Kopel urged Large Capacity Mag Manufacturers to Improve their Quality

(This is really going to become an actual argument, isn't it? Bigger magazines are safer because they don't work as well! — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Dave Kopel.

Dave Kopel.

That's how I read this, anyway

Dick DURBIN (D-IL): What I’m trying to get to is this, if you can rationalize a 100-round drum that someone can strap onto an automatic — semi-automatic weapon, as did in Aurora, Colorado, and turn it loose, killing dozens of people there, and saving lives only because it jammed, then you certainly ought to object to the laws that have been on the books for 80 years about machine guns. Why aren’t they allowed under the Second Amendment?

Dave KOPEL (Independence Institute): Because, as the — because, according to Heller, because they are not commonly used by law-abiding citizens for legitimate purposes,

DURBIN: But 100-round magazines are? 

KOPEL: You’re the one who wants to talk about 100-round magazines.

(Nice school yard debate tool there, Dave. -ed.)

DURBIN: I sure do.

KOPEL: And thank goodness — thank goodness he had a piece of junk like that that jammed, instead of something better made, where he could have killed more people with it.

DURBIN: Well, we — that’s what it’s all about, then?

KOPEL: It’s about saving…

DURBIN: We’re playing God here?

KOPEL: It’s about saving lives — it’s about saving lives with ordinary magazines. Hundred magazines are novelties that are not used by police officers or hunters or most other people.

Colorado's pro-death gun advocates should figure out if they want more people to die from 15-round clips or better made 100-round clips as Kopel suggested in his U.S. Senate testimony.

More Coloradans will certainly die from gun violence in the future. And there will be high capacity gun clips at the scene of the crime….you can rest assured of that.


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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    "Saving lives with ordinary magazines." That one spun right off into the twilight zone.

    MAIG study uno vez mas:

    The Mayors Against Illegal Guns studied 93 mass shootings in the US.  The study found that high capacity magazines were used in only 14% of those incidents, yet resulted in 63% of the fatalities.  

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