Gov. Jan Brewer: Never Mind Those Silly Political Blogs

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ).

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ).

The Colorado Statesman's Jody Hope Strogoff follows up today on last Friday's fundraiser, first reported by Colorado Pols, for Colorado GOP Attorney General candidate Cynthia Coffman starring controversial Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

We're very pleased to learn that Gov. Brewer is a reader!

Brewer candidly acknowledged that — to the mild chagrin of her staff — she typically peeks at blogs and political news sites in the middle of the night so she can monitor what they’re saying about her.

She was well prepared to counter the numerous inaccuracies she alleged in Colorado’s collective local media and blogosphere.

Brewer explained that the firestorm surrounding one of the much criticized bills on domestic partners rights had nothing to do with any hatred on her part of the lifestyles of gays; rather, she insisted, her state was undergoing a severe financial crisis at the time and Arizona could not afford to pay for the measure.

Senate Bill 1070, a controversial immigration bill, likewise ignited another firestorm, Brewer admitted, but she staunchly defended it. “We are a border state,” Brewer said, “and we have borders for a reason.”

…Arizona’s HB 1070 simply and very clearly mirrors the federal law that has not been enforced, Brewer maintained. The borders have been secured in other states, such as in Texas and California, but Brewer said illegals have been allowed to cross into Arizona. “They have not enforced [the borders] and we know why,” Brewer said. “They want voters.” [Pols emphasis]

Wow! We stand…well, not so much corrected as, you know, validated--but thanks for the candid opinion, governor. For the record, she also says that the "religious freedom" bill sanctioning discrimination against LGBT Arizonans, which she vetoed after a considerable degree of hemming and hawing (not to mention lots of staff time from her office) was never a good idea.

Strogoff's whole story is certainly worth reading–though in the likely event that Jan Brewer becomes a nationwide political liability once again to her fellow Republicans before Election Day, Cynthia Coffman might prefer you skip it. Whatever talking points Coffman and her emcees respond with, there's nothing about Jan Brewer politically that helps any Colorado Republican.

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  1. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    “They have not enforced [the borders] and we know why,” Brewer said. “They want voters.” [Pols emphasis] – See more at:

    Can she or anyone demonstrate anything approaching a significant problem with undocumented immigrants voting in our elections? Can she or anyone offer any proof that Democrats encourage non-citizens to vote fraudulently? 

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Kind of leads me to wonder, is there any national-stage Republican that would be helpful politically to any of Colorado's statewide candidates?

  3. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    Yeesh. Sorry, but that picture is awful.

  4. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    Back in the day nobody worried about too much sun. This is the result. When my very much non-sun bunny mother-in-law died at 105 she had better looking skin.

    • ModeratusModeratus says:

      Jeez! If I talked that way about Nancy Pelosi you'd want to burn me at the stake.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        Says who? Care to research that. Care to find an instance where I went into pearl clutching mode because someone made fun of Pelosi's appearance? Go ahead. Give it a try.

        I think Pelosi did a great job as Speaker but back when she became Speaker she had a pretty fresh eye job that made her look perpetually stunned. You could see white pretty much all the way around the iris. Pretty sure I may have made a remark or two back then. And which of us haven't made remarks about Boehner being orange?  I just don't make those remarks as a way of addressing policy issues. When I don't like a legislator's vote or proposed legislation any e-mail I send won't note their race, ethnicity, gender or bad hair via slurs.

        • BlueCatBlueCat says:

          PS. It's also true. My mother in law had remarkably unlined skin for her age. Also true the sun causes skin to get lined and leathery. That's why ladies in times past wore big hats, gloves and carried parasols when out and about. It wasn't because they were concerned with skin cancer. The higher classes didn't want to look old at 30 the way the weather beaten peasants did.  

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