Caption This Photo: Cory Gardner and Paul Ryan Yuck It Up

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​For reasons we haven't yet determined, something about this phone, or perhaps the camouflage phone case, is really funny! Either way, given Rep. Paul Ryan's recent appearances in the headlines, we thought our readers might enjoy hypothesizing what's going on here. Was this the moment Rep. Cory Gardner got his own Koch brothers hotline? Which would very logically come in camouflage? On the other hand, as a Colorado Republican, how dare Rep. Gardner be pictured with anything other than a Magpul iPhone Field Case™?

That said, isn't it great to see Rep. Gardner making friends?

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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    "Somebody said we could have this."


    "This little box is talking to us!"


    "It's a chameleon — just like us!"


    "Neatest gizmo since our tin-foil hats and Rush Limbaugh decoder rings!"

    • Andrew Carnegie says:

      Maybe they were each given their own Obamaphone?

      • DawnPatrol says:

        ESAD, worm.

      • Curmudgeon says:

        Wow, a racist dog-whistle GOP talking point, from AC? 

        Who knew?

        • DawnPatrol says:

          Why they haven't yet banned this filthy racist, amoral slanderer and habitual liar and spammer will forever remain a mystery to me. Enough is e-damned-nough

          • Andrew Carnegie says:

            DP, Everyone that disagrees with you is a racist, I get it.

            Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

            • Curmudgeon says:

              That's absurd. Everyone who disagrees with DP cannot be proven to be a racist. So, far, it's just you. 

              • Andrew Carnegie says:

                And the proof is using the term Obamaphone?

                You got to get out more often.  

                In the major cities, outside of welfare offices where they are pushed, that is how they are referred to, mostly by the group of people for whom your sorry white ass pretends to feign offense.

                • Curmudgeon says:

                  And what group would that be, chickenshit? Funny how you racist baggers love to flirt and giggle dance around the terms, 'cause it gives you a little thrill, but when called on it, you gather you little petticoats and dash away…..

                  • Andrew Carnegie says:

                    Cur, I haven't gone anywhere.

                    Have you ever been approached by someone asking whether you wanted an Obamaphone?

                    I have been.

                    • Curmudgeon says:

                      Come on, chickenshit. Name the group of people that you keep alluding to.  Or are you struggling to find a term other than what you use when you're among your peers? 

                    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

                      Tragically, POTUS will no longer be able to personally fund this explosian of Obama BushPhone users.  His money is tied up in funding the Museum of Muslim Culture

                      SSDD…exploiting people’s ignorance and falsely pointing to imaginary boogeymen.

                    • Miss Jane says:


                      If you are need of a Lifeline you should check it out.  You apply through your telecommunications company for a subsidy.  You can check at the link above and find the eligibility function to see if you are actually eligible.  It's easy.  Even you can do it, I promise. 

                      Now, any further mention from you about your delusion about phones will give cause to think you have a serious mental problem.  You really need to do something about your information sources.  They don't seem to be reliable. 



          • BlueCatBlueCat says:

            DP, perhaps you shouldn't complain about ColPols not taking the draconian step of banning, which would just give the fool something to crow about on rightie blogs as a badge of honor, while you continue to encourage said fool by responding in exactly the way the fool wishes. Just a suggestion, of course. 

            • DawnPatrol says:

              Save the condescending lectures, BC. You're *FAR* more guilty of dierct troll engagement than I. And I'll damn well "complain" about anything I want, any time I want. whether it meets with your apporval or not.

              • BlueCatBlueCat says:

                I said it was only a suggestion. Of course Colpols isn't going to ban AC. So maybe I don't discipline myself absoutely all the time. That doesn't make it ColPols job to save us from ourselves with a ban. It's our responsibility as individuals to decide how much or how little to encourage the ACs who show up, not ColPols.

                • DawnPatrol says:

                  Yeah, and this is now your second such suggestion to me, and again I am asking you to stop. I trust it will be the last time I need do so.

                  If you feel Pols benefits from becoming a dumping ground for every half-wit right-wing-extremist crackpot who comes here solely for the purpose of angering everyone with its outrageous lies and breathtaking stupidity, dropping its rhetorical turds and fleeing into the night, fine. If I want this kind of drive-by spamming and bald-faced, shameless lying, I can go to Yahoo, or "The Hill, or damn near every other political site where these bullies and mouthbreathers congregate. I felt and still feel that Pols is a cut or two above such right-wing open sewers.

                  Personally, I will abandon Pols sooner than later if the mods don't due something to rein in some of the thread-hijacking and spamming these clowns — especially this "AC" creature — increasingly regurgitate here, lifted from their own racist hate sites. Your mileage may vary.

                • DawnPatrol says:

                  Also, you do not speak for COPols nor do you have any more say than I in setting its policies, and your condescending tone is deeply unappreciated.

                  And no, you don't "discipline yourself absolutely" where trolls are concerened — far from it. Clean up your own backyard before hopping my fence.

                  • BlueCatBlueCat says:

                    Don't have to speak officially for ColPols to know they aren't about to kick out AC.  Just have to have a grasp of their standards for drastic action. So if that means you're leaving… buh bye, then. Note these last comments aren't suggestions.

      • DawnPatrol says:

        Precisely. Baggers can't be bothered with any fact which doesn't support their racism.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        The important part for those who don't want to follow the link. Yes I'm looking at your, trolls:

        But as The New York Times notes in an editorial, the Obama administration does not pass out free phones for votes. There is a national program that provides low-income people with free or discounted phones, but it was started under George W. Bush, Obama's Republican predecessor.

        • Andrew Carnegie says:

          It was started under Bush and under Obama the program has been expanded by an order of magnitude accompanied by much fraud.

          • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

            As most fabricated stories about POTUS, when you peel the onion back it's always the same story: our "free market capitalists" find loopholes (created by their lobbyists on Capitol Hill), drive a Mack truck through said loophole, Faux News reports it as an "Obama giveaway" to the moochers, and then never a retraction by FN.

            There is a special place in the nether regions of Hell for these newscasters and Congressmen who wrap themselves in the flag and thump on the Bible to promote their fake Christianity – while simulataneously pillaging the American taxpayer.


            • Curmudgeon says:

              So, Jillian Kay Melchior is a member of that group you're too chickenshit to name?  

              • Curmudgeon says:

                You oughta go back to posting stupid cartoons, kid. Direct answers obviously aren't your thing. 

              • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

                Cur – just like the Food Stamp program the Repubs abhor (that happens to generate $560mm annually for JP Morgan), the Universal Service Fund has, historically, benefitted the two largest telecom providers.  In addition to the Obama Bush Phone, that same program also funds:

                • High Cost Program:  The net goal of the program is to keep telephone service affordable for customers in areas where, absent the subsidy, telephone service would be dramatically more expensive than the national average. (read: rural Colorado)
                • Rural Health Care:  This program provides subsidies for “tele-health and tele-medicine,” typically a combination of video-conferencing infrastructure and high speed Internet access, to enable doctors and patients in rural hospitals to access specialists in distant cities at affordable rates. (read: both community-owned hospitals in Cory Gardners home county, amongst several others across the state).
                • Schools and Libraries: This program, also known as E-Rate, provides subsidies for Internet access, telecommunications services, internal infrastructure and basic maintenance of internal connections to schools and libraries. The subsidies pay a percentage of costs based on need, with rural and low-income schools receiving the greatest subsidy. This support goes to service providers that provide discounts from 20% to 90% based on the level of poverty and the urban/rural status of the population served. Eligible schools, school districts, and libraries may apply individually or as part of a consortium, and must provide the hardware and software elements that are necessary to utilize the connectivity.  (read: nearly every rural school that Cory Gardner wants to represent)

                As a rural resident of Colorado I'm quite happy about the federal support for my subsidy. Federal support that makes the lives of everyone better.

                My home county (also Cory Gardners home county), a population of less than 10,000 people, received $537 million in federal farm payments between 1995-2012.  Please, do the per capita math on that one. Then lets have a conversation about comparative/benefit analysis of federal programs across the board.

                I can promise you Congressman Gardner wouldn't be seen within a mile of that conversation (nor one that involves a discussion of his continued support of fossil fuel subsidies)

                If you want to talk about the dreaded Obama Bush Phone and your hysteria about about "subsidies" – I'd be happy  to engage in a "whole system discussion".

                But, why in the world would the neo-cons want to talk about their largess to JP Morgan, Walmart , Koch, Cargill or Monsanto when they can blame all of our ills on a a black man? 

              • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

                So she admits to having three phones obtained under false pretenses? (she would have had to given false information to have received them) 

                Why aren't the NY police harassing her instead of law abiding citizens who just want to live peacefully?

                • Curmudgeon says:

                  Sad, isn't it? We're paying obscene amounts of money for military equipment that sits rusting, to warehouse people in a for-profit prison industry, and to susidize crooked, greedy bastards on Wall Street…..but AC and his ilk get their undies in a wad over a vastly smaller amount for cheap-ass cell phones.  I guess it depends on who the money's going to, huh? 

                  • BlueCatBlueCat says:

                    Just like with small d democracy. When it supports stuff they like, like TABOR or marriage discrimination, it's great. But when people use small d democracy to ban fracking in their communities, then it's terrible. Unless the fracking is going to impact their high end home values, of course. We can't have the values of their homes lowered along with the riff raff's. 

                    It's almost like they don't really believe in anything except I've-got-mine-screw-you Robber Baronism. Either win the race to the top fraction of a percent, be smart enough to be born into or marry into it or take crumbs and be happy with them. If God thought you were worthy you'd be in the top fraction of a percent yourself, right? 

                    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

                      WWRJD?  It was a clever plan that ol' Satan had when he convinced Christians to worship the moneychangers and warmongers.  

                      It does beg the question: Just how many homeless families does it take to make a billionaire?  (Apparently we don't have enough of them yet).

  2. Andrew Carnegie says:

    I think they just had a look at the latest Gallup Poll numbers on Obama's Job Approval, 39% approve, 55% disapprove.  To a Republican those are laugh out loud numbers.  Here is a link to what they were looking at.

  3. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    They want us to feel sorry for a business woman who may (probably won't) have to cut back on massages or stretch her cut and color appointment from monthly to every five or six weeks (once again, probably not) because of a possible (we don't even know that for sure) increase for coverage with an ACA approved plan. Oh the victimhood.  But when it comes to widespread real damage to real low income people in order to counter an unspecified amount of possible fraud …well, boo hoo for those poor people. They should just stop being poor I guess.


  4. exlurker19 says:

    "We're in the House, so our stuff is safe.  The CIA is only spying on the Senate!"


  5. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    I thought the comments were supposed to be proposed captions…

    Kudos to DawnPatrol and MichaelBowman who did both post a caption.

  6. ajb says:

    Obama took my insurance and all I got was a phone.

  7. ajb says:

    Look, an Obamaphone! Works just as well as Obamacare.

  8. skeptical citizen says:

    This is the new Ayn Rand model iPhone case.


  9. Miss Jane says:

    "See, we're not nerds, we have spiffy phones."

  10. CaninesCanines says:

    "We're trying to come up with a nickname for Cory to use during his campaign. How about the 'Conservative Otter'?!"

  11. dwyer says:

    Okay, this was my first thought when I saw the picture.  I am reluctant to post it because it probably doesn't make a lot of sense.  However, it keeps coming to mind whenever I see the picture.  Here goes:

    Look, Ma, No brains!

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