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"If someone tells him the truth, he looks upon that as poison. He cannot tell victory from defeat. This is the way of life in the world of the faithless cynic."

–Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

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  1. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Senate Democrats (Udall and Bennet) continue to kill . . .  Veterans

    On Wednesday the house voted 390-33 to pass a bill to hold managers at the VA accountable.HR-4031.

    The Republicans in the Senate tried to bring the matter up for a vote.  Senator Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, blocked the vote.

    It seems there is a secret waiting list in the Senate for legislation to clean up the secret waiting lists at the VA.

    Here is what the speaker of the House had to say:


    “As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, I am disappointed, and – frankly – shocked that Senate Democratic leaders chose to block legislation that would hold VA managers accountable, which passed the House with strong support from both parties. This bill is not the whole solution to the systemic problems plaguing the VA, but it is a crucial first step – and there is no substantive objection to it at all. None. As we head home to honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, it’s fair to ask why Senate Democrats won’t stand up for more accountability?”

    • ZappateroZappatero says:

      AC, I assume you believe in God and stuff. If there is a Him/Her/It, then if I were you I'd be worried about the incredible number of lies you manage to tell daily and how it will affect your status at the pearly gates. Really, please, try to develop an original thought. Just one! (That would be a good start and I would applaud it.)

      If your mission is to muddy the debate, it's accomplished. If it's to block Dems, you'll have to do more. If it's to change one of our minds, never.

      If it's only to earn that $5 AFP-CO/Link payment, then carry on.

      But I gotta tell ya, quoting, or even referring to, that hideous, orange-tinted, alcoholic automaton that is John Boehner is only a poor reflection of you, not of today's politics. And for every reason they give that Dems failed at this and Dems failed it that, don't forget the planned obstruction of our duly elected President has hurt you and yours as much as me and mine. And no, I don't need to pretend I did it all on my own and if only the damned guvmint would get outta my way I'd be the 5th Koch Brother.

      Have a Shitty Fucked Up day.

      • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

        I'd offer the librarian, for today's breakfast, his words from yesterday:

        I thnk Renfroe sees the world through the eyes of someone developing property, not the eyes of someone whose property is being involtarily developed. His would-be constituents don't see things that way. People tend to suffer from "if it makes sense to me it makes sense" syndrome, as opposed to trying to look at things from both sides.  (emphasis mine)

        This is a Lincoln-era program that clearly needs reform; they manage 85 million appointments annually – nothing is going to go perfectly.  To quote JFK,

        "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer.  Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."

        Fake outrage over the lack of a Senate vote isn't going to fix the problem.  If there was ever a cogent case for a "Select Committee", perhaps this would be a better use of time and resources than the Benghazi circus.

        • Andrew Carnegie says:


          A parade of clowns have espoused a single party payor system as the desired solution to the County's health care problems.  

          The VA is such a system.  

          Politicians such as Obama and Udall and psudeo intellectuals such as Paul Krugman and Ezra Klein.see the obvious consequences like rationed care and dishonest management as the exception and not the obvious consequence of the structure.

          Back in 2009 this is what they were saying.  

          Howard Dean, who claims Republicans are not Americans said the public  option is “just like the Veterans Administration”. 

          Paul Krugman wrote “we actually have a real live case of impressive cost control in health care: the VA system.”

          Thank God these fools were not able to put their desired system in place.

          The Country needs to give veterans access to health care in the same way children in some inner city slum are provided access to charter schools, by allowing them to have access to private sector health care.  

          You don't need some type of panel to figure out the problem, just a leader who is willing to lead.

          Sure would be nice for both sides of the aise if there was one.

          • ct says:

            Did troll just use the term "psudeo intellectuals" ?  I guess we can add 'no sense of irony' to f'ing liar.


          • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

            You seemed to have missed the fact that ACA (and the voucher system I eluded to) is a private insurance market place operating under federal standards.  To my larger point, you'll support the formation of a Select Committee to 'get to the bottom' of 4 deaths in Benghazi, but the outrage over 10x that many vets allegedly dying from VA incompetence serves as nothing more than a platform for rage on the 24/7 newscycle. 

            Try again.

    • denverco says:

      Hey hypocrite – you forgot this :

      • Christian Science Monitor


      Republicans block Senate bill to boost veterans' benefits


      A bill to increase spending for veterans' services failed to move forward in the Senate, despite support from 54 Democrats and two Republicans.

      By Alan FramAssociated Press / February 27, 2014

      A divided Senate on Thursday derailed Democratic legislation that would have provided $21 billion for medical, education, and job-training benefits for the nation's veterans. The bill fell victim to election-year disputes over spending and fresh penalties against Iran.



      Each party covets the allegiance of the country's 22 million veterans and their families, and each party blamed the other for turning the effort into a chess match aimed at forcing politically embarrassing votes.

      Republicans used a procedural move to block the bill after Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont chided GOP lawmakers about their priorities.

      "I personally, I have to say this honestly, have a hard time understanding how anyone could vote for tax breaks for billionaires, for millionaires, for large corporations, and then say we don't have the resources to protect our veterans," said Senator Sanders, the measure's chief author.


      Democrats noted that more than two dozen veterans groups supported the legislation. But Republicans said they still favor helping veterans while also wanting to be prudent about federal spending.

    • langelomisteriosolangelomisterioso says:

      AC usually we can count on you to come up with a higher grade BS. I'm not sure you're even trying anymore other than phoning in the usual wingnut blathering points,buzzwords, and fear phrases.

      I ocurs to me that any financial difficulties the VA might have could likely be addressed by building fewer of those black plastic bombers we don't really need anyway a handful less of the F-35 and the F-22 . Throw in a nuke powered missile or attack sub and there'd be money left over. It might also help if there hadn't been a whole lot more clients created in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • The bill that passed the House removed Civil Service reforms put in place to ensure that political appointees could not fire civil servants without reason – e.g. whenever a new administration came in to power.

      The House bill is just another knee-jerk reaction to a situation that is not yet understood. It’s Sherrod Brown take 10.

  2. ct says:

    What 'Investors Business Daily' cartoon might this provoke?


  3. CaninesCanines says:

    Heads up: Who in the legislature thought it was a good idea to allow only marijuana businesses, not citizens themselves, to test licensed cannabis products at state-certified labs? And, if so, how much money did you take from marijuana industry lobbying groups?

    Let's revisit that subject in another week or so, okay?

  4. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    I see we're having another up is down black is white troll day.  Have a good Memorial Day weekend everyone.

  5. MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

    "Local Control", now known as "Initiative 75" , cleared by Colorado Court to begin gathering signatures.  Let's the hysteria of a doomed economy begin….

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