege.

    • JBJK16 says:

      You sound just like all my R voting neighbors who cannot understand where the good R candidates are nor why the GOTP RMGO party of Reagan cannot win. They acknowledge that but for Monica and Katherine, Gore wins.but two things they absolutely don't understand are that there are  not nearly enough old white rich guys to outvote everyone else, and far fewer who care about their "ideology" to care about losing.

      You dismiss RMGO as a lunatic fringe only attracting attention because the opposition points. Most righties feel the same about Tancredo, but he is about to be the nominee.  Will Governor Maes campaign for him? Would it help?

      Of course RMGO is the lunatic fringe. It's all the party has now. Reagan is dead, and though the myth lives on, No One wants to admit that he won because blue collar Ds voted for him in BIG numbers and if he were running today, he would have zero chance to make it through a primary.

      What you (and those like you) should figure out if you ever want to win again is voters don't want to be told what to believe. Figure out what they want and give it to them.

    • langelomisteriosolangelomisterioso says:

      AC- You may  be correct but the biggest problem RMGO, or any other ammosexual organization has is they've never explained precisely why people need that much ammo capacity or autoloaders.I suspect the attempt to incorporate women's issues into their appeal will be seen as desperate and cynical.Pretty much the way I view any conservative position on much of anything.

      • Gray in Mountains says:

        2 reaons for an auto loader:

        1) prevent chafing of your thumb as you load magazines

        2) you can let your kids do it

        • langelomisteriosolangelomisterioso says:

          Not buying it. You have to load magazines for autoloaders.More frequently because you can expend them so rapidly.Kids don't load magazines. They pick up brass. Sorry If I missed some snark. Poe's Law is problematic for me at times.

  2. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    My comment above is more relevant to the general election than to the primary. I admit I don't have much of a clue as to which GOP voters will turn out in a primary. If RMGO has people knocking doors and calling, that usually wins, no matter the ideology. 

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    What….no endorsements from the Shirtless Sheriff?

  4. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    A liberal Republican in 2014? Did they find him hiding in a herd of unicorns? Heck, pretty soon that's where we'll have to look for liberal Democrats.

  5. dwyer says:

    Wednesday am the fog will clear.  I can not wait to see what really happens with the republican primaries and the democratic vote on the state School Board for District one…..


  6. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    What would be the best civil disobedience against these RMGO-type goons who bring loaded assault weapons into places like Target Stores?

    • JBJK16 says:

      Fill a cart

      then tell the manager you feel unsafe with the guns and you return until they dont

      leave without buying anything

      get ten people to do the same

      3rd time around its 1000 people.

    • ParkHill says:

      I had an idiot neighbor tell me that carrying a gun was free speach, "speaking loudly".

      If I saw someone brandishing a gun in Target, I would hit 911 on my phone and report the location of the gang-bangers to the police. Hopefully we'd get a quick SWAT team response to shut down the store and help the customers to safety. Maybe hit the fire alarm so the customers could escape.

      I mean, think about the Aurora shooter exercising his 2nd ammendment rights in that theater.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        Let's combine Stand your Ground with Open Carry. You're at a Target. A big tattooed skinhead comes in carrying an assault rifle. You give him a look. He glares back at you. This puts you in fear of your life. You pull out your own weapon and blow him away. Under these circumstances, he would be free to carry openly but anyone who found him scary would be free to shoot him dead.  A big mean looking man with an assault rifle in a Target has got to be more scary than a kid in a hoody armed with Skittles, walking by paying no attention to you while you're in your vehicle and can just drive off if your scared, so I'm pretty sure you'd get away with it.

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Moms Demand Gun Sense has a social media campaign:

      Download the sign. Take a picture of yourself and/or family/friends holding the sign, like this:

      Tweet it to Target, using the hashtag #OffTarget. Then send it to photos@momsdemandaction.org.

      This will have an impact if Target thinks it will alienate its working/ middle class customer base, aka most of us.

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