Caplis reminds Gessler that talk-radio interview is nothing like a candidate debate

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I was worried that the re-constituted Dan Caplis radio show (minus the occasional left-leaning questions from Craig Silverman) would turn out to be a combination of ritualistic chest-thumping and high-school cheerleading for Colorado Republicans.

But Caplis isn't giving his GOP guests complete cheerleader treatment.

For example, Caplis has been trying to convince GOP gubernatorial candidates Scott Gessler and Tom Tancredo, both of whom have refused to participate in Republican primary debates, to reconsider and do the debates.

And when they offer up lame excuses, Caplis calls them on it. For example, see this exchange on Caplis' KNUS 710-AM show this moring:

Caplis: At the end of the day, what I am asking, as a consumer, is 'Hey, if you are not going to participate in these debates, I hope you spend whatever time you need to refining your skill set. You're a really talented guy, but whoever the nominee is, they are really going to have to do well in these debates to expose the true John Hickenlooper.

Gessler: Here's what I will give you as a suggestion. Invite me on your radio show, and ask me tough questions. And I think I'll respond pretty well.

Caplis: I just think it's a different dynamic live under the lights with your opponent who is trying to duck and weave, etcetera. But, hey, nobody who knows you would doubt your abilities. I think it's just a matter of training for this particular big event.

Listen to Caplis tell Gessler that his talk radio show isn't like a candidate debate 2.6.14

Okay, it's a bit like a cheerleading session, but still. Caplis gets credit for having enough self-awareness to know that conservative talk radio isn't, in the actual real world, like a candidate debate, which takes place out of the echo chamber with moderators and even, gasp, real people possibly asking questions.

But, if Caplis does take Gessler up on his offer to practice debating on KNUS, one wonders if Gessler would allow his opponents to call the Caplis show for a little candidate-versus-candidate on-air chit chat.

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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    OMG. I would actually call in to a Gessler – Tancredo on air debate if that happened. Sounds like Caplis is a little more of a moderator, less of a shouting bully than Boyles. dwyer, I know you listen – what do you think?


    • dwyer says:


      Don't take my word for it.  Listen to Caplis a bit.  He is a skilled lawyer, highly partisan.  Caplis has been on the air off and on for years. I have heard him talk over people who disagree with him. IMHO,  he does not tolerate well anyone who is not a right wing conservative religious. etc. He is not, IMHO, a moderator.   He backed Tancredo in 2010, but disagrees with him, now, on marajuana legalization.   Caplis wants Hickenlooper to be defeated.  I am not sure why Caplis is promoting primary debates amon Republican candidates, but I am sure he has a motive beyond "informing the public."

      Now, Caplis and Silverman are the two lawyers who investigated Ward Churchill and claim credit for bringing public  pressure that contributed to Churchill's loss of a job. In discussing the situation with the high school principal in Fort Collins who originally had said no to students' request to have a 'merica day during Spirit Week, Caplis was "morally outraged"  at the principal.  Good lawyer that he is, Caplis said that the principal wasn't a "churchill" but that his background certainly needed looking into for "left leaning" tendencies and maybe he shouldn't be in that position.  I found that absolutely chilling.



  2. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    So's your mom.

  3. JBJK16 says:

    A little cheerleading?

    I thought Caplis would at least ask the most obvious, softball, primary question there is – why should the party choose you istead of the other candidates?

    Apparently as predictable as tha question is – and as easy as it is to answer well – it was too hard for Caplis to ask Gessler.

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