Mario Nicolais Gets Two Ads For The Price of One

An interesting twist on the usual primary wrangling–check out the mailer below, sent by a GOP message group in support of Democratic HD-24 primary candidate Kristian Teegardin to Democratic primary voters:


This mailing raises eyebrows for a couple of reasons. There's the obvious question about a Republican aligned and operated group getting involved in a Democratic primary. In this case, we think that can be adequately explained by Teegardin's Democratic opponent, Jessie Danielson, who worked for the progressive America Votes organization and is a natural enemy of the Scott Gessler vote suppression "integrity" set. One such friend and political ally of Gessler is the registered agent of the group in question, GOP attorney Mario Nicolais.

As one of the principal election law attorneys for local Republicans, Nicolais' name appears as the registered agent for lots of Republican-aligned political groups–for example, the organization that attacked Republican county clerks over election reform legislation using photos of voters with African-American faces Photoshopped out. In this case, though, there's an added bonus: Nicolais is a Republican candidate for the Colorado Senate in SD-22. SD-22 and HD-24, the House district Teegardin is running in, overlap for much of the town of Edgewater west of Sheridan Boulevard! It's not a huge overlap, but it's the first instance we've ever seen of a mailer sent to voters in one district with the name of another candidate for the same voters as the registered agent.

Building name ID among Democrats wouldn't help Nicolais in his heated primary against Rocky Mountain Gun Owners-endorsed Tony Sanchez, of course, in fact we could easily see meddling in a Democratic primary being used against Nicolais with SD-22 primary voters. We'd say that any one of the pieces of this story by itself isn't terribly remarkable, but the combination of these storylines makes, at the very least, for some interesting trivia.

For HD-24 Democrats and SD-22 Republicans especially.

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  1. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    Hah! A tangled Mario doth weave, when he practice to deceive.

  2. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Where is Fladen? I need to know this was a mistake!

  3. ColoradOpinion says:

    This is such typical Pols crap.  Who is Jessie Danielson?  Where is Jessie Danielson?  I have been an active Dem in Jeffco for years and I've barely met the woman.  Kris has been working his butt off for Dems, including Andy Kerr, for years.  Danielson didn't even show up to the must attend Jeffco Labor picnic last weekend.  Maybe the Republican "aligned" foks think they can influence this race, but they won't influence Teegardin.  He is a boots on the ground, hard working Democrat.  He will reach across the aisle, and he cares about people.  Plus, hes' been proven electable.  Maybe Danielson thought that her "progresive" big money ties would make him a pushover and this is just sour grapes from her friends on this blog.

  4. CoLizard says:

    I, too am a long time Jeffco Dem who knows nothing about this person. It is bothersome to me that Jessie Danielson continues to ignore the very base she wants to represent. I question her intentions for this seat. 

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