Lakewood GOP House Candidate Lifts Perlmutter Slogan

Attorney Stacia Kuhn is the Republican nominee for HD-28 (Lakewood), where the GOP has an uphill battle in trying to defeat incumbent Democratic Rep. Brittany Pettersen. Kuhn's website sports a really ugly logo that would have been trendy in, say, 1985, but she does have a catchy slogan–and it's already been proven to be effective!


Just ask Congressman Ed Perlmutter, the popular Jefferson County incumbent Democrat who has been using basically the same tagline since being elected in 2006:


Kuhn's slogan is "Your Neighbor, Your Voice," which we suppose is just slightly different enough from Perlmutter's "Our Neighbor, Our Voice" to avoid getting sued. But it's not different enough to avoid ridicule, especially considering that HD-28 lies mostly within Perlmutter's district. Safe to say Kuhn's appropriation of Perlmutter's longstanding brand wasn't a good idea, and the chances it was an accident are pretty remote.

Short of a really good explanation, we're filing this in the "too clever by half" department.

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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    Stacia Kuhn for Colorado

    My Logo – Ed Permutter's Slogan

    Proven Bipartisanship

  2. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Kuhn thinks she's clever. If you use Google to search Kuhn's website for the word Republican, only one article appears, a post from right after she was nominated. That post has now been deleted, and there's no other way to see if Kuhn is even a Republican.

    This puts the theft of Perlmutter's logo in perspective…

  3. Not the first time Ed has led the way. In 2006 all the signs said "Perlmutter for Change".

  4. ElliotFladenElliotFladen says:

    Seems like this would be fair use.  And also a clever pun!

  5. Nasty Womanyameniye says:

    Truth in writing novels and politics – if it works for someone else, steal it.  No issue with her abscounding with Ed's slogan.  It happens and not to only the good and pure side.

  6. vertigo700 says:

    Ed Perlmutter earns his slogan by being one of the most effective and approachable congressman for his constituents. My grandmother lives in CO-7 and was having problem getting Social Security benefits when her second husband died..she got her problem solved in just a few days after personally visiting with Perlmutter at a grocery store.

    Stacia has to do more than just have a slogan..she needs to show that she'll earn it just like Perlmutter has during his time in Congress.

  7. Ralphie says:

    Look.  I've been a consultant for nearly 20 years.  You're only as good as what you can steall.

  8. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    What is up with that logo: Follow the bouncing ball? Buttocks and warts?

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