Suthers: Bob Beauprez For Governor

FOX 31's Eli Stokols, noted for the record:

Looking to build momentum one week after announcing his campaign, GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bob Beauprez announced Monday that he’s won the endorsement of the most senior Republican officeholder in the state, Attorney General John Suthers.

“There is no question in my mind, as I look at the Republican field for Governor at this point in time, he is far and away the best candidate,” Suthers said in a web video released by the Beauprez campaign Monday morning…

Suthers, who is term-limited as Attorney General, also hinted at Beauprez’s ability to raise the money needed to run a competitive campaign.

The word we hear is John Suthers' endorsement of late GOP gubernatorial primary entrant Bob Beauprez has as much to do with Suthers' negative opinion of Secretary of State Scott Gessler as any honest estimate of Beauprez's viability. It's worth remembering, as Gessler is fond of pointing out these days, that Suthers won his statewide election in 2006, the same year Bob Beauprez was handed an historic 17-point defeat by Democrat Bill Ritter–undercutting the claim by Beauprez since then that 2006 just wasn't "a good Republican year." If Suthers' experience is any guide, 2006 was mostly a bad year for Republicans named Bob Beauprez.

With that said, after bearing witness to Scott Gessler's antics for the last three years as Suthers has, we would find it very difficult to endorse him for higher office either. So maybe there's that.

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  1. If I were looking at the Republican field for governor right now, I'd say Beauprez was far and away the best candidate Republicans had right now, too. Even knowing how bad he was in 2006 when he was among the worst-performing Republican candidates fielded that year.

  2. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    Bastard Bob™ just lost my vote. He fucking robocalled me.
    I signed up for the DoNotCall list for a reason.

  3. itlduso says:

    I don't think they apply to nonprofits, political campaigns or businesses that you've had past transactions with.

    Caller ID is in order for you.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      They  do not.

    • davebarnesdavebarnes says:

      I know the LAW does apply.
      But, "Political campaigns may want to consider how crabby it makes people who have signed up when they get these calls."
      Crabby is not the correct term. Pissed off is closer.

      And, yes I did "signed up as a Republican so you could vote in primaries", but that does mean I would ever vote for Beauprez. I am thinking the gun-nut midget might be my choice.

  4. Orny92 says:

    Najltańsza naprawa turbiny na świecie polecam i zapraszam !

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