Tancredo threatens not to debate Hick, unless reporters are kept on a short leash

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Unbiased observers, like ColoradoPols and Mike Littwin of the Colorado Independent, have concluded that Tom Tancredo has been winning the GOP gubernatorial debates by not showing up.

But Tancredo is apparently willing to put his winning streak on the line by debating Hick, if Tanc wins the GOP primary.

That is, if the topics are okay with him and if journalists asking questions are screened and kept on a short leash.

Tancredo: I saw the other day that [national GOP Party Chair] Reince Priebus is saying, “You know what? We’re not going to do that anymore. We’re going to change—either we’re going to have fewer, change the format.” And I tend to do exactly the same thing if I am the nominee. We will establish what we believe to be the most effective way of, quote, “debating”, even with Hickenlooper. And it will be on a single topic. We will have, what—two or three debates on individual topics. We will help determine who are the people going to be that are asking questions. Or else, we won’t do those debates either. Because, when you give the media the free rein in this sort of thing, it does not work good—it does not work well for Republicans.

Another way of saying what Tancredo said: When Republicans have to answer questions from reporters, it doesn't work out well for them. But it works out well for Democrats?

Obviously, it can work out either way for either party, as you know if you follow political debates. It depends mostly on the abilities of the candidates, and showcasing those abilities (or lack thereof) is the point of a debate.

Republicans like Tancredo like to think professional journalists are out to get them, but a guy like Sengenberger–or any reporter who happens to see Tancredo–should correct him.

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  1. DavieDavie says:

    He knows he's going to lose the election, so he may as well take a phoney victim stance to explain his certain defeat.

    Sort of like an update on the Sherman statement: "If I win the primary, I promise not to campaign. If elected, I promise not to serve (but would use it as a platform to keep my name in the public eye)"

  2. Ralphie says:

    This is Tancredo wisened up to the fact that in his case, "familiarity breeds contempt." 

  3. gertie97 says:

    He's the very definition of chickenhawk.

  4. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    Tancredo wants to be like Sarah Palin, except he doesn't even want to have to serve half a term first before cashing in.

    Would serve him right if the media said OK, let's choose three topics: the economy, responding to emergencies, and firefighting efforts. In other words, 3 things the governor's office actually is involved in.

    "What???" (Splutter, splutter) "No debate on IMMIGRATION?!!!1!"

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