It’s The One Thing Cory Gardner Does Well


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

AP's Nick Riccardi:

Republican U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner's campaign is reporting it raised $1.4 million during the first three months of the year, almost all of it in March, following his surprise announcement he would challenge Democratic Sen Mark Udall.

Gardner raised $1.24 million in March and has $2.1 million in cash available. Udall raised more than $2 million during the first quarter of the year and has $5.9 million available. But the senator was raising funds for the full three months. Udall campaign spokesman Chris Harris said Wednesday that the campaign raised the majority of its total, $1.4 million, in March.

It makes sense that Sen. Mark Udall would have raised the bulk of his $2 million in March, after Cory Gardner's entry into the race moved Colorado up on everybody's lists of priorities. Gardner's $1.2 million in a month of fundraising keeps pace with Udall from his moment of entry, and that's why he was recruited for this race. Gardner's long train of issue baggage doesn't distinguish him from the other Republicans he pushed aside to get in this race, but his ability to raise all the money he'll need certainly does.

The other part of the Gardner fundraising dynamo story, who's giving, won't be available until his quarterly report is published in detail. But we suspect that will also be noteworthy.

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  1. gumshoe says:

    Only a month to raise, yes, but that's the best we could do with his low hanging fruit and the support of Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers? 

  2. gumshoe says:

    *he could do 

  3. dustpuppydustpuppy says:

    Gardner will have CUII on his side, and nothing else.

    Udall will have truth on his side, and truth defeats CUII and Koch brothers money.

    May Adelson die of a heart attack tomorrow, and Koch Brothers under IRS/FBI/DEA/FTC investigation for just about everything. And stands to lose all of their assets and industries.


  4. DawnPatrol says:

    How much of Cory's $$$ is Koch-soaked? Enquiring minds want to know. And you're right, Pols — it will be newsworthy, since CO and national Dems are going to hang the Brothers Grim around Gardner's neck like an anvil in a sack of rotting garbage.

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