On radio, Tancredo endorser Nugent trashes most everything in CO and US

(Ted Nugent, everyone – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Ted Nugent.

Ted Nugent.

From the moment after KNUS Peter Boyles' introduced him, rocker Ted Nugent delivered a bizarre series of insults and slurs on Denver radio this morning, saying the "media in this country is basically Joseph Goebbels' propaganda ministry" and singing his "New American National Anthem," which consisted only of the cry of a sheep: "baa-aa—aa—aa, baa-aa-aa.”

"It breaks my heart to have to say these things," Nugent said. "But we have to say these things. Because if you don't get rid of the bad and the ugly, the good will continue to be strangled."

"Ted, what has happened to the Republican Party?" asked Boyles.

"Someone extracted their scrotum with a rusty shiv," Nugent said. "They have no balls. I don’t know where this 'Let’s be Mr. Rogers with a Lawrence Welk soundtrack tie adjusting' mantra came from, but my god! If there's a life-support system attached to the GOP, it's flat-lining."

Nugent, who's a leading opponent of gun-safety laws, like those passed in Colorado, said he's spoiled because he lives in Texas, which, he said, should "not be confused with Colorado, [which is] the suburb of San Francisco."

"It's true!" replied Boyles.

"If ever there was a poster child for apathy, disconnect, laziness, and abandonment of We the people, and moral dereliction, it is Colorado," Nugent said, praising recall activists for sending the state in a better direction.

Here's a suggestion for Boyles, who has Tancredo on his show all the time: How about playing Nugent's interview for Tanc, and discussing it line-by-line. And then, at the end, finding out if Tancredo is proud to be endorsed by Nugent.

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  1. dean.barnettdean.barnett says:

    If you were to keep Mr Boyles in the studio and add Mr Nugent and Congressman Tancredo you might achieve a crticial mass of the once-famous.

  2. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Nugent's new national anthem: baaaaa.

    Just because it's ridiculously hilarious, Here ya go: (and no, I am not saying Americans of any persuasion are sheep.  I think Nugent is batshit crazy)



  3. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    "…Because if you don’t get rid of the bad and the ugly, the good will continue to be strangled.” 

    Straight from the mouth of Mr. Bad, Ugly and Incredibly Stupid.

  4. dwyer says:

    Here is a suggestion for you, Jason, Why don't you interview Tancredo and ask him if he is proud to be endorsed by Nugent?

    I have a question for you:  "Has any media personality ever taken up on your suggestion with which you end almost all of your articles?"

    I do appreciate your reporting, particularly when it involves an audio and/or a transcript.  I honestly do not understand why you then editorialize and "suggest" what the media person should do.

    • OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

       I honestly do not understand why you then editorialize and "suggest" what the media person should do.

      Could be wrong, but I believe Salzman does that at the end of every post as a jab at the "traditional media." Kind of a "Your job is to ask these questions, and you should be asking these questions. But you won't. So I'm going to point out that you don't." 

      • dwyer says:


        The problem is that Salzman is basically reporting on radio talk show hosts, who are not journalist, and don't pretend to be, and are certainly not "traditional media."  He is preaching to the chorus, here.  IMHO, the comments are to make Salzman look  as if he is "superior." I think Salzman is talented and I wish he would branch out into journalism and challenge the talk show hosts directly.  No one else is.

  5. Not Dame Edna says:

    Mr. Shit Your Pants is the moral authority we should all follow and be grateful for his wisdom. I am glad he lives in Texas and wish he would keep his trashy self out of our beautiful state.


  6. dwyer says:

    I am not the only one who feels outraged at the extreme passivity of many "progressive" types.  Bill Press, a long time Democratic activitist, who has an early morning talk show from DC that is broadcast on 760am here in Denver, went bananas Monday morning.  The backstory is that a MSNBC staffer twitted that the second installment of a Cherrios commercial, featuring a bi-racial family, was cute, even tho "the right wing might not like it."  The word Republican was not used, but Reince Priebus. Chairman of the Republican Party demanded

    an apology from MSNBC and that “corrective action” be taken against

    the staffer.


    So what did MSNBC do?  Did they point out that Cherrios received much negative comment from what is presumed to have been the

    “right wing” when the first Cherrios commercial ran last summer. Did they point out that Obama was called a “mogrel” in another rant from a right wing nut (Nugent??)? Nope,  MSNBC apologized (APOLOGIZED!!) to Priebus and fired the staffer.


    That is absolutely sick, IMHO. 

    • AristotleAristotle says:

      On the one hand, I agree. Kowtowing to the 'pubs happens way too often.

      On the other, the person managing MSNBC's tweets is one of the network's spokespersons. It's possible that they don't want to send partisan messages, perceptions of MSNBC being a Fox News Channel for the left notwithstanding. They are well within their rights to take corrective measures when a spokesperson misrepresents the message they want to send.

      It's hard to judge without knowing the full story – should the person have been expected to know better, and understand the potential for embarrassment? Were the bosses at MSNBC clear about what was acceptable and what was not? Should the person have received a suspension or demotion instead? It's possible the person was shafted, but it's also possible the person was not following directions, or had a history of sending out embarrassing tweets. We don't know.

      As far as Priebus's complaint goes, my feeling is this. If the GOP wants publicly to embrace the image of being "right wing" (and therefore a party which excludes more moderate voices), they can do so with my blessing. It will only help Dems win elections.

      • dwyer says:


        I think you should copyright the  two middle paragraphs as they are an excellent example of rationalization or "damage control."  That way, when they are used in classrooms as examples of same, you could get acknowledged.

        What gd message do you think MSNBC wants to send? "We are very tolerant of prejudice against multiracial kids"  

        We have a beautiful multi-racial kid in our family…makes me real sensitive to cowardice and prejudice, etc.etc.etc.  



  7. OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

    Nugent, who's a leading opponent of gun-safety laws, like those passed in Colorado, said he's spoiled because he lives in Texas, which, he said, should "not be confused with Colorado, [which is] the suburb of San Francisco.

    Shhh…nobody tell Teddy that Coloradans hate Texas as much as, if not more than, California.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      And always have. Once when I was a 20 something waitress in the Roaring Fork Valley, it was hunting season and a table full of Texans in a crowded understaffed restaurant were being really obnoxious to me and demanding service immediately, before other folks who were seated first. I told them that I would get to them as soon as hell froze over. Told the boss I wasn't going to wait on them, a party of about 6, and he was fine with that. Also recall cows being mistaken for elk by the intellectually challenged Texas invaders to the point where, only partly as a joke, a few got spray painted with the the word "cow" in neon orange.

      Insults from that old decrepit troglodyte don't carry much weight. Besides, any place in San Francisco is about a hundred times better than anyplace in any Texas hell hole of a city with the exception of rockin' Austin.  If we kick out Texas maybe we can treat Austin like old West Berlin. They can move their capitol to someplace more typical, like Dallas.


  8. CaninesCanines says:

    Ted repeateth himself:

    "I'm really let down by the direction my beloved birth state of Michigan has gone," he said. "Unfortunately, it's become almost a suburb of Illinois and San Francisco. It's the liberal misguidance that has strangled the once great quality of life in Michigan is a damn shame."



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