Caption This Photo: Tancredo’s “Pheasant Outreach Program”


Apropos, the Pueblo Chieftain reports today:

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, one of the Republicans running for governor, is bringing Cuban-American singer Jon Secada to Memorial Hall on April 11 for a fundraising concert…

Tancredo earned a national reputation while serving in Congress for opposing any legal residency for undocumented immigrants. In this year’s campaign, he’s been touting his appeal to Hispanic voters.

Secada first began his show business career as a backup singer to Gloria Estefan. He reportedly has sold over 20 million albums.

Well, to balance out Tom Tancredo's "Hispanic outreach event" in Pueblo with Cuban-American heartthrob Jon Secada, here's a picture of Tancredo with a virulently anti-immigrant Cuban-American, Sen. Ted Cruz, and America's most virulently anti-immigrant member of Congress, bar none now that Tancredo's not there, Rep. Steve "Cantaloupes" King of Iowa!

And with that, Tancredo's "Hispanic outreach efforts" incur a bit of a setback.

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  1. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    "Pheasant outreach!" Like Hispanic outreach, except for pheasants.

  2. CaninesCanines says:

    The old song by Junior Walker & the All-Stars comes to mind:

    I said, "Shotgun, shoot 'em for he runs now!"
    Do the jerk, baby!
    Do the jerk, now!

  3. RavenDawg says:

    Probably one of those fake hunting "clubs" where they release caged birds in the morning, you go shoot em in the afternoon.  Some sportsmen.  Might as well be shooting skeet.

  4. DawnPatrol says:

    "I'm With Stoopid!"

  5. DawnPatrol says:

    "Look, Ma — big gunz, and not a thimbleful of brains or a combined six inches among us!"

  6. DawnPatrol says:

    "Sixteen Birdbrains"


    "The GOP Village People"

  7. DawnPatrol says:

    "Crossly, Stilted, Gnash & Dead"

    ('k, I'll stop now. These buffoons are just so difficult to resist!)

  8. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    Unlike Colorado's Hipanics, Florida's Cubans have always leaned strongly R, though that's changing among their younger demo. Tanc thinking he can do outreach to Colorado's Hispanic-Americans with a Cuban-American (what's the difference they're all the same? Yeah right) is laughable.

  9. DawnPatrol says:

    "The Slaughterhouse Three"

    (OK, so I couldn't resist. It's soooo easy to lampoon these clueless, pandering pseudo-macho goofs.)

  10. marklane1351 says:

    The bigger the gun the smaller the …

  11. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    "We're ready for Dick Cheney's Marksmanship and Propaganda Class!"

    Motto: The Big Lie is like a shotgun blast – If you just keep shooting, you'll  hit something sometime!

  12. MapMaker says:

    Securing the border.

  13. ct says:

    ^^ for Dwyer.

    Whenever he gets blue he should look at this.  

    Looking at the numbers, the 'rural' vote in Colorado is not that significant. Other than Krazy Kongressman King, I suppose Tanc needs to win the Primary before he hands another victory to Hick, and the seccessionist vote will certainly have an outsized influence in the GOP Primary fight. I suppose dead birds, guns and goofy grins appeal to them. And if one counts 'small cities' in the mix, I suppose the number goes up of what counts as 'rura.'  But I still wonder what fantasy of the disaffected suburban white male does this appeal to?  

    It looks like a spoof, only its not.  And yet it is–today's GOP, self-parody brought to the meta level.  


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