Democratic State Assembly Open Thread

To be updated with developments from the Colorado Democratic Party's state assembly at the Bellco Theater today.

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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    10:08 call to order campaign video, welcome, Cary Kennedy opening remarks.

    “Democrats know how to win!” Introduces Rick Palacio.

    Rick: We need more women Dems.Introduces Blanca O'Leary, for update from DNC.

    Blanca: Summarize DNC meeting. 23 resolutions passed. Western Caucus: Udalls race shot to the top priority when Cory Gardner stepped in.  Hispanic Caucus, Latino summit in the fall, in Texas, home of Sen. Munoz. Women's caucus, women will be critical in midterm elections. General session: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, President Obama: distinction between two parties is stark. Dems care about people. Project Ivy:  big data system available for all Dem candidates up and down the ticket. B/c IVy is tough and durable and can break down walls. Plus DNC HQ is on Ivy St.

    Board of Regents Chair: Talks about regent officials., DAs.

    passing envelopes, not too many people taking them.

    Credentials comittee adopted. Permanent report approved.

    Rick Palacio is back. Chris Kennedy, Carolyn Bohlin (sp?) Nomination procedures, vacancy committee filled, etc.

    UDall for CO campaign comes up, fills aisles. Dems like to clap and cheer.

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Nice shout out to choice in Udall's campaign video. Minimum wage: If you work full time, shouldn't be in poverty. Fair pay. 78 cents on the dollar for women. Udall Cosponsored paycheck fairness act 6 times.

    • HappyWarrior says:

      Great State Assembly. Chris Gates and Pat Waak were great State Party Chairs in their own ways but Rick Palacio has taken it to a new level.  Is it time to consider Rick for DNC Chair?

  2. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    10:45 am, Udall endorsements, mostly from women.

    Support for immigrants: need "up or down vote" on comprehensive immigration reform.

    On energy, not just "all of the above", but "best of the above". Oh yeah!

    Colo House Rep, District ___? : (Dynamic speaker): women's health issues are economic issues that impact all Coloradans. Mark Udall always met with women constituents in DC.

    Leroy Garcia: (Rep 46 from Pueblo): Veteran's issues, Udall stands up for vets. Pushed through expanded veteran's benefits, expanded GI bill. Fought for rural communities, stopped Army expansion on Pitkin canyon site. Helped ski communities to be open during off season.


  3. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    A rousing welcome for Ken Salazar….

  4. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Yuma county delegate for Udall: No, I did not vote to secede last year. (cheers and laughter from crowd). To counter attack ads, need a grassroots army to knock doors, make phone calls. So join 14ers club.

    Ken Salazar: in cowboy hat. Big cheers from crowd. Fierce independence, can stand up to Koch Bros, Pres of US, anybody else. Colorado is right at focal point of most significant election of our times. PPl say turnout will be low, Dems asleep. Crowd: NOOOOO!!!! Colorado deserves better than the Tea Party.  No race in the country more important than Mark Udall.

  5. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    11:28 Lost Daryl's generous use of his wifi, so went dark for awhile. Udall's speech was themed "Hell or high water", referring to the fire and flood disasters last year. 

    He contrasted himself with Gardner on reproductive choice, minimum wage, immigration, not voting to shut down the government, his work on NSA.

    He acknowledges the Koch ads, said, "You can't buy Colorado votes – you have to earn them." Crowd enthusiastically and unanimously nominates him as sole  Senate candidate.

  6. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    12:15 Frail and futile effort to keep nominations open for Governor, and to say "No" to the acclamation vote for Hickenlooper. Several hecklers interrupted with calls of "Don't frack Colorado!" Hick's response: "We'll talk about that outside." Huh?

    The nomination process took all of about five seconds. All in favor: "Aye!" roared the crowd. Those opposed. "Nay" said a few people. I was one of those "Nay sayers". Why? Because the governor is the one "dividing" the Colorado electorate. Five communities chose to ban fracking within their borders. Hickenlooper then initiated a lawsuit to overturn the will of the voters in those communities. If votes don't matter, why have elections? If Hick ignores voters, why does he seek the nomination?

    Anyway. I'm sure I'll piss off a few people in Pueblo, but many also feel the same way.


    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

      I lost my connection to the internet at about 11:00 and never got it back..drat. My observations essentially mirror mamas' (great to meet you mama…Look forward to your company at a meet up in GJ ere' long).

      I agree with you wholeheartedly about Hick. There was a definite chill in the room, even though the party faithful tried their best to warm up the place for our fracker-in- chief. I, too, was one of the few who shouted a symbolic "Nay" when asked.

      John Hickenlooper will be re-elected to the governorship of Colorado. Of that, I have no doubt. I would be surprised if Mike Copp or Scott Gessler can pry a couple of grand out of the Oily&Gaseous boys..they are really happy with the Guv.

      Do we all remember the vitriol with which they attacked Bill Ritter for his affrontery? Hear any of that coming from the Petroleum Club, lately?

      Hick has missed his calling…he should be the host of the  TV show, "Ridiculousness". On the other hand, his seat is about as safe as they get, why bother being serious?


      • The realistThe realist says:

        The chill was apparent in my area of the auditorium — and the delay in getting someone to come to the microphone to get Hick's nomination started was bizarre. It came across as if no one was prepared (or wanted?) to do this. While everyone looked around to see IF there was a campaign coming up to the stage several yelled, "Any nominations from the floor?" If as expected, Hick's war chest gets him re-elected, when many Dems do not support him, and of course Repubs don't, it should be another clear indication to the electorate that voters are really not in charge of our corporatocracy.


  7. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    2:10 pm.  All platform resolutions approved. Some minor controversy on the "oppose Keystone XL" and the "Oppose expansion of Chatfield Dam" resolutions, but they all still passed.

    Joe Neguse lit the house up. (I didn't get that video). Andrew Romanoff also got the crowd on its feet.  Irv Halter, Abel Tapia and Vic Meyers, all gave solid speeches. Vic Meyers was the surprise of the afternoon- he had a large, enthusiastic crowd of supporters, and gave a low-key, funny speech. Buck,  (or possibly Scott Renfroe) may yet have a run for his money in CD4. I'll post the videos of the speeches  later on tonight.

    • VoyageurVoyageur says:

      Sorry I missed the fun.   I was elected but I have a major crud.   I would have been coughing a lot, disrupting others, and that's no fun. 

    • NeonNurseNeonNurse says:

      Vic is a good guy; smart, outgoing, with a background that is an excellent fit for CD-4. He's also been hitting the pavement hard and regular for over six months already, despite not knowing if the party would get behind him or not. I've very glad they've voted yea!


      • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

        I think both the party and the Repubs are underestimating Vic.  He'll do well.  I can't wait for his first "Chickenhawk v. Veteran" moment.

        • roccoprahn says:

          I hope you're right, but it's wierd how repubs have completely abandoned the "support the troops" jargon since 44 was elected.

          One excercise I use………a lot……….when talking to a self proclaimed patriot repub is to ask if the said red knows how many of our kids were killed in Afghanistan the week previous.

          True, it's not a sin not to know. In fact, a lot of Democrats aren't keeping up with it, and it's not a fun thing to talk about. But…………we're still spending 2 billion a week, and our kids are still dying. (Not last week though….we did pitch a shut out, thankfully). 

          My point is, repubs are now literally running away from the troops. They don't want to know, and thier answers to that question from 2 paragraphs ago expose them as the frauds they've allways been. It's actually apathy in red circles at this point. repubs just don't care.  

          And our kids are still getting shot at. Hit. Maimed.Killed.

          Thanks, republicans! Get us in it, then cut and run.

          So, as much as I want Vic to behead EITHER draft dodger buck or just plain chickenhawk renfroe, shaming either, I'm just thinking the republican CD4 voters, most of whom avoided service anyway, won't get the point.

          But yes, it's there if he wants it.

          • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

            The cognitive dissonance between the 'support the troops' crowd in CD4 and the willingness to dismiss said veteran because he's 'one of them' is suffocating.  That said, I had the chance to meet Vic for the first time a couple weeks ago when I spoke in Lamar.  He's impressive.  If he can get enough face time with CD4 voters, he'll make it competitive.  I hope the party steps up and gets behind him (I'm not holding my breath on that one).

            • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

              By 'one of them', I mean, "a Democrat".

              • roccoprahn says:

                You bet. I understood what you meant by "one of them", Mr. Bowman. Immediately

                It's the true proof of how phony republicans as a whole party truly are.

                I still remember when limbaugh was getting away with calling Democratic United States Military personnel like Generals Karpinski and Clark "one of thiers".

                Maybe the most disgusting and beneath contempt example republican of hypocrisy was the swiftboat scam, turning the 5 exemption draft dodger cheney and the air guard deserter bush into heroes, and framing the United States combat PCF skipper with 3 Purple Hearts and a Silver Star as a "fake". Boy, that's slimy.

                Like you, I hope the party gets behind Vic Meyers. We need quality in Colorado CD4 and we need the House.

  8. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    Need to bring in some Rebubs.

  9. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    I had a chance to chat with Andrew just before he went on, I regret that I don't live in CD6, but I am sending a donation as soon as I finish here tonight. We talked about his committment to eschew PACs and such, he acknowleges how hard it is to compete that way, but (I gather) still believes, as do I, that Big Money will never take itself out of our politics. We have to have the courage and the willingness to MAKE that happen. Long odds can be beaten, they have been before..

    …I don't really have enough nice things to say about that guy. I am a big fan. Please send him a little money… whatever you can..if we all do, it will make his job, which is winning this race, enormously easier.

    Now we just have to get Mike Bowman into an office where he can help the state he so clearly loves. If we can keep getting guys like that in office, could get some shit done!

    Abel Tapia is a very nice man. I passed along your comment, Ralphie, and his young staffer will follow up with me so that we can show him how to find us smiley.

    I had to leave after Andrews' speech, but before I left I had a nice talk with Irv Halter..he made a very positive impression on me. I didn't get to meet Joe Neguese, but I heard him speak and he has the tools. I met and spoke with Don Quick who is a very personable and articulate man. I have heard nothing but good things about him.

    All in all, I thought the energy in the place was exceptional, as were the candidates. The Democrats have been watching the Republican Clown Car Follies and I think they can't help but be encouraged. This one is ALL about GOTV.

    BTW…Everyone I talked to reads Coloradopols.. way to go Pols….cool

    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

      ,we could…etc.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      BTW…Everyone I talked to reads Coloradopols

      It's the Saturday videos that reels them in 🙂

    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

      Thanks for that unsolicited shout-out, DC smiley  Does anything in the platform address the fact we've returned to pre-recession levels of childhood poverty in the state? Or that childhood poverty in southeastern Colorado is, in many places, 200% of the state average?  Or the disconnect in our chest pounding that although we've risen from #40 to #4 in state rankings,  we've also joined a not-so-auguste group:  we are one of seventeen states where the entirety of our recent economic gains have gone to the top 1%?

      • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

        There are a number of platform planks in the final Democratic party platform under I. Economic Policy, II.Job Creation and Community Based Economic Solutions and III.Economic and Social Justice.

        I didn't see anything that addressed the shameful statistics you mentioned, which are specific to Colorado. I also didn't hear any candidates yesterday talking about childhood poverty in Colorado.

        Perhaps you should come back over to the dark side (Dems) and help to fine-tune our perspectivewink

        I checked out the Colorado Republican 2014 resolutions report.   Nothing in it about childhood poverty, although fine words like liberty, justice, Constitution, abound, and it seems to be mostly about expanding gun rights, lowering taxes, destroying public education (promote charter schools  and abolish US Dept of Education). Oh, and they're right there with Hickenlooper on strongly opposing local control of fracking within municipal boundaries.

      • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

        De nada…
        it’s like this, Michael, you have a habit of baring your soul in your writing. It is a primary reason why it is consistently compelling reading. I believe you are just the kind of person to help guide us into the future as one of our leaders and our decision makers. I have made no secret about my support for you as an office holder…trouble is…which one?

        I am thinking Governor, but that might be a bigger bite at the apple than you are willing to take. Su listo, mi listo…

        • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

          Thanks, Duke.  A lot of soul searching going on at my casa.  We're all good at 'something' and I, like you, just want to make a difference – however that manifests itself.  At my core I'm a rural Coloradan.  My great-grandfather homesteaded in Prowers County a hundred years ago and then shortly thereafter moved north to Yuma County.  It's too easy to long for the days of Roy Romer – a man who well-understood our communities – and Bill Ritter, who lead with his chin on a vision that made us a global leader in the energy transition. 

          I had just less than four years as a Democrat before I left the party (after 30 years as a Republican) so my political clout, to the extent I had any, was on par with a 22-year old who became registered and active.  Most of our differences can be explained with simple arithmetic – and I painfully understand 'the math': neither party needs the rural vote for the vast number of races and ballot initiatives.  Listening to the crap that falls out of my represenatives mouths (Brophy and to a lesser extent, Jerry) is maddening – generally because it defies logic and mathematical equations – but it brings no more enjoyment than the deafening silence from the Dems outside the metro area. 

          As I mentioned in one of my comments to BlueCat, as long as the conservation easement debacle remains, one that could be resolved by the Governor with the stroke of a pen, I'd have little interest in coming back.  If Democrats can't or won't solve a problem like that and show they have even the slightest interest in rural affairs – one that is systemetically bankrupting hundreds of rural farmers and ranchers unnecessarily – then I couldn't be true to who I am.

          What I haven't answered yet is whether what I am good at makes me someone whose talents are better utilized inside or outside of the (elected) political sphere.  But I promise you I'll be makiing that determination soon.  Reading the text of Senator Ulibarri's speech, talking about the challenge of the millenials and what puts a fire in his belly, (I have three children that are his age) really stirred my resolve to tackle these scourges on society head-on.  As Jessie so eloquently stated in part of his speech:

          My generation is often characterized as an impatient lot, and I have to agree with that assessment. I come from the generation that brought you Google, Facebook and Snapchat. I come from the generation that survived 2 endless wars, 2 terms of George W. Bush, and the Great Recession. Our impatience comes from the lived knowledge that a fierce urgency is core to our survival.

          As a grandfather who stares in to the blue eyes of a five and a six-year old, I feel the same exact urgency.  I don't know Senator Ulibarri personally, but if he happens to read this I'd like to say, "Thank you" to this fine young man.

          • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

            Duke – I wrote this mini-diary on my Facebook page (I post everything there in 'Public' mode so anyone can read it) after reading Timothy Egan's Op-Ed in the New York Times last week.  In the event you didn't see it, here's the text of my response:

            "So, which is worse: a heartland in trouble, or a system where the big issues-water, land and new blood – are not even part of a democracy’s most important contest?"

            ~Timothy Egan

            Two weeks ago I had the honor of being asked to speak in Lamar to the Prowers County Democratic Assembly. My drive from Wray south took me by the Wray wind turbine; acres of irrigated pivots suckling from the Ogallala, wide expanses of wheat fields, through the oil and gas patch south of Burlington – and through the nearly vacant Sheridan Lake. Continuing south towards Granada provided a glimpse of some of the hardest hit areas of the historic drought.

            This article nails it: without water and people, our rural areas are significantly challenged. My great-grandfather first homesteaded near Lamar – and was then forced to migrate north to the Beecher Island area in search of a new home 100 years ago. Little did he know that the vast resource below him, the Ogallala, and the vast resource above him – the wind and sun – would redefine the economies of the communities that his great, great-great and great-great-grandchildren would inhabit.

            What most saddened me about the drive was the fact that it has become so difficult to 'transition'. Building and maintaining strong rural communities should be core to both federal and state leadership. Communities like Lamar (and all of eastern Colorado) are literally drowning in the resources to to be economically vibrant. Their land, water, wind and people provide the very foundation for the necessary products we need in the 21st century: a more local food supply; abundant energy resources – and a well educated and trained workforce.

            I understand the challenges of building these ties between the rural and urban counterparts. For the most part, we're being sold a false narrative by our representatives that we're somehow 'independent' – that urban folks "don't care". It exasperates collaboration and both sides have failed in this dialogue.

            It doesn't have to be this way. And we're running out of time.

            • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

              False narratives abound these days. As I type this I am listening to a TV in the other room. "The Lady in the Black Pantsuit" is telling us how natural gas is the one thing that can give us prosperity, jobs, clean up our environment and make sure little girls have great birthday parties.

              I made a conscious choice several years ago to challenge this false narrative at every opportunity. Whether or not I have been and will continue to be effective in that effort, I don't know. But I will not stop. I will always encourage smart, honest, caring people like you, Michael, to be involved like you.

              It is a challenge each of us must face. Thank you for your tireless work on our behalf. 

          • The realistThe realist says:

            For candidates and potential candidates, that

            . . . whether what I am good at makes me someone whose talents are better utilized inside or outside of the (elected) political sphere.

            is one of the many questions you consider. Difficult to find the answer to that one, for anyone. One thing is clear – what's missing for Colorado is the right vision for the future and the right leader to get us there. Whether it's an elective office, or a movement, we need a strong leader out front to get us where we need to be as a state.




          • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

            Michael, you know the gifts you were given: vision, articulation, a unique perspective, that undeniable quality – integrity? caring? that inspires loyalty in others.  At some point, you'll have to allow the Creator to use you and your gifts in the most appropriate way – which most of us on here beleive will be in running for elected office, again.

            Until then, enjoy your hemp farming, because that, too, is part of your "being of use".

        • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

          and , of course, that should be, "tu" listo.

  10. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Videos: Democratic assembly nomination acceptance speeches:

    Andrew Romanoff  (CD6): Funny, to the point…great communicator, inspiring leader. Quote; "Two scariest words (for Mike Coffman): Congressional Record."


    General Irv Halter (CD5): Impressive guy. Quotes: "Compromise is not the equivalent of surrender, as our Republican friends say.". "I don't like to talk about (Doug Lamborn), because it puts me at risk of having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent." "When your opponent is wounded, you kick it into high gear, and relentlessly apply every resource available to finish him off."

    Vic Meyers: Folksy, hilarious. Quotes:  "Every time one of them says, "Benghazi", I'm going to say, "Protect Social Security". ..Every time one of them says, "The Democrats are coming for your guns, I'm going to say, "Support immigration reform". And every time one of them stands up with a veteran next to a flag and gets their picture taken, and says, Vote for me, I'm going to say, "How dare you?"

    Abel Tapia for CD3:



    Nice to meet you too, Duke. And I had a great talk with Deric Stovall, a young Pueblo man who runs an 8 acre community garden, and loaned me his wifi hot spot to live blog. Shout out to Deric!

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Abel Tapia's speech was not "boring", in my opinion.  He is sincere and plain spoken. I'll take that any day over Scott Tipton's smarmy doublespeak. Tapia also appears to be good at governance, if we can extrapolate from his running a successful business for 30 years, and turning the Colorado Lottery around.  Instead of record bonuses to staffers, Tapia stopped the practice of basing bonuses on forecast revenues, while increasing prize payouts. From the Denver Post article on the 2013 Lottery audit:

      In the past two years, however, the lottery has increased beneficiary payouts by $22 million. A self-funded enterprise fund, the lottery generates half a billion dollars in ticket sales each year and provides about $100 million of proceeds for its beneficiaries.

  11. Gray in Mountains says:

    I concur with all impressions recorded here. But, Tapia, who I did get to meet, gave a pretty boring speech and was backed on stage by a much more limited demographic than Andrew, Udall, Meyers, Markey, Quick, Neguse… Halter had no one with him on stage or at the assembly.

    Neguse gave a very rousing speech. Never met him but very impressive.

    Wonder if the conversation re fracking that Hick said he was willing to have took place

    Udall is impressively organized with his 14teener group. Blue vests everywhere. Hope it continues to be a part of the campaign.

    Andrew was walking about all day. Hard NOT to meet Andrew.


  12. HappyWarrior says:

    Abel Tapia may not win but he is a fighter and wll make Scott Tipton work.  

    Rick Palacio being from Pueblo will be a huge asset for Abel in raising money in Colorado and nationally.

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