Session highlight: Kagan v Gardner

House Judiciary Committee debating the GOP’s personhood bill, HB 1133. Democrat Kagan is running the show as chairman. Waller and Gardner are the heavies for the GOP. Everyone knows the bill is dead. There’s no way to save it. But Gardner wants to emerge with something useable. He offers an amendment that he wants to get the Dems on record as a opposing, you know, for campaign advertisery and/or Kelly Maher buffoonery. So he says he wants to add a “no late-term abortion” amendment to an anti-abortion bill, which is not only transparently mere politics but also asinine. Gardner is trying to cover over those embarrassing aspects of what he is proposing by talking a lot, because what else would Bob Gardner do?

Kagan cuts in and says there will be no amendment and then tells Gardner “Thanks, Bob, we’re moving on.”

Gardner is beside himself, fuming, sputtering into his microphone. “Blah blah abuse of power!” “Blah blah besmirching the record of deliberation in a democracy.” Veins popping, eyes bugging behind the glasses.

No, sorry. This is a committee and there will be no infamous Bob Gardner filiblustering, says Kagan in different words.

Gardner is term limited. He’ll never again in his life enjoy a captive (trapped) audience like he has enjoyed at the legislature, which makes this committee meeting all the more poignant.

There is steam rising from Gardner’s head as Kagan moves on. It’s like no one has ever told Bob Gardner to just sit down and shut up before in his life.

Wikipedia says that Bob Gardner the demonstrative Christian is once-divorced. We are shocked!

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