Airtight Shutdown Denial From Coffman, Tipton

Rep. Scott Tipton (R).

Rep. Scott Tipton (R).

In the Craig Daily Press, a statement from GOP Rep. Scott Tipton on how he really tried, tried mind you, along with his fellow House Republicans, to avoid shutting down the government Tuesday:

As I’ve said throughout this process, my constituents have sent a strong message that they do not want Obamacare because it’s raising health care costs, restricting access to care and costing jobs in our communities.

The House is listening to the concerns of our constituents and has done everything possible to effectively address Obamacare and keep the government open. It’s unfortunate that the Senate and president would rather force a government shutdown than listen to Americans or even have a conversation about possible alternatives to Obamacare to create a truly affordable and accessible health care system.

On Monday night, we voted once more to heed the call of the American people by sending legislation for the third time to the Senate to keep the government open, as well as to go to conference with the Senate. We fought to require equal treatment for all Americans under Obamacare by delaying the individual mandate and repealing the unfair subsidies that the president issued for Congress. There should be no special treatment in Obamacare for Congress or anybody else, and since the president already has exempted businesses and other special interests from the Obamacare train wreck, he needs to do the same for hard-working American families and individuals.

Despite this, the Senate voted down the continuing resolution that would have treated all Americans fairly under Obamacare and even went as far as to refuse to go to conference with the House to work out a solution to keep the government open. It’s deeply troubling that the Senate and president are willing to shut down government in order to protect special treatment for some, including Obamacare carve-outs for Congress, while hard-working Americans are forced to bear the burden of this bad law.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

For a thorough debunking of Tipton's "Obamacare carve-outs for Congress" falsehood, see this entry. We haven't checked to see if this statement is actually verbatim duplicated talking points, but it's pretty close. And as the Denver Post's Allison Sherry reports, the other "competitive" Republican representative from Colorado, Rep. Mike Coffman, says he too is not yet ready to endorse a "clean" continuing resolution to reopen the government:

“This is a negotiation,” Coffman said. “I think there’s a belief that compromise is wrong but I believe that to govern, particularly in divided government, you have to compromise.”

He said he was considering supporting a continuing resolution to fund the government that also repealed the unpopular medical device tax — something both Democrats and Republicans have said they’d like to reform.

Sherry's report on Coffman was in the context of word that a growing number of Republicans would be willing to support a "clean" continuing resolution, meaning a bill to fund the government without undoing the Affordable Care Act. But no Colorado Republican members of Congress as of this writing are willing to join them. To the extent that the shutdown of the federal government is highly unpopular, we would have recommended that the swing-district embattled Rep. Coffman in particular have joined Republicans seeking a quick resolution.

As of this writing, no such wisdom has prevailed.

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  1. Carolannie says:

    I am a little bit baffled (well, a lot) that lawmakers who should know the Constitution should not be aware of the fact that the way to get rid of the law is by legislating it away, not by shutting down the government. one way is legal, and can be done by winning votes for your position, proposing a repeal, and voting on it.  The other way is, really, illegal, and says: don't follow this law or  I will destroy the government. Tea Party members have always told Democrats the way to get what they want is to follow Consitutional procedures. Now that the Tea Party cannot get what it wants because it lacks the votes, it wants to do things another way. Not right, not legal, and immoral.


    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Actually Tea Party members like to yell a lot about how they love the constitution, especially the second amendment, but as far as  advocating for what they want, they're more likely to go straight to warning about how they might need to resort to "second amenment solutions" then they are to advocate for the constitutionally mandatred democratic process or legislative process.

      They'd rather yammer about how the democratically elected President, with no power to legislate anything, is a tyrant and the democratically elected congress is usurping the power of the people (who elected them and therefore voluntarily delegated legislative power to them) and we'd all better be ready for some kind of armed solution to take America back… from the Americans who elected the government in legitimate elections, I guess.

      That's why they all need  AR-15s. To mount an insurrection against the tyrranic democratically elected government, operating within the bounds of the constitution so far according to the conservative majority Supreme Court, and the military they're all suppose to be so patriotic about which would quickly squash them like bugs.


    • bullshit!bullshit! says:

      Basically, they want to do bad shit, but not be held accountable by the voters because they were just part of the herd. Actually, I don't know how they're going to spin it, but our dumbass local media will probably let them.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        On the rare occasions when local TV news media even bother to discuss any local election issue, the scripts they use read as if they've been warned to keep it very short and 4th grade level simple since their viewers don't know or care about this stuff.  Also, to be sure nothing they "report" could possibly offend anyone so it has to be completely even handed, even if what one side says is a pack of blatant lies that could be easily verified as such by a single fact check click.

        Usually they prefer to use accidents from distant states and feel good stories about local heroes to fill their allotted time rather than touch local issues. There are a few exceptions but those exceptions don't account for much air time.

      • roccoprahn says:

        That is exactly correct.

        And concur on the media complicity.



  2. itlduso says:

    The CD6 race is the only close Congressional race in Colorado (if I read the Pols Big Line bizarre odds correctly).  🙂

    Now would be a good time for Andrew Romanoff television ads to introduce Romanoff to the district, and to educate voters about Mike "Bipartisan" Coffman's role in this shutdown.  Maybe even a "special interest" group, you know, the kind that Romanoff despises, might air those ads.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Somebody better do it for Mr Pure as The Driven Snow and they will but there's plenty of time. If you start too soon, your ads just become like wallpaper and nobody pays attention. A few early anti-Coffmans followed by a break wouldn't be a bad idea, though. But first, the money people still have to see where this is going before they put out ads based on this particular crisis.

  3. If it's compromise they want, perhaps they should look at the funding level of the continuing resolution. The House-originated measure already puts spending levels 80% of the way toward the FY2014 Ryan budget – it's already a compromise for Democrats.

    And if it's bipartisanship they want, they should allow the clean CR to come to the House floor for a vote. It has majority support – it's being blocked by Democrats.

    What they're saying is either denial (not the river in Egypt) or deception.

    • roccoprahn says:

      I agree. Nobody's even talking about the fact that this CR is at 967 Billion. The Democrats have submitted a CR legitimizing the sequester AND basically giving the pinkos everything BUT the ACA's carcass.

      Fact is,  these criminals WANT a shutdown, and the anarchy and chaos that comes with it. The proof's in the fact they turned down a CR with thier own numbers.

      This is sabotage at the workplace. I'd go so far as to call it treason when the goal is to undermine the US Government.

      How the hell can they get away with this?    

  4. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    I notice that the Craig Daily Press has refused to run my letter to the editor, which I sent to them when "Where's Scotty?" first ran his pack of distortions, lies, and untruths.

    Here's my letter:

    Dear Editor,

    Representative "Where's Scotty?" Tipton claims  in your paper that he fought to keep government open.  Not true. Tipton and his GOP buddies fought to negate the normal processes of democracy, i.e. elections and legislation, by trying to make an end run around a law with which they disagree.

    Tipton claims that

    "The Senate refused to negotiate on any portion of Obamacare,"

    Scotty, FYI:

    Obamacare, aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is a law. The negotiation process was in Congress from 2009-2010. Negotiations are over.

    What is this "fair treatment for all Americans" stuff? Is it fair to be denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition? How about for a child with a pre-existing condition? Who are these "all Americans" you're concerned about? Union construction workers with multiple employers? Oh, yes, you're such a great advocate for union members, I'm sure that your concern is sincere (not).

    I agree with you that there should be no special treatment for Congress. You should definitely sign up and pay for insurance  on the ACA health exchanges, rather than getting the free taxpayer-paid plan you enjoy now.

     Therefore, stop paying yourself during a government shutdown. You can keep paying your poor secretarial and clerical staff, though – they should get paid the rest of the year., since they do the real work of your office. Oh, and while you're at it, make sure that they get on Obamacare, too. I'm sure that they'll qualify for the subsidies.



    (my name)

    Disgruntled Constituent

    The links were added for this post, since the Craig Daily Press doesn't allow them in LTE submissions.



  5. n3bn3b says:

    Have any of you ever been to Craig? I thought not.

    • roccoprahn says:

      Worked on the caissons for the power plant and then the scrubbers back in the mid ' 70's. 9 Months in all.

      Found the town typical mountain/Yampa valley country lily white atmosphere. Horses and fishing. Enjoyed every day (except the ones that were below zero).

      This is different. Black President, lily white (92.5% white) rural community, one voice. This is the America that hasn't and won't grow up.

      So yeah, I've been there.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      How does that refute any of her points?  I thought not

    • Hawkeye-X says:

      I have a friend who lives in Craig. Said it's a shithole town that needs progressive activisim.


      Sounds like that there are retards in Craig that needs to be relocated to Wyoming or Utah.

  6. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Of course I have. I'm a Colorado native. Yourself?

    I know enough to know that Craig, in Moffat County, is way the hell out of Scott Tipton's southern district. He must have had to look pretty hard to find a newspaper conservative enough, or hard-pressed enough for copy, to print his drivel.

  7. Gilpin Guy says:

    I'd like to know what compromise Coffman is talking about.  Republicans have NEVER negotiated in good faith with this president so what do they have to offer that constitutes a compromise?  Nothing which is what they are going to get.

    • Hawkeye-X says:

      Their idea of compromise: Defund PPACA..

      Request denied. Republicans turn to make the compromise and I suggest with a 95% budget cut to the Department of Defense.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Coffman hasn't clue one WTF he's talking about, he's merely reading (badly) from the script that Boehner's string pullers have shoved into his pie hole . . . 

      (How so they forget the way this deep thinker explained his comments about President Obama.  Mike would have trouble figuring out a paper bag.)

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