BREAKING: Beauprez to Annnounce Bid for Governor on Monday

Both Ways Bob Beauprez

Both Ways Bob Beauprez (right).

From FOX 31's Eli Stokols:

Bob Beauprez, the former congressman and 2006 GOP gubernatorial candidate, is preparing to enter the governor’s race next Monday, multiple sources confirm to FOX31 Denver.

Beauprez, who’s been hinting at a run for weeks and hoping to reach a deal for Tom Tancredo to leave the race, has been telling supporters this week that he’s jumping in regardless.

On Friday, Beauprez’s personal website came down, now reading: “coming soon”; another clear indication, sources close to the candidate confirm, that a campaign and an official site are in the works.

Beauprez's candidacy has appeared to be a foregone conclusion for a few days now, with both Scott Gessler and Tom Tancredo publicly stating as much. With Republican Cory Gardner making his U.S. Senate announcement on Saturday, and the GOP Caucuses beginning Tuesday, Beauprez didn't have many options left if he didn't make it official on Monday.

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  1. Republican 36 says:

    Will he petition on the ballot or go through the caucus and assembly process? There are many Republican activists who don't know Bob Beauprez. He hasn't been a candidate for eight years and virtually none of the delegates this year were delegates in 2006.

    His other disadvantage is the obvious one. He ran what is universally considered the worst major political campaign in Colorado history. He is entering this race with a huge question mark about his ability to organize and operate an effective campaign. His wallet can't make up for that deficiency.

  2. b trexel says:

    Wonderful! – – WHAT can / will (NOT Promise) these "canidates" do for Colorado (NOT = CO) and the people of the state..??

  3. DawnPatrol says:

    Oh it's ON, EmEffers — let's rumble! (gleefully rubs hands together in anticipation)

    Karl Rove? Bob Beauprez? Seriously?

    Forward to the past!  Quick — to the idiotmobile!


  4. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    The "Elk Whisperer" is back!!

  5. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    Truly, God is a Democrat.

  6. Andrew Carnegie says:

    It looks like Republicans will not be outspent at the top of the ticket in 2014.  Now we need to see how Udallcare, and the lies associated with it, effect the Dem brand with those is the middle.  It seems that for those outside the Pols bubble, the Dem brand is looking like lululemon after their see-through clothes line came out.

    • Republican 36 says:

      You are banking everything next November on how people feel about the Affordable Healthcare Act now. I wouldn't cunt my chickens before they hatch. The AFa is unpopular, no dout about it. The polls show that but the important question is whether or not that issue is what will motivate voters in November. I don't think we know yet. If the economy continues to pick-up the AFA may not be much of an issue next Fall and for all I know it may not be a voter motivating issue right now.

  7. Gray in Mountains says:

    another omelette this morning. Cheese, sausage, onion and diced habanero

  8. dwyer says:

    If I am reading George Will and Waddams (there's a pair) Everyone loves Cory.  The big money repubs and some of the teapartiers are all on board with Cory.  So Colorado may be the "kiss and make up" state for the various factions within the Republican Party, or not.

     But, the Waddams – Tancredo fight is still on.  So what happens if and when Beauprez comes into the governor's race?  And didn't Waddams move out of state to Montana or someplace like that?

    • ct says:

      WHAT?  George Will and Dick Wadhams, two GOP apologists with little sense and a need to express it think that Cory is thegreatest thing since sliced bleched-white spongey nutritive-free gluten-rich bread?  Uh oh.  

      Both Ways will almost clear the field, but Tom steps aside for no one!  This time he doesn't have secret-agent campaign-fund-milking Dan Maes to drive votes his way, so will handily picke up the GOP base, except for a few xenophobes.  It will be the reverse of 2010, with Tancredo getting low double digits, Beauprez taking 35-40% and Hick skting through with a decent plurality… << CT's prediction (subject to change at any moment).

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