Will talk radio boost Tancredo as it did Cantor’s tea-party opponent?

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Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tancredo.

I've been too busy listening to talk radio to notice news reports that talk radio anchored the defeat of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Politico reported Wednesday:

Brat’s surprise victory is a powerful reminder, as if any were needed, of the immense influence talk radio has over conservative politics — it was not only [Laura Ingraham] boosting [Cantor slayer David Brat] but also Glenn Beck and Mark Levin bringing their considerable influence with the right to bear as well. Since well before the rise of the tea party, establishment Republicans have feared the medium’s command over the conservative base.

National talk-radio hosts not only endorsed Brat, but had him on their radio shows, broadcast in Virginia, numerous times leading up to his primary victory, according to Politico.

Will these national yappers now take aim at Colorado, possibly boosting Tom Tancredo over his more establishment rivals? So far I haven't seen Laura Ingraham, broadcast locally on KLZ 560-AM, or Mark Levin, on KNUS 710-AM, getting involved in our gubernatorial primary, and I have no idea how their GOP audience here compares to Virginia's. Closest thing was Michelle Malkin's battle-cry tweet after Cantor's loss, saying Colorado is next.

But if anyone hears anything about Tanc from Ingraham, Levin, et al. please let me know.

In Virginia, it looks like Ingraham in particular took a high profile stance for Brat, as reported by Politico.

“She wasn’t just a talk radio host who simply used her program to promote Brat. She took it to another level,” said Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director and senior White House correspondent. “I think she does deserve credit in giving credibility to Brat.”

Of the local radio hosts, KNUS' Peter Boyles is certainly doing his best for his buddy Tancredo, but god knows if Boyles does anything in the real world but excite electrons.

Colorado Springs talker Jimmy Lakey, who was once a Republican congressional candidate for CD 7, posted his ballot on his Facebook page, with "Tancredo" bubble filled in. See below.

So maybe a groundswell of hot air will lift Tancredo over the top?

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  1. ModeratusModeratus says:

    Every day Democrats talk about Tancredo, it becomes more obvious who you want to run against. Dems fear Gessler, they want Beauprez or Tancredo. Shout it from the rooftops!

    • SocialisticatProgressicat says:

      Perhaps you could hire some of your tricorner hat-wearing compatriots to travel from town to town proclaiming Gessler's superiority to all within earshot.  That's the only way ol' honey badger's gonna get any attention.

      Gessler's candidacy is dead– it's just gonna take a couple weeks for him to be declared so.  The best part is that it's his office that has to track the stark reality of his failure.  Sorry, Scotty, you had the right amount of crazy for the party, just the wrong brand.

    • DavieDavie says:

      When Gessler loses on the 24th, the dent to his ego from being rejected by GOP voters will pop right back out in no time.  He'll still be able to make electoral mischief, but just as a highly paid shyster. 

      So the potential damage he does should be fairly limited, and it'll cost the GOP a heck of a lot of money.

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