At Least He’s Not Your INCREDIBLY Creepy Republican Congressional Candidate

From St. Petersburg, Florida, comes a story that would be an excellent April Fool's Day story…except it's not, as far as we know. But it is perfect for our long-running feature, "At Least They're Not Your Legislator."

Creepy Jake Rush

Jake Rush (left, and also, right)

According to Saint Peters Blog, conservative Republican Jacob A. Rush is challenging first-term GOP Rep. Ted Yoho in Florida's CD-3. While he's running to the right of the Tea Party favorite, Rush is also really, really, really, really creepy. You really should read the whole story, but here's a tidbit:

What the slick [campaign] video does not mention is that Rush – as “Chazz Darling,” “Staas van der Winst” and a host of other roles – was a long-time member of the Mind’s Eye Society, otherwise known as “Camarilla.”

Mind’s Eye, or MES, is a nationwide community of gothic-punk role-players who come together to take on personas of vampires and other supernatural beings (known as Kindred), dealing with night-to-night struggles “against their own bestial natures, hunters, and each other.”…

…Images that remained under the attorney’s name range between the utterly childish and truly unsettling — especially for someone wanting to be a serious “law and order” GOP congressional candidate who leans to the right of the Tea Party.

For example, images not erased — unlike one deleted photo uploaded in 2009 titled “Put on my Rape Face” — illustrate a disturbing spectrum, ranging from the silly and mild to unsettling portrayals of bizarre, ritualistic scenes of the occult, book burnings — even a succubus.

Now you have heard of a "succubus," which is some sort of sex demon or something (yes, we just wrote that sentence). Don't say you never learned anything on Colorado Pols.

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  1. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Of Course, I have heard of a succubus.   The Oxford English Dictionary includes this usage: "Sarah Palin is generally regarded as Satan's Succubus." 

  2. Meh. Not IMHO a big deal; I know my share of LARPers (Live Action Role Players), a whole bunch of SCAdians (classified by the FBI as the second largest paramilitary organization in the country and a neo-feudalist organization), and a few Vampire types. I can't get in to the site to see the pictures, but unless they're truly out there, I'm not going to pile on someone for having an imaginative personal life.

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